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Co-innovation in action at COIL – a rare chance to have a sneak peek into intelligence community

Any idea what’s a Multi-INT product and why local curation matters?

If you are like me, you may never heard about it yet. These are common terms for the intelligence community, but for most of us ordinary citizens, the intelligence community is something a long distance apart from us –  we know it’s there, but have no idea or care much about how it works.

Before I had the opportunity to work with our SAP NS2 colleagues, all my knowledge of the intelligence community is from 007 movies. Since NS2 became a COIL member, I have the pleasure to support the infrastructure of a few great projects led by our friend David Korn, CTO of NS2.  Of course, we are not talking about any secret information which COIL rightfully doesn’t have access, all I have learned is that that underlying principles of intelligence solutions are not too much different from other enterprise solutions we provide from SAP, at least from engineering viewpoint: it’s all about gathering the right data and provide the best tools to process, analyze, and make best use of it for business. 

For those who are interested to get yourselves a bit educated about the intelligence community, COIL offers a rare opportunity for you to directly learn from the masters.

First of all, the team has recently published two white papers to introduce the solutions developed at COIL. These papers provides a valuable sneak peek about how NS2, working with out ecosystem, provides the best solutions for our customers in the intelligence community to best leverage big data and HANA.

1. An Innovative Approach for Local Curation of Multi-INT Products

The Multi-INT Knowledge Exploration and Discovery Engineered Solution from SAP National Security Services Inc. (SAP NS2™) provides an activity-based intelligence (ABI) environment for knowledge and intelligence curation through “smart” process–driven methods.  These methods include acquiring and analyzing multiple data types from multiple sources to derive actionable insight for situational awareness, strategic foresight, and anticipatory analytics. The solution enables temporal and geospatial analysis by associating structured and unstructured data to geospatially oriented event data, thus allowing analysts to detect, visualize, and identify changes in trends over time. The analyst can create a “personalized map of the world” by incorporating temporal and geospatially relevant content derived through semantic analysis, natural language processing analysis, and quantitative methods.

The Multi-INT Knowledge Exploration and Discovery Engineered Solution also focuses on a key challenge within the intelligence community today. The question is how to expedite the “sense-making” of very large, heterogeneous data sets and retain the tradecraft that was used to generate intelligence products – and thus enable use by other analysts within the community.

2. Immersive Analysis and Visualization powered by SAP HANA

The Immersive Analysis and Visualization (IAV) Engineered Solution by SAP National Security Services Inc. (SAP NS2) brings together multiple data types into a real-time map-driven common operating picture to support command-and-control intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (C2 ISR) or intelligence operations.

With this solution, the geo-intelligence analysis and display of physical geography, human geography, and conflict-event data are overlaid with threat force and blue force information. This can help analysts identify when and where significant events will occur, and the effects of these events on military and civilian infrastructure and populations. A solution based on SAP HANA can use map libraries from any source, including Esri, Nokia, Google, and open-source maps, and ingest and geo-tag real-time streaming information from any RSS news source or social media outlet.

If you are not a fan for reading white papers, here is your chance to see the co-innovations in action

Tomorrow (September 2nd), David Korn, CTO SAP NS2, and Brian Freed, SVP Data Analytics Platform, SGI will present the demo and lead the discussion for SAP colleagues in Silicon Valley.

What: SAP NS2 and SGI Product Demo

When: Wednesday, September 2, 2015, 11:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Where: Palo Alto, Co-Innovation Lab, Building 1, Floor 1

If you works for SAP and you are in any of our Silicon Valley campus, come join us. This is your chance to get a sneak peek of the intelligence community. It won’t be a 007 experience, but at least something related to it:)

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      Author's profile photo Kevin Liu
      Kevin Liu
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      Also check out my colleague David Cruickshank's blog and find out how NS2 leverage the powerful SGI server to scale up the solution SAP NS2 and SGI; Multi-Int Knowledge Exploration and Discovery.