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Announcing SAP Screen Personas Flavor Gallery

The first release of the SAP Screen Personas Flavor Gallery is now online. It illustrates some simplified screens built with SAP Screen Personas. The SAP Screen Personas flavor gallery is designed to provide our customers and partners a place to share the flavors they have built.

Flavors in the gallery should provide guidance and inspiration to others seeking to simplify those same or similar transactions.



If you would like to share your flavors with the SAP Screen Personas community, please send a zip file to

Include the following details:

  • Individual screen shots (in .png or .jpg format; minimum 1024 x 768 resolution)
  • Each file name should include the transaction code and short description (for example FD32_setting_credit_limit.png)
  • Excel file containing

File name

Transaction code


(SD, MM, FI, etc.)


(brief description of business scenario (order entry, credit check, create plant maintenance notification))


(what industry does this flavor apply to – or all)

Can others contact you?


You can also use the Excel template available for download on the About page on the Gallery.

In order to download the SAP Screen Personas RDS flavors featured in the Gallery, please visit the link and open the Quick Guide for instructions.


If you have suggestions on improvements, or features you would like to see in the Gallery, please send feedback to

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    • Hello Vijay -

      Can you please clarify what you mean by accessing the Gallery from your environment?

      You should be able to click on the link and view it.

      Please note that we are experiencing some issues with IE and Firefox, so we are looking into it as we speak. Chrome would be the best browser to use right now.



      • Hello Vandana,

        Thanks for your response. We installed Personas 3.0 SP1 in our landscape. We are able to customize transactions using Personas 3.0.

        Now if I want to place transactions in flavor gallery like how you did it in the above mentioned link, where can I do the same.

        do we have more technical details related to flavor gallery.



        • Hello Vijay -

          If I understand your question correctly .. You need details on how to post screenshots of the flavor on the Gallery - Right?

          Please follow the instructions mentioned in the blog post and also the About page on the Gallery to send us details of the flavors and the scenarios. We will post them on the Gallery.

          Thanks for sharing with other customers.

          Can you indicate what technical details you need on the Gallery.

  • Hi Vandana,

    this is a great idea. Lets hope customers will pick up the opportunity and actively share the transaction they optimised using SAP Screen Personas.


  • It's been more than a month since this blog post, and it has garnered 1.5k views. However, despite this, the Flavor gallery contains content solely developed by Christina Schlosser.

    I think this is because most of the developers working on Personas have to build flavors based on client-specific requirements and these flavors would not be easily shared or made public. I feel that this project would go forward only if hobbyists came forward who'd spend a few weekends using their creativity and imagination to add content in the gallery.

    • Absolutely agree with your comment.

      We are also planning to include more flavors that we have created for demoing different scenarios. Of course it would be great if we see examples of customer implementations in the Gallery. Please let us know if you would need our help to scrub the images to remove any company specific metadata in the screenshots.   

    • Hello Niles

      At the present time we don't have any examples of REFX flavors in the Gallery.

      If there are any examples that customers would like to share, it would be great.

      We can also add it to our backlog for content for the Gallery.



  • Hi Vandana,

    I downloaded some of the icon packs from the flavour gallery. When I attempted to use the mass maintenance for icons to import them it failed.

    Should it be possible to import them on mass or do I have to import them all manually?


    • Hello Neil -

      Currently there is no way to import a zip file using the Icon Mass Maintenance screen. Unfortunately the only option is import manually. I will discuss this with the product team for a future release.