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About the Default Ticks in IW32 and IW8W

Hello Friends,

This blog too, is a form of preserving the discovered things which will serve as answers to FAQs. The present topic is about two commonly faced default ticks in PM module (in transactions IW32, IW8W), where users sometimes want to get rid of these default ticks coming from the standard.

The first case is about the PM Orders based on Notifications. When we try to complete such Order we get a pop-up shown below with the Complete notifctns tick by default.


All these years, I remember several members through SCN discussions sought solution to get rid of this default tick. In no discussion the solution was found. Off-late no such discussions were found, but during a recent Business process requirement I became the member who needed this. At this time again I searched, I could find those threads, but no solutions.  I had to sit and find the solution to this which ultimately I could succeed with implicit enhancement in the Order program SAPLCOIH.

The solution


It is self explanatory, that in the Program SAPLCOIH, in the include LCOIHFG7 at line no. 34 I have created an Enhancement called ZPM_CLNOT and put a single line code xclnot = ‘ ‘(Enclosed in the necessary IF-ENDIF). So, that cleared the default tick there.


After this, I thought it is worth to explore the same in the context of IW8W transaction (See picture below) namely, the Goods Receipt during Refurbishment Order.


What happens with this Default tick is, user forgets to untick the same in case of IW8W for partial deliveries, making further GRs not possible. Then we will have to track and cancel the previous GR document etc etc. If default tick is removed then user will Tick only at the time of Final deliveries. Here too it is the Implicit Enhancement way in the same program SAPLCOIH.

The solution here


Again, I need not explain the above in detail. In the Program SAPLCOIH, in the include LCOIHFHS at line no. 71, I have created an Enhancement called ZPM_ELIKZ and put a single line code afpod-elikz = ‘ ‘ .  (Enclosed in the necessary IF-ENDIF). So, that cleared the default tick there.


For the second case, in the same place of the enhancement, instead of using default tick removing line, we can incorporate alert messages like ‘Is it a final Delivery?… ‘ with function module POPUP_TO_CONFIRM , which also should solve the purpose.

Thank you & Regards


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