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Working Agile towards the new SCN

This post is the first of a number of posts, in which I intend to introduce to you the technical team working hard on developing the new SCN for you, and how we practice Agile methodologies to make that a reality.

Since it’s been a long while since my previous post and so many things changed since then, I would reintroduce myself: My name is Yaniv Bar, working for the Israeli lab of SAP and have been part of different forms of the SCN technical team for the past 9 years already. I currently play a dual role, both as the SCRUM master of our Agile team, as well as Quality Expert in the team.

So who are we?

In this picture below you can see the smart ladies and the handsome boys who actually form our team. The picture was taken last time we all saw each other in person, which was over a year ago! Since then there were some changes and new people joined us, but this also hints that we are mostly a virtual team, spread over quite a number of locations. This indeed is a huge challenge, yet we still manage to work Agile and this works quite well for us!

I will share more about that in the upcoming posts.


Some faces and names you might recognize are our almighty architect and also recently officialy appointed manager, Oliver Kohl. Our Product Owner is Michael Braun. Most of our developers are co-located in Minsk, among them you might recognize Jane, who’s also active in the community. The rest are also great and doing amazing work developing new things for you!

We also have team members working on performance, operations, UI & Design and quality, located in Israel and various locations in Germany.

Stay tuned for more in the next post coming soon.

Part II – about Agile in distrubited teams, Virtual planning meetings and a great tool for planning poker estimations.

Part III – about virtual daily meetings, JIRA and use of the Agile boards.

Part IV – about review meetings and Retrospective using Trello boards.

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