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Accessing HANA Cloud developer edition from Amazon Web Services


Intention of this blog is to help people who want to get hands on to HANA Development using Amazon Web Services (AWS). The step by step process (applicable as of today) to get connected to a HANA instance on AWS is explained below. Please note that cloud service charges may fluctuate from time to time, so make sure the usage charges fits your budget .

Setting up an Amazon (AWS) Account

  • Log on to Amazon web services(AWS)[].  Note: credit / Debit card details should be furnished here. The cloud service is charged on a monthly basis based on usage.AWS will charge you a small amount ( 2 INR or so) while validating your account. AWS will do an IVR verification via the mobile number provided.
  • Select a support plan. For training or learning you can go for Basic support plan which is available for free usage.
  • Proceed to AWS Management Console and select your Account name. From the drop-down list, select ‘Security credentials’.


  • On the next screen, expand the access keys sign ➕ and click on “Create new access key”. Once you press this button, it will generate access key and will ask you to save it as text file.You will receive Access key and Secret key. This is needed to configure your system (Solutions tab).
  • Note :  This information is important, please keep it confidential, it will be required for you to access any other services from AWS
  • You will get an Access key and secret key with the above action which will be used for configuring your solution

Set up HANA Instance in Cloud appliance Library

  • Logon to SAP Cloud Appliance Library [ ] Using your SAP Community Network (SCN) credentials
  • Go to Accounts tab

  • On the right corner of the above you can see “Create account” Press this button

  • Select the cloud provider as Amazon Webservices in the next screen and provide the Access key and Secret key what you got from AWS while registration here for setting up the account ( You can leave the cost assignment field ) and press finish
  • Note down your SCN user id for future references ( P*****)
  • Once you finish you can see your username configure in the accounts console on SAP cloud appliance library

  • Now go to the solution tab and search for “SAP HANA developer edition”. Activate / Trynow  the latest SPS available
  • It will show as create Instance, where you have to press the create instance button
  • Once you press create instance it will show you the following screen with pricing information, the highlighted amount is the charges applicable. Amazon will charges you additional for keeping you instance data on cloud as per their pricing [ As per my experience it was 0.48 USD + 1 USD  which  will cost you around USD 1.5  approximately 100 INR per hour. But this is dependent on how many objects you develop, I recommend you to store as less objects as possible to keep the charges on your training down

  • In the next screen you will be able to see the access, in which you can see the ports HANA use for connecting to cloud server. So please make sure the ports are open otherwise you will find it difficult in connecting to HANA Instance

  • Set your solution password, these will be used for your HANA studio  login

  • In the Schedule tab select Manually Suspend & Activate
  • Once you finish, it will ask to save the private instance key. Save it securely where you can access it later also
  • It will take 20 mins for your HANA system to get set up right and running
  • Once the instance is ready it will show a green icon, the click on your Instance name

  • Now you can see the server IP details as below

  • Install HANA Studio on your PC [ Refer the link for HANA studio installation SAP Development Tools for Eclipse ]
  • Open your HANA Studio and go to system tab, right click and click add system

  • Press Next & Give the user name as SYSTEM & Password as the solution password you set earlier in cloud appliance library and press finish

  • Once your instance is ready to get started, you can see the added server as green or yellow ( Some time due to error in initiating web services the instance show yellow, but there is nothing to worry, it won’t stop your from doing the modelling / creating views )

NB : You should always take care that once you are done with your development practicing, you must go to your CAL account and “SUSPEND” the instance else if you simply log off from hana studio, AWS will charge you for the time till you suspend the instance. There will be also a “TERMINATE” button against your instance, if you wish NOT TO store your objects you can use this which will delete the HANA instance, next time you have to set up a new one.

Also each time when you activate your instance the External IP will change. So you will have to go to your studio and change the IP of the added system. If you like you can opt for static IP while setting up your instance but there will be again charges involved for the static IP.

Let me know your feedback on how helpful was this blog –

Happy learning 🙂

Deric Pavoo

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      Hi Deric,

      very helpful description!

      Thanks, Martin

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      Very well explained, easy to understand and more over practically useful and helpful blog.

      Appreciate your good efforts, thanks Deric. All the best.

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      Deric Pavoo
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      Thanks Dileep & Martin for appreciating my efforts

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      Hi Deric,

      Excellent blog, very helpfull nice job !!

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