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Predictive Analytics RDS version 5 released

The version 5 of the Predictive Analytics RDS is released in August.  There are now about 30 different scenarios available across 9 different domains. Around 4 lines of business such as Manufacturing, Sales & Marketing, Finance, Portfolio & Project Management, and 5 industries such as Telco, Retail, Consumer Products, Banking and Insurance.

As in the earlier versions of the RDS, the use cases from the different domains are built using the approaches of either with Automated Analytics or Expert Analytics. The end results are written back into HANA tables and visualized with SAP Lumira(Expert Analytics of SAP Predictive Analytics) or SAP UI5 or SAP Business Objects Explorer tools.

  • One of the highlights of the version 5 are the customer co-innovation opportunities that are rolled into the RDS as customer POCs.
  • A home care customer from UK collaborated with the RDS team in developing the use case that could be realized for the debt collection scenario
  • Another customer in the consulting projects business from Sweden collaborated with the RDS team in developing the use case that could help in identifying the profitable projects which could help underline the bottom line revenues.
  • Different predictive modeling approaches as part of the total list of v5 use cases
    • Automated Analytics with Automated Analytics predictive library on desktop
    • Expert Analytics with HANA PAL
    • Expert Analytics with Open source R
    • SAP HANA Scripts with SAP HANA PAL
  • Visualizations of the end results after predictive modeling based on the different tools
    • SAP Lumira or SAP Predictive Analytics (Expert Analytics)
    • SAP Predictive Analytics (Automated Analytics)
    • SAP UI 5 (HTML 5)
    • SAP Business Objects Explorer views

Quick snap shot of the business scope as of v5:

Bus Scope.png

Quick snap shot of the use cases as of v5:

Use cases v5.png

An upgraded version of the HANA cloud image shall be made available in the SAP store in the later half of Sep 2015. This upgraded HANA cloud image shall have all the different scenarios in the context of SAP HANA using the SAP predictive tools and technologies. An announcement shall be made later in this month.

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    • Hello Ben,

      You are right there and we are releasing a HANA cloud image which is hosted on AWS sometime this month. You should have a free 30 day trial to test the scenarios. An SCN announcement shall be made later this week. Ofcourse you will need to pay a nominal fee towards AWS since it is hosted there but in the free trial period, you don't need to pay towards PA or HANA.



  • Hi,

    is the APL (Automated Predictive Library) part of the RDS as well? Is it possible to get the details of the product releases for the products components that are part of the RDS?

    Thanks and regards


    • Hello Antoine,

      We used HANA PAL with Expert Analytics, APL with Automated Analytics on desktop.

      Versions Predictive Analytics 2.2 (includes both Expert Analytics and Automated Analytics), HANA 1.0 SP09 (rev 97).

      Mostly we used Expert Analytics (Lumira) or Automated Analytics to view the results after predictive modeling.
      Some of the use cases also use BOBJ explorer to view the final results. Here, the results that are written back to HANA tables are viewed using BOBJ explorer. The version used is BO Explorer 4.1