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SAP PI ABAP Proxy to JDBC Synchronous Interface Part I

I search for a lot of document for  ABAP Proxy and JDBC, some of them are implement in an older SAP system, and others are not detail enough.So I want to write a step by step guide to record the procedure I implement such a interface, hope it can help others who are interesting in ABAP Proxy or JDBC.

The content is:

1.    Deploy JDBC Driver

1.1    Download SAPXI3RDPARTY

1.2    Download JDBC Driver

1.3    Prepare

1.4    Using SUM to deploy the sda file

2.    Configure ESR

2.1    Create Data Type

2.2    Create Message Type

2.3    Create Service Interface

2.4    Create Message Mapping

2.5    Create Operation Mapping

3.    Generate ABAP Proxy Consumer

3.1    Configure RFC destination to ESR

3.2    Generate Consumer

4.    Configure Integration Runtime

4.1    SLD Connection from ABAP to AEX SLD

4.2    RFC Destination to PI SOAP Adapter

4.3    Integration Engine Configuration

4.4    Register the jobs to auto execute queues

4.5    Activate the XI engine service

5.    Configure ID

5.1    Configure Scenario via wizard

5.2    Configure the SOAP adapter

5.3    Configure the JDBC adapter

6.    Test

7.    Reference

Now let’s begin.

1. Deploy JDBC Driver

1.1 Download SAPXI3RDPARTY

My Company’s Application Components My Company’s Software SAP NETWEAVER SAP NETWEAVER 7.4 Entry by Component Process Integration



1.2 Download JDBC Driver

According to different database, I need deploy different JDBC Driver. The database in this demo is MSSQL Server 2012, so download the microsoft JDBC Driver 4.0.



1.3 Prepare

Unzip the file from SAPXI3RDPARTY


Unzip the JDBC Driver 4.0


Open the file with compression tool, add the file “sqljdbc4.jar” to lib


Decompression the file server\provide.xml,

Add new line contain the JDBC Driver jar,


replace into the file


If you want to deploy the sda file another time, you need to change the component version to higher by modify the files MANIFEST.MF and SAP_MANIFEST.MF:




1.4 Using SUM to deploy the sda file

Copy the sda file to PI server:


Download and decompression the SUM(SAP Update Management):


Execute the STARTUP.BAT with user <sid>adm:



Open the url http://host:4239/


Run the sdtdsu.jnlp





Specify the folder caontain the sda file.




The target version is I maitain above.

Click “continue” always


  1. Completed.

Check the deploy library in following folder:



The links of other parts:

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