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Overriding the Catalog Profile of Reference Object

This is comparatively a small topic, but I consider has a useful tip. By the subject line members might have understood that I am about to talk on something related to creating a Notification .


When we create a Notification, the Catalog Profile of the Reference Object (Equipment or Functional Location) of the Notification (pic1), overrides the Catalog Profile configured for the Notification type (see pic2).

pic1 (IE02 / IE03)


pic2 (spro)


Means, when I create a Notification on the Equipment of pic1, the Catalog Profile WERS mentioned there overrides the Catalog Profile mentioned in the spro for this Notification type i.e., DAMAGE (pic2). And we get this message in pic3 in the Taskbar of the Create Notification screen.


Accordingly, in the Catalogs & Codes tab of the Notification we get the CodeGroups and Codes mentioned in WERS profile.

Now the Issue

The question here is, what if someone wants the other way around. Means what if we want Catalog Profile that was set for the Notification type (in spro) to override the Catalog profile of the Reference object on which the Notification is being made. This means we want the Catalog Profile DAMAGE to be available by default in the Notification.

This question was asked in SCN about 2 years ago by someone, but with no outcome in the discussion. That was the time I had limited exposure to user-exits. Recently I was configuring a custom Notification type where exactly same requirement arose. So this was the situation which triggered a solution which is given below.

The solution


Place these lines in the include ZXWOCU21 of the user-exit QQMA0025 .


These lines are supposed to default the DAMAGE catalog profile in the ‘1M’ Notification type. But the solution did not arrive yet. With this much arrangement, strange thing happened was that, the above code was unable to bring the desired effect. The taskbar message shown above (pic3) continued to appear and the Reference Object Catalog Profile was still overriding the Notification Catalog Profile. So, further research continued and the step2 has been discovered.


In spro settings, remove the Catalog Profile given in the Notification type, namely DAMAGE and replace with any other profile, say ‘000000001’.   See pic4.



Now the job is complete.

Let’s see what happens now when we create a Notification of this type (1M). When we run IW21 for this Notification type, give Equipment number in the Reference Object area and press Enter key, we do not get the message of pic3. Instead we get the information popup in pic5.



This means that catalog profile DAMAGE has been defaulted for us, the way we wished for and the respective CodeGroups and Codes are available for us in the Catalog & Codes tab. That’s all we wanted and that’s all I wanted to share.


I thought what if I leave the Catalog Profile blank in the spro settings. In this case we get an error-like popup in the initial screen of IW21. (pic6). So this option is ruled-out.



Similarly, we can not think of leaving the Catalog Profile field of Equipment master blank, because it has got wide use in the context of other Notification types especially M2.

I believe this knowledge piece readily applies to all custom Notification types for which separate Catalog profile was designed and  the Notification is created on Equipments / Functional Locations.

Hope this share finds applications for some members.

Thank you


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