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SAP PI ABAP Proxy to JDBC Synchronous Interface Part II

This part I will show that how to configure PI ESR and generate ABAP proxy consumer in ABAP system.

2. Configure ESR

2.1 Create Data Type

Request data type in ERP side:


Response data type in ERP side:


Request data type in 3rd Party


The JDBC XML format can be found in SAP help in the 5 part Reference

In this scenario I want to use JDBC Adapter to execute a store procedure, so should use the XLM format as below:

Format of EXECUTE Statement

     <storedProcedureName action=" EXECUTE">
          <param1 [isInput="true"][isOutput=true]type=SQLDatatype>val1</param1>
     </storedProcedureName >

PS: <table> element is optional, I leave out in the data type.

Element name ”SP_GET_SUPERIOR_APPROVER” is the store procedure name.

Reponse data type in the 3rd party side:


PS: The element name “Procedure_response” is required according to element name “Procedure” in request data type;

I don’t find the explain for “reponse_1” and “row” in SAP help, but they could be found in PI message monitor.

2.2 Create Message Type

Request message type in ERP side:


Reponse message type in ERP side:


Request message type in 3rd party side:


Response message type in 3rd party side:


PS: The response message type name must be “<reqmt>_response”, <reqmt> is the request message type name.

2.3 Create Service Interface

Service interface in ERP side:


Outbound and Synchronous.

Service interface in 3rd party side:


2.4 Create Message Mapping

Request message mapping:


From ERP request message type to 3rd request message type


The value for action should be “EXECUTE” for store procedure.


Response message mapping:


2.5 Create Operation Mapping



3. Generate ABAP Proxy Consumer

3.1 Configure RFC destination to ESR

Tcode: SM59

The RFC destination name must be: “SAP_PROXY_ESR”


Input the PI server host and port in “Target Host” and “Service No.”, the “Path Prefix” must be “/rep”.


3.2 Generate Consumer



Double click the Service Consumers(Service Interface in PI) “SI_A2J”




The links of other parts:

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  • HI Zhang

    While creating response message type in third party side do we have to create another node "response1" in structure?

    Is it mandatory?


    • Hi Midhun

      I just got the structure of response message in PI monitor after make a test, I didn't find the explain of this part in the SAP help.

  • Hello, did you get this to work?  i also got the structure from a PI monitor with <response_1> tag in it, but even though i am using the exact same structure as in PI monitor, i am not able to make it work.

    Did it work for you?  also,  in your structure, you have <response_1> as sub-element for <Procedure_response> and i have it at the same level.  Should i be a sub-element?


    thank you so much, i've been trying like a hundred combinations to no avail.