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SAP ONE Support Launchpad: Important Browser Support Information

*UPDATED April 20, 2016*


As of today, April 20, 2016, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad and redesigned applications are the default method of accessing SAP Support online.  To learn more about the Launchpad, please enjoy our blog article series and visit the Launchpad information page in the Support Portal.




As you saw in my previous article, the SAP ONE Support Launchpad is available for you to try now!  The Launchpad offers a new, seamless support experience for you and your colleagues. 


The new SAP ONE Support Launchpad and updated applications require you to use one of the following browser versions:


•Internet Explorer 10 or 11; or the most recent versions of the following:





Please note that in order to access the new support applications and Launchpad, you will need to utilize one of the browser versions listed above.


The SAP Support Portal browser requirements will not change and the portal will continue to be accessible from



SAP ONE Support Launchpad | SAP Support Portal

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  • Hello Jamie,

    does this mean that from February 2016 the classic Support Portal will not be available anymore? Or is the Launchpad replacing the classical Support portals?



    • Hi Dennis,

      The Support Portal itself ( will still be available, but the applications within the Launchpad (which is accessed from the Support Portal homepage) will not be usable from February 2016 forward without an updated browser.  This includes key functions, like incident and user management.  It is recommended that you upgrade as soon as possible to become familiar with the new applications prior to the old applications being shut down.

      Best Regards,


      • Hi Jamie,

        there will be a delay of about 2 weeks (after Feb.24) for our internal rollout of the required "modern" browser versions. At the moment, we access the support portal (e.g. incident management) using an IE 8.

        Will that mean, we are not able to acess e.g. incident managent, while we didn't upgrade, because it has been redesigned to be used in Launchpad....???

        • Hi Jochen,

          We've extended the access period to accommodate cases like this.  You will still have access to the legacy applications until the new cutoff date (which has yet to be announced).

          Best Regards,


  • Hi all,

    To solve the issue of Microsoft Edge with SAP Passport, I have applied for an SAP passport in Firefox, backed up the installed certificate from Firefox, imported it in Internet Explorer. Then I found the certificate (SAP Passport) automatically used in Microsoft Edge.

    We need to hear an official solution from SAP!


    Mohammed A. Hajjar

  • I think Chrome is the first priority to use in WIndows OS, because it has Flash Player for SAP B1 functionality.

    But, Internet Explorer requires additional installation of Flash Player.

  • Hi,

    on friday 9th of April I first recognized that user Management in new SAP OneSupport Launchpad does not respond any more.

    I'm using IE 11 and preferring Google Chrome Version 49. So far I know is this App developed with Fiori and the developers in OpenSAP Course Fiori strongly recommend using Google Chrome.

    Nevertheless user data managment is not working so far I see atm.

    Does any1 else having Problems here?

    best regards

    Andreasie11_no response when user data management.JPGGC49_no response when user data management_session begins to expire.JPG

      • Hey Andreas,

        I think I need to clarify: I was replying to original Blog-Post, pointing out that for me, the Launchpad works fine in Opera, too (although that Browser is not mentioned as supported).

        (Unfortunately, I can't try out the User Management App, as I don’t have that authorization. )

        sorry for the confusion!


  • Hi Jamie, I use SAP Passport and when I open sites like PAM, I get a window with my certificate name. I click on that and it will open the website without a need for my username and password. However when I open the new "One Support Launchpad", I still get the login screen to enter username/password. Should I be doing something else to make the passport work with the "One Support Launchpad"? I have already looked in the help area but could find anything. Any guidance you can provide will be of great help. Thanks. Aneeth

    • Hi Aneeth,

      I can tell you that for me SAP Passport works fine on One Support Launchpad!

      I have no idea what might be wrong with yours!



      • Thanks Joachim.

        When you say it works, does it work after you have logged in to the "One Support Launchpad"? Or does it work from the moment you open the URL for "One Support Launchpad".

        For me, when I open the URL, it would ask for username/password. After that if I click any link inside the Launchpad (i.e., link that opens the old "SAP Support Portal" pages), then the certificate would work.


        • Hi Aneeth,

          it works fine from the start for me:

          I open, my browser asks me to select the Certificate (SAP Passport) and I'm logged in.



          • Thanks Joachim. Then it must be an issue in our organisation. I'll liaise with our Infrastructure guys to fix it.

            Appreciate your quick responses.



  • Hi Joachim,
    Can I ask you another question please? Within the One Support Launchpad, I'm viewing a SAP note which is of Version 3. Is it possible to view V1 or 2 of the same note. In the legacy app, there used to be a drop-down at the top-left to choose a version. In the new One Support Launchpad, I'm unable to find any options. There are some scenarios where the note says, "please see if you have installed the changes in V4 and if the issue still exist, please install V6 of this note". In scenarios like this, I'm stuck because I can't see the old versions. If you can help me or point me to the right person who might know about this, it'll be really helpful.
    Thanks Aneeth

    • Hi Aneeth,

      the feature, comparing any version of an SAP Note with any other version of an SAP Note is not yet available, but is on our list and will be devlivered in one of our upcoming releases.

      Kind regards, Arno