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在做完收货和发票校验后, 对采购订单更新价格(执行新的定价)时报错.

After GR/IR posted, error occurs when doing price update > new pricing for PO.

After post GR/IR for PO, even if GR/IR is/are cancelled, when ME22N (items > conditions > update price button) or BAPI_PO_CHANGE to do price update, error V1227 will happen. The possible reasons are mentioned in SAP note 457511 parts 3 and 6, also SAP note 456691 part 34.

Basically, whenever there is already an item created in table EKBZ for delivery costs, new pricing is not allowed. This is regardless of whether or not the GR has been cancelled. Once an entry is entered in table EKBZ, we set a flag, so that new pricing cannot be done.

对于采购订单做完收货和发票校验后, 即使收货和发票校验被取消后, 当用ME22N(项目>条件>更新价格按钮)或BAPI_PO_CHANGE做更新价格时, 系统会报V1227这个错误. 可能的原因可以参看SAP note 4575113个问题和第6个问题,以及note45669134个问题.

实际上, 如果EKBZ这个表已经有一个对运费(delivery costs)的记录后,新的定价(更新价格)是不允许的.这个系统行为不受收货是否被取消影响.

只要EKBZ表里有一个记录, 就是设了一个标记, 新的定价更新无法执行.

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