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Author's profile photo Chris Kernaghan

SAP Mentor Mondays restarting – How to survive SAP TechEd

I hope everyone has had a great summer, following a break for the Northern Hemisphere’s summer – the SAP Mentor Mondays are restarting on 14th September

This Mentor Monday is focused on surviving the conference season – we will be presenting a guide on how the SAP Mentors have survived SAP TechEd in the various locations.

For example

1. What to bring with you on a daily basis

2. Surviving the wireless networks

3. How to plan your schedule

4. Travelling to the venue

5. Staying safe

6. What cool stuff can you get for free

Looking forward to see you on our new Mentor Mondays



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      Author's profile photo Susan Keohan
      Susan Keohan

      Thanks Chris!  I hope everyone going to TechEd can stop by... It's such a jam-packed event, survival tips will help everyone!

      See you September 14.  At the appointed time.

      Author's profile photo Mike Howles
      Mike Howles

      Looking forward to the Mentor Monday!  A quick one regarding one of the topics until:

      1. What to bring with you on a daily basis

      Non-technical thoughts here that made the world of difference after not bringing them the first TechEd.

      1) Good grief the desert and casino air will suck the moisture out of everything.  Keep chapstick and eye drops in your pocket!  (Even though I was hydrating, I needed all the help I could get.)

      2) Perhaps I missed it, but unlike previous TechEds, last year I did not notice those USB charging stations for tablets and phones.  If you are constantly on your mobile device, they make some pretty slim portable rechargers to keep your mobile stuff juiced up.  I got a cheap one on Amazon for like $25 that can fit in my pocket.

      3) More of a what not to bring, but the first time I went, I lugged my backpack with a work laptop (with its bulky charger) and tablet in them each day but ended up rarely using them.  It ended up being more of a burden than a help.  (I know this is more of a personal choice but something to consider)

      Author's profile photo Jim Spath
      Jim Spath

      Remember, it's not what you bring to the event, it's what you leave (spoken in the JFK accent...).  Meaning impressions, not just business cards [even virtual ones - ed.]

      Author's profile photo Ajay Maheshwari SAP Trainer
      Ajay Maheshwari SAP Trainer

      Well said Jim!! 😉

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon

      Gonna miss the Sept 14th meeting/call (*sorry, I will be surfing in Costa Rica...hope you understand. haha). Hope it gets recorded and I can catch it later. Looking forward to TechEd this year. Is the "fun" 5k still planned this year or no? It was pretty big turnout last year but I haven't seen anything. Nothing wakes you up at 6:30am like a run through the Vegas streets sucking in that dry air! hahahaha

      Author's profile photo Matt Fraser
      Matt Fraser

      Wow, Chris, you actually got up at 6:30am at a TechEd event? 😉 Have fun with the surfing!

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon

      "got up at 6:30 am"?!??!? What? That implies that anyone actually goes to sleep in Vegas! hahaha

      (*** I kid, I kid!!!!..we all know that most of us are well past the "all nighter" levels of endurance.....except Aslan...I always like seeing him on Monday and then again Friday to gauge how his week went hahahha)

      Author's profile photo Christian Braukmueller
      Christian Braukmueller

      @Chris, unfortunately the 5k-run was already fully booked when the registration link reached us Speaker/SAPMentors.  🙁   I feared that this might happen because the run was already announced when we were waiting for the registration-link.
      I tried to get some awareness for that but at the end I was told that the EarlyBirds booked it out very early. 

      On one hand it's great that this SAPMentor-founded run became such a success. The monster is now alive .... without us.


      On the other hand I guess we have some options to participate ...

      • A) doing the run .. but starting some moments later or at least support the runners when doing the warm up.
      • B) let's run together with the others   ... we already have our own numbers on our shirts .. 😈
      • C) doing the run - but counterclockwise! 🙂
        I was so slow last time that I was not able to meet&greet everyone on my way. The other way round will make this possible.

      The registration limit was/is 200 participants.
      (On the last years group-picture I count approx. 150-160 so there might some dozens "no-shows".   Plenty of room for some SAPMentor-photobombs.  😉 )


      Tipps & Hints

      Last year was my first SAPTechEd in LasVegas and the surviving-tips-session was very good and helpful.

      5. Staying safe

      & healthy (!!)

      "Walgreens"  (between Palazzo and Treasure Island) was a great tipp to fill the hotel fridge with fruits and vegetables.   
      (But I'm still shocked by finding french mineral water shipped around the globe to a supermarket. Seeing such an artificial city in the middle of the dessert is an another poor thing.)

      Wearing a long sleeved (merino - we all know why 😉 ) shirt made me survive the infamous A/C. 


      P.S: Jim Spath  ... since I have my twitter handle on the back of my shirt I stopped carrying business cards with me.  😀 "If you don't know Twitter .. you won't know me."

      Author's profile photo Christopher Solomon
      Christopher Solomon

      "Day late and a dollar short"....story of my life! Argggg.....soooo I might opt for just showing up at the run and starting ahead (as others poses for photos). Then I can finish and cheer on the others as they come in. Or I might start at the end and motivate/cheer on the "tail" of the run. Hmmmm depends on how craps is treating me the night before. haha

      Author's profile photo Simon Kemp
      Simon Kemp

      Was also disappointed that the run was already full, but as you say why not show up and for sure there will be people who drop out on the day.

      Nice idea for the mentors to run together from the back and cheer/encourage everyone along!

      Author's profile photo Stephen Johannes
      Stephen Johannes

      If you can't do the fun-run, then why not just meet up with some friends around 5:50AM and run down the strip to the "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign and back on alternative day.  If I was going and was still running that would be my choice.

      Another option and cheaper than Walgreens is ABC Stores in the Fashion Show Mall which is a short walk away.    These options will allow you more visit's to the "Cake Boss" shop inside the Palazzo shops.

      Take care,


      Author's profile photo William Laverde
      William Laverde

      This is a nice place to eat in Vegas.

      Arawan Thai Bistro & Dessert

      953 E Sahara Ave Ste E14

      Check it out is not that expensive and the food is good.