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How Do You Work?

At SAP, we work with colleagues all over the world. With 74,000 SAP employees in 130 countries, you most likely have interactions with coworkers who live time zones away. But have you ever wondered what type of space they work in? We do.

Whether due to distance, opportunity, or convenience, not every member in our SAP team even works in one of our office buildings. In fact, thousands of employees have turned their homes into their office and working from home has become so widespread in our Company, that for the second year, SAP won the #9 spot among best companies for remote and flexible working options.

Do you work in one of our beautiful AppHaus locations, in a small office in the heart of a city, or work from your home office with your pet curled up next to you? We want to see it!

So we want you to share your workspace!

We know that whether you work at home or in an office, every person exhibits their personal interests by revealing how they have personalized their work spaces.

What’s special about your workspace and how have you personalized it? Are you surrounded by a special collection? Is your office located in an amazing neighborhood in your city? Do you have a really great view from your window? Do you have an awesome relaxation room or interior design? However you work, we want to see it and know what personal touch you’ve added to help you get through your day!

This week, we received a creative team response from the Recruitment Operations Americas Team in our SAP office in Pasig City (Manila), Philippines.

RecOps AME.jpg

1. How have you personalized your workspace?

I designed my workspace in such a way that it would feel like a second home to me and, at the same time, a reflection of myself. My desk could be described as a burst of colors from colored markers to my FunkoPops and the notebooks or pen holders that I have. Having something bright and cheerful would at times take away the stress that you experience on a day-to-day basis and making your own space feel like home limits the sense of detachment that you feel with where you spend the majority of your time each week. – Camille Marie Gonzalez

2. What music do you listen to while you’re at work?

I usually listen to “Top Hits” during “normal” working days/hours. If there’s an increase in the workload wherein I would like to focus, I prefer jazz/blues. However, when the queue is slow and Mr. Sandman passes by, I hit on EDM tunes. And last, yet most often than not, I listen to Nathan’s “diva” tunes. –Owen Sevilla

3. What thing on your desk could you not live without?

I cannot live without my mirror and hairbrush. These things are very essential as I would need to look good at all times. I strongly believe in the saying, “it is not sufficient to see and to know the beauty of work. We must feel and be affected by it”. – Robin Roy “Rabbin” Dioquino

4. What’s the coolest thing about your office?

Hearing your teammate seated beside you singing and grooving to a tune, at times, when everything feels tensed – helps light up everyone’s mood. Reaching out to the team is just a swing away. It’s really cool having lesser walls so we could communicate with each other. This provides more feeling of transparency. – Emma Ruth Tumbaga

5. What’s special about the city you’re working in?

Pasig City, specifically the Ortigas area where I work, has a triple purpose. This is THE place where you can work, play, and sleep. A very economical place, convenient for all, yet there is a feeling of serenity. You could walk at any time of the day and night without fear. The air is not that polluted as there are trees around. The place is even not crowded with people during the day. It is also very accessible, where you can go from North to South and East to West easily. This is the work and fun place that I would never replace. – Cherry Alva Salaw

6. What’s your work/life balance like? Describe some hobbies you have.

Aside from spending quality time with my family, I am an avid fan of video games. For me, playing video games is more than just a hobby or a pastime, it is an outlet for imagination and creativity and a way of life itself. I love playing all game genres but I am more inclined into role-playing games wherein you can live a life of some hero and immerse yourself in the rich storyline of his world, meet memorable characters, and take away a great sense of accomplishment and fulfillment afterwards. If I am not playing video games, I am happy spending my free time making Gundam plastic model kits. – Arvin Garrata

7. What do you and your colleagues do for fun?

Friday would be everyone’s anticipated day of the week as we get to celebrate the end of the work week and do our weekly “Fat Friday” festivity in the office. Each one of us gets to bring food to share depending on the week’s theme. We’ve enjoyed Taco Friday, Pasta Friday, Pizza Friday, Breakfast Club Friday and so much more. If every day at work feels like a Friday, then you are doing what you were meant to do: Work + Life Balance!!! – Jonathan Ruben Alcantara


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