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Author's profile photo Sneha Jadhav

‘Ogee’ plug in Eclipse for OData model consumption from SAP Netweaver Gateway system

I was randomly browsing regarding OData services in SAP Netweaver gateway system and ended up reading regarding Eclipse’s Ogee project. It caught my attention, so I thought of sharing it with everyone here in community and listen up your views on it and at the same time I would like to listen from SAP experts that are there any plan down the line to use this Eclipse’s open source project.

Now all of you will be thinking what is ‘Eclipse Ogee’?

Let me give you very brief idea about it.

Ogee is plug in provided by Eclipse which is an open source developer tool for the provisioning and consumption of OData services regardless of the service provisioning platform and service consuming technology i.e. can consume services from SAP Netweaver gateway system. It will be complementary tool for developers working on OData model especially, according to me as it lessen the efforts of developer. It comprises a graphical OData Model Editor for the creation of OData models that define the data structure required, it seems very cool feature. 😎 The models can then be exported as service metadata document.

Ogee is a plug in lowers the barrier for developers who want to produce and consume data, by bringing the OData advantages to the fingertips of Eclipse developers.

Ogee allows developers to developers to perform following operations:

  1. Model new OData services.
  2. Visualize and explore existing OData services.
  3. Validate the OData model against OData spec.
  4. The OData models can then be exported as service metadata document against the selected OData spec
  5. Extend Ogee framework for:
    • Consumption from other environments
    • Provisioning of OData services for different provider environments
    • Importing OData service models from different sources

   6.       The architecture of the project is open and extensible through Eclipse extension points

If you want to know more about this, below link will give you more insights regarding this:

Sounds interesting right? Let me know how you find this new plug in comments sections below.

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      Author's profile photo Tino Behrmann
      Tino Behrmann

      Hi Sneha,

      no question SAP will use Eclipse Ogee, in fact the project was initiated by SAP and the product was formerly known as Gateway Productivity Accelerator (GWPA):

      I don't know, if SAP is commited to that project long term, as I read about some investments by SAP in Visual Studio plug-ins lately. The commit history shows no development activity for almost half a year:



      Author's profile photo Abhijeet Kulkarni
      Abhijeet Kulkarni

      The ogee plugin is wonderful. I didn't know that it was originally a SAP project, although after seeing it within eclipse it looked very similar to GWPA! Given that there is hardly any such free third-party tool / plugin for OData Model creation and visualisation, it would be nice if the project is kept alive. Anyway, thanks for the great find!

      Author's profile photo Pavan Golesar
      Pavan Golesar

      Hi Sneha,

      Thanks for sharing this useful plugin ogee. 🙂

      I not much into eclipse but would like to use this soon.

      Would any appreciate the help into this for my guidance.


      --Pavan G

      Author's profile photo Michael Leaning
      Michael Leaning

      The earlier (Kepler) release of the OData Modeler tool provided the capability to generate Java service proxies. This feature is not available in the newer (Ogee) releases.

      Is that feature now available elsewhere?  I don't see a Java client toolkit in the SAP Eclipse toolset.  Are we expected to use Apache Olingo or is SAP planning to provide additional tools?

      Author's profile photo Thomas Mundt
      Thomas Mundt

      Hi there!

      Is there an up-to-date OData Modeler for Eclipse 2018-12, or any suggestion on what plugin is best fit for Eclipse 2018-12 for OData Modeling with ADT/ABAP?