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SAP Labs CIS: D-shop summer interns presented their success

It was in May, 2015 when we launched D-Shop in SAP Labs CIS Moscow office. We announced that we will use it not only for internal creative developers, but for training innovative students who will be able to contribute to SAP portfolio and ecosystem.

So, we engaged 10 students from a number of leading Russian universities (Skoltech, Bauman State Technical University, National Research Nuclear University MEPhI, and Financial University) for two months, divided them into three teams, and gave them IoT related tasks. Those students started their work on the 1st of July. They were not SAP technologies specialists, most of them were not even aware of them. But on August 31, all three groups presented their prototypes made only within last two months to SAP business and technological experts. They used SAP HANA and HCP, and SAP Fiori together with technologies we have in D-Shop to complete their work. An excellent evidence, by the way, that SAP Runs Simple and is Simple to Run.


Photo Students:

IMG_2765 - Summer interns.JPG

SAP expert strict commission agreed that interns did great job and we really should think how to go forward with their solutions as we see they may be in demand of our customers.


Photo SAP experts:

IMG_2770 - SAP experts.JPG


Some words about the projects.

1) Manufacturing cloud control system (Cloud MES, in other words). This cloud-based system is able to control small production enterprises as well as large geographically distributed production lines in order to let them effectively produce small series of products or even customized products. It may be used also as a platform for a kind of manufacturing marketplace where different customers and producers can find each other and agree on individual or small customs for production and plan production chain the most effective way. I believe, it will be in common use when the age of Industry 4.0 and Smart Service World come. The project was developed based in SAP D-Shop based on production line of Bauman State Technical University


Photos: MCCS business values and architecture

Cloud MES Business values.jpg

Cloud MES Architecture.jpg


2) Control of the quantity of cattle with the help of unmanned aerial vehicles (Air Drones) and of index of fields’ preparedness to grazing livestock. The solution uses air drones (quadrocopters) equipped with cameras and sensors to collect the necessary data, transition data to the system and analyze in HANA or HCP. The project team used SAP Fiori to develop system interface, and experts agreed that it was really outstanding.  The important thing here to say is that use scenarios for this project came from SAP large customers within Russia agriculture industry.


Photos: Air Drone application, architecture, and interface





3) SAP Virtual Reality platform. The project team managed to utilize SAP technologies for developing SAP VR platform that may be used in many cases such as maintenance, education, sales and marketing, 3D printing, and 3D scanning.


Photo: VR system architecture




After SAP expert strict commission agreed that all the interns should get their credits, a strong discussion took place on how to go forward with these amazing prototypes. We are still in thoughts. So, everybody who can find the way to utilize them quickly and has resources to develop them are welcome. SAP Labs CIS is ready to support your ideas.

When presentation and discussions were over, Dmitrij Armjakov – MD at SAP Labs CIS presented certificates that prove their experience and internship in SAP Labs to all interns.


Photo the leading specialist for developing interface on SAP Fiori Victoria is getting her award:


IMG_2780 - Victoria Gershova best Fiori intern.JPG


The summer internship is over. Students came back to their Universities full of impressions about their new experience with SAP technologies and people. We hope that one day they will come back to SAP as employees, best creative and innovative ones.


Our special thanks to all the colleagues who made it happen:

  • SAP business solutions architects Sergey Kuzin (HANA Cloud Platform) and Evgeniy Simonovich (SAP UI5, SAP Fiori) who managed all this internship process in person, created and found ideas and tasks for projects, and spent alltheir own time to lead interns to success
  • SAP university alliance manager in CIS Yuri Kupriyanov
  • Other SAP Labs CIS and SAP CIS colleagues = SAP One Team who were engaged and supported this really best practice


SAP LabsCIS. Moscow

September 2, 2015.

Viacheslav Gershov.

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