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How to download & install the Cloud Applications Studio

I got asked multiple times where the Cloud Applications Studio can be downloaded and what is needed to install it.

The main page for the SAP Applications Studio is here:

Here, the prerequisites and installation steps are documented:

Once these steps are completed, search for “SAP Cloud Application Studio” in the software download center:

You can find the current version in the software download center:

(If you don’t have access to download it, you need to request the authorizations from SAP)


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  • In addition to the details provided by Stefan Krauth on Installation of SAP Cloud Application Studio, I would like to add one point -

    It is always advocated to Install the last patch/version of SAP Cloud Application Studio Release. For Instance: In 1508 SAP Cloud Application Studio, there exists 3 versions as of 11/09/2015, as depicted in the screenshot below.

    Download Cloud Application Studio.PNG

    The last changed date in the screenshot depict the recent patch/version of the Cloud Application Studio release. Title depict the versions - 1508SP00/SP01/SP02.

    Download Cloud Application Studio.PNG
  • I cannot access the first two links either.

    The message is: "Page level restrictions have been applied to a parent of the current page. These restrictions limit access to certain users or groups and apply to all pages underneath the parent."


  • Cannot access first two links. Get message:


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