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Change Project – Merge and Sync with Production

This blog series is designed to help in understanding the concept and usage of change projects in business configuration. The idea of this series is to explain the features of the change projects, and some do’s and dont’s while working on it. This blog series will contain following articles:

  1. Introduction – Concept and Usage
  2. Change Project Types – Remote or Local
  3. Change Project – Merge and Sync with Production
  4. Change Project Life Cycle
  5. Change Project FAQ Page

In this blog, we would concentrate on the “Sync and Merge” process.

What is the Merge of Change Project?

Merge of a Change Project is copying the configuration data (Scoping and Fine Tuning) from the Change Project to the Productive project. This can be done by executing the activity “Merge Changes to Production”. Before merge, all the activities of the Change Project have been completed.

What are “Recurring Activities” in the Activity list? Why do I have to perform it again after the Merge in the Production Tenant?

Even though all the activities are closed in the Change Project, activities marked as “Recurring” are reopened after the merge. These activities have to be performed again after merge. 

Can I still work on the Change Project in the Test Tenant after it has been merged?

No, once the Change Project is merged in the Test Tenant, further activities on the Change Project has to be done in the Production Tenant.

What is the purpose of the activity “Activate Solution Capabilities”?

If there are any new processes scoped in the Change Project, the activity “Activate Solution Capabilities” is added to the activity list automatically. The processes are not activated in the Production Tenant automatically on merge. It is activated only after this activity is performed.

The reason for the 2 step process is that any data set up (like Master Data) required for the new process can be provided in the Production Tenant before activating the process.

Does performing the activity “Activate Solution Capabilities” have any impact before merge of Change Project?

No, this activity has to be completed to trigger the merge of the change project. However, there is no impact on the Test (Remote Change Project) or Production Tenant (Local Change Project) before merge. This activity is reopened after the merge.

Can I do data migration in a Local Change Project before merge?

No, data migration can be performed only after the merge of the Change Project in the Production Tenant.

Can I use Change Project to test data migration before performing it on Production Tenant?

Yes, you can use the Remote Change Project to test the data migration on the Test Tenant. The same can be repeated in Production Tenant after the merge of the Change Project.

Can I perform the “Recurring Activities” in the Local Change Project?

No, you cannot perform “Recurring Activities” in the Local Change Project as the Productive Runtime cannot be accessed by the Change Project.

Do I need a Change Project to perform data migration after Go Live?

Yes, after Go Live, data migration can only be performed via a Change Project.

Can I get the latest Productive Settings to the Change Project?

Yes, at any point in the Change Project life cycle, you can sync the Change Project with the Productive settings by performing the action “Update Project from Production”.


What if the changes in the Change Project conflicts with the existing Productive Project? How can this be resolved?

If there are conflicts between the Change Project and the Productive Project, a conflict resolution UI opens up. This shows the current conflicting Project and Productive setting and the user can choose to stay with the Productive setting or change to the Project setting.

This UI is available both during merge and updating the project (sync).

Recommendation for Change Project

  1. Make sure both the Production and the Test tenants are at the same level with respect to Add On solutions (including Patch solutions)
  2. Close all the activities in the Change Project
  3. Update the Change Project from Production (Sync)
  4. Resolve the conflicts (if any)
  5. Simulate Merge
  6. Merge the Change Project
  7. Perform Data migration/Recurring activities
  8. Activate the solution capabilities.
  9. Close the Change Project

With this we come to the end of the third blog in the blog series. The fourth blog would concentrate on the Life cycle of the Change Project.



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  • Thanks for this excellent blog serie.

    Could you clarify your statement “after Go Live, data migration can only be performed via a Change Project”?

    What do you mean by” after go live”? Are you only talking about data migration after a change project?

    • Hi Thierry,

      Thanks šŸ™‚

      “Go Live” here means the initial go live of the system when the “First Implementation”/”Initial Implement” implementation project is set to “Live” status[“Confirm Go Live” in the activity list].

      You can create change projects only after this phase of Go Live confirmation. Before the Go Live is confirmed, the data migration can be performed directly on the Productive project but after Go Live, it can be done only via a Change Project.

      Hope this clarifies



      • Hi Geetha,

        Although this blog has been posted some time back, was just going through it, great stuff first of all!!

        Just one thing: Post Go-Live, if you want to perform Data Migration using templates and DM Workbench, it can still be performed without having the need to create a Change Project.

        Please refer to this Blog : Data Migration after Go-live without making change\implementation project request.

        Let me know if my understanding of the point you are making in your blog regarding Data Migration is correct or did I misunderstood it?



      • Hello

        This is my first C4C implementation. I didĀ  close the first implementation Project and I have now a doubt that is worring me.

        In the moment I make my first change Project, i will only scopeĀ  the part I want toĀ  check andĀ  theĀ  change Project will have his own activity list (with theoptions marked in theĀ first implementation Project)Ā  then IĀ will change if I need those activities an those changes will only take effect in the process of merging.

        Thats Right?

        Thanks in advance

        Marga Ribes

  • Hi Geeta,

    I had one question on the recommended steps for a change project. The steps mentioned are:

    Recommendation for Change Project

    1. Make sure both the Production and the Test tenants are at the same level with respect to Add On solutions (including Patch solutions)
    2. Close all the activities in the Change Project
    3. Update the Change Project from Production (Sync)
    4. Resolve the conflicts (if any)
    5. Simulate Merge
    6. Merge the Change Project
    7. Perform Data migration/Recurring activities
    8. Activate the solution capabilities.
    9. Close the Change Project

    My question –  by step 2 above do you mean make scoping/ configuration changes in the change project as per the requirements? If so, when we perform step 3 (update the change project from production), won’t that overwrite the changes done is step 2?

    I guess I’m confused about the usage of step 3 (what it exactly does – does it copy changes from production to change project overwriting existing changes made to the change project or only copies without overwriting etc.)

    and when should we use it. Can you share your thoughts?



    • Hi Julius,

      For your questions

      1) “by step 2 above do you mean make scoping/configuration changes in the change      project as per the requirements?”

           Answer: Yes and close all the activities in the activity list.

      2) “Wont step 3 overwrite the changes in step 2”

           Answer: No it would not overwrite. It would bring in all the current configuration      settings of the Production project to the Change Project. In case, the settings in the      Change Project conflicts with the settings in the Productive, a Resolution UI is shown      where you can select the settings you would like to keep. This is the same UI that      opens up on Merge too.

      Hope this clarifies.



  • Hi, we are having problems with our merge…. We have done all steps including the simulation of merge and everything works as a charm… BUT, when actually merging it stops at Status in porcess and with the info Remote merge in process…


    All this is done from the test tenant and the merge is done from the activity in the Go-Live activity list…

    All the canges we have done are visible in the Change project in the production tenant and when i try to make the merge from there it fails on system availability… What can i Do?

  • Hello Geetha,

    How do I remove scoping items that previously have been set? For example originally in the project the sales assistant functionality had been scoped in; but now we want to remove this. When I go through the new change project wizard it does not allow me to uncheck previously made scoping decisions. What should I do to get this done?



    • Hi Roger,

      Some functionality cannot be put out of scope once it is scoped in after Go Live (ie through Change Projects). This is because descoping these functionality may de stabilize the system. Such functionalities are grayed out in the Change Project and Descoping is not allowed.

      Specifically for “Sales Assistant” (“Would you like to use a sales assistant that proposes activities that you have to do in a certain phase of your opportunity?”), there is no such restriction defined. Please raise an incident for the same to check the reason



  • Hi Geetha, good day.

    I have a doubt, We have a production system and we our go live was on last december, we requestes to create a new test tenat (this tenant is a copy from productive tenant).

    In this new test tenant we created a new project, but the changes are not taking effect in this test tenant.

    For example on first implementation we didn’t integrate C4C with ERP, in this new project we activate all necessary activities for the integration to ERP, but in this new test tenant we are not able to create communication arrangementes due to are not shown in the list. we are not able to test anything, What should I do? do I have to merge this new project? these changes will be sent automatically to production tenant? how can I test this changes before sent them to PRD tenant?

    This is the second phase for this implementation, this second phase has a lot of things to do is not only a change, is it really a new project.

    appreciate your help.



    • As I understand

      1.- In Productive tenant I have to create a new project

      2.- Copy solution profile to a test tenant

      3.- Then work with these project in test tenan

      4.- Merge project to productive tenant.

      Plase correct me if Im wrong.



      • Hi Ric,

        Your second comment is correct. To get the changes maeged in Production, you have to create a Change Project in the Production and then move it to the Test Tenant.

        However, to understand your current state. I assume, you have requested the Test Tenant as a complete copy of the Production. In this state, you were able to see the “New” button enabled in the Test Tenant and created the Change Project in the Test Tenant. Is my undertanding correct? If so, then the Change Project created in the Test tenant will be a Local Change Project in the Test Tenant and on merge, it will not merge to the Production. However, I am not able to confirm the same without proper details. Hence, i would advice you to raise an incident to confirm the same so that it can be confirmed by SAP Support.



        • Hi Geeta

          I really appreciate your help…your rigth we requested a full copy from productiom tenant for the same I can create the project.

          I will do next steps

          1 close this second project in test tenant (do you know if a project can be deleted?)

          2 create a new project in production

          3 request a solution profile from prd to test

          4 work in the project copied

          only one more question in step 2… do I have to add the activities to my project scope in prd tenant and then request te copy?

          or I have to change the scope in test tenant after the copy in order to work and test the changes.

          thanks for your time



          • Hi Ric,

            You can cancel the Change Project anytime. Click on the hyperlink of the Change Project name. This opens the factsheet and you can cancel the Change Project.

            You can create the Change Project in Production. Scoping and Fine tuning can be done anytime after the creation in the Production or after moving it to Test.



  • Dear Geetha,

    Thank you for the clear explanation about change projects, it helped me to set-up my first remote project.

    I still have the following questions :

    Do we have to merge the remote project before we can make a copy of test tenant ?

    This copy will be used for data migration testing and requires the configurations made in the change project.

    Thanks a lot for your support,


    • Hi Bie,

      Yes, therecommendation would be to

      1) Merge the Change Project to the Production.

      2) Request a Copy of the Production for the new Data Migration Test Tenant so that you have the latest Production Data.

      3) Create a Change Project for Data migration Testing purpose and move it to the Data Migration Test Tenant. (This would ensure you have the latest Production Configuration)

      4) Cancel the Change Project, if you do not want to merge it to Production, Else merge the Change Project from Data Migration Test Tenant to Production.

      Recommendation is to keep the Test Tenant Change Project decoupled from the Data Migration Test Tenant.



  • Hi Geetha,

    What is the procedure for copying self-developed extensions from a test tenant to a production system after go live?

    Best regards,


    • Hi Bartosz,

      KUT (Adaptation) Extensions can be the Page Layouts movement.

      PDI (Cloud Studio) Extensions can be moved by Solution download and Upload.



  • Hi Geetha,

    We have a production system and we our go live was on last december, we created a change project in january and the solution was copied to a test tenant, we are still working on this change project.

    Now we have a new PDI solution and is it necessary to activate it on PRD system, we create a new change project and we already activate the solution in scope in PRD, but seems that the solution is not active as it is not available.

    Any idea what it is necessary to do in order to activate it.

    Is it necessary only to do activities merge and close?

    Appreciate your help.


    • Hi Ric,

      If I understand you right,

      1) You have moved the PDI solution to Production

      2) Created a Local Change Project in Production

      3) Scoped in the PDI solution.

      If the above 3 steps are correct. You have to merge and activate the Local Change Project in Production for the Solution changes to be accessible.



  • Hi Geetha,

    Referring to :

    1. Make sure both the Production and the Test tenants are at the same level with respect to Add On solutions (including Patch solutions)

    We have a patch on our test tenant but on our production tenant we do not have the patch. Does this mean we will have to remove our patch on the test tenants in order for the merge to happen?




  • Hi Geetha,

    I have a doubt in next scenario,

    We have implemented a standalone C4C, 8 months later we are nearly to go live with C4C integrated with ERP, we created a changed project in PRD system then request a copy for solution profile  from PRD to test tenant.

    We wiil go on Go live and I want to ensure next steps:

    I have to merge the change project from test tenant to PRD. is it necesarry to request something via incident or only doing the merge the project is transfer to PRD automatically?

    As part of cutover activities we have to replicate org structures from ECC to C4C and then replicate products and customers as org units are necesary for these.

    We will use the same org units than in the standalone model, for the same I will replicate from ERP and use “ID mapping for integration” option, my question is If I replicate org units (sales org/sales office) will be available before close the project? or which is the best moment to replicate the org units/materials/customer in order won’t be available for the user.

    As always thanks for your help.

    Best Regars


    • Hi Ric,

      Merging change project, from test to production system, does not require an incident. In the change project, you can search for an acitivity “Merge with production” and go ahead with steps. This will merge your change project into the solution profile of the production system.

      Replication of data does not depend upon the change project. If you do data replication in test system, you have no option to copy this replicated data to production system. Production system will require its separate data replication.

      As soon as the data is replicated into the production system, it will be visible to end users as per their access restrictions. In case, you do not want this data to be visible to end users, you may think of not assigning the respecyive work centers to the users, however it would not be feasible if those work centers are already in use and have data.



  • Hello Geetha,

    Can you please explain first step in detail?

    1. Make sure both the Production and the Test tenants are at the same level with respect to Add On solutions (including Patch solutions)

    Here it states make sure add-on solutions including patches, but in fact patches are not being considered at all whenever we want to do the merge.

    This is second time I got solution from SAP team after I opened incident,

    1. Disable all patches in Test Tenant and enable main solutions.
    2. Download main solutions from Production to Test Tenant to make sync of their versions.
    3. Wait one more night till batch job to sync Add-On version levels in Test Tenant.
    4. After this go for merge.

    Now this is too much. Is this the correct procedure anyway? Do we always have to do it this way?


  • Hello, thanks for your post.

    I want to ask something about change project, do we need to perform change project to upload custom BO into production tenant?

    Thank you