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Install the extensions quicker than normal route

There might be cases where you want to test your plugins being installed in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Traditionally, we’re using p2 plugin architecture of eclipse to install our extensions.

To avoid the long route of this installation you can do the following:

Paste the plugin jar files to the Plugins folder of Installation directory of the SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

Example, C:\Program Files\SAP BusinessObjects\Design Studio\plugins  

There is a problem you will have in this method, we can’t update or uninstall the extension in a cleaner way.

So, this method can be used for cases only where you need a quick turnaround.

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  • Hi Devaraj,

    To be clear, by "plugins" in this context I assume you mean SDK extensions?  Can you clarify how this approach avoids "the long route of this installation"? 



    • yes by plugin, I mean jar file of the extension.

      Just you can try placing them in the directory mentioned above. Also make sure that the same extension is not installed prior.

  • As I mentioned this method can't be replacement for traditional way, this comes handy for testing. In this method user is not doing same form selections and so on.