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People Profile in SuccessFactors

People Profile  is the new version of Employee Files  which uses latest responsive web design  technique. Principle of responsive web design  is that as the user switches from their laptop to iPad or mobile,  the website should automatically switch to accommodate for resolution, image size which leads to

smooth navigation and excellent user experience.

Responsive web design technique is the latest trend in web environment and I am happy that SuccessFactors is offering latest and greatest rich user experience to it’s customers.

Below is the new look and feel of People Profile

Advantages of People Profile:

Access to  information in one click :  Before People Profile , employee data was grouped into multiple views (for example, Personal Information, Employment Information, Talent Information , Time Off , Benefits etc. )  so user has to click on each view in employee files to access the specific information.

Sometimes this may be annoying navigate to different views to view different information, in contrast People Profile shows complete information (It completely respects Role Based Permissions) in one page and provides a menu bar on  top with section names. As user scrolls down though the information , corresponding section in the menu bar highlights automatically.

In short user can navigate to any section in one click either using menu bar or using scroll down option.

More Visualization :  There is more concentration on visualization in People Profile than in the past, like displaying the country flags next to country names,  displaying the manager profile picture next to HR-Manager  or Matrix Manager in Job relationships,   showing the location in the map for Time Zone field etc.

Change Profile Picture /Background image : User can change profile picture or background picture using the header option as below.

How to enable People Profile: This is an opt-in feature, so it  must be enabled in provisioning. Below is the feature which should be enabled.

Configure Header Fields : Administrator can configure the fields to be displayed on header section. Now it is possible to choose up to 3 additional custom fields to be displayed addition to the standard fields available in public profile so far.  This feature is extremely useful as majority of the customers would like to see additional information at header level.

Contingent Workforce:

In People Profile “Contingent Worker “caption has been added in header section for contingent employees, which makes it easy to identify  contingent employees.     For contingent workers , People Profile only shows the relevant sections unlike  normal employees.

Summary: I feel People Profile adds more value to customers as it has greater user experience and latest responsive web design technique.  This also reduces the number of clicks to view different sets of information which span across different sections.  Complete employee data including Talent, Personal Information, Employment information , etc. can be viewed in one page.

I hope this blog may help readers in the community to give basic idea about People Profile.

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  • Hello Dodda,

    thanks for sharing. It followed the basis of people profile app for on premise solution although this one is more comprehensive and consist of different data.

    very good 🙂



  • Just a small note that customers can/should use the Upgrade Centre to switch on this feature ... Provisioning access not required.

    Has anyone experienced an application error (pop up) after switching to People Profile when accessing both the homepage and People Profile?

    • Stephen,

      I had some errors (popups) due to missing permissions.

      Maybe you can review your roles, because it seems that new People Profile enables more functionalities than the previous version.

      Hope it helps,



  • Great Article.  We will definitely give this a try.  Did you experience any loss of functionality? (are all features associated with the People Profile still available with responsive version?)  And how was performance for you? 

  • Hi All,

    With regards to the application error (pop up) after switching to People Profile, how did you all resolve this error? I am getting the same error in my instance when viewing the people profile of Carla Grant. It seem to be an issue with the Personal information section.

    • Hi Paul,

      Configure Employee Files is replaced by Configure People Profile  if  People Profile is enabled. You can find all portlets over there. example as below.

    • The Employee Profile Background Section needs to be created in the SM data model first.

      Then it can be added as a block in the People Profile (PP3).

      Remember to set permissions for the respective RBP roles to View or Edit the new Employee Profile Background Section.

      Side note, the PP3 can combine Employee Profile Background Sections, Employee Central sections and Employee Profile User Data Fields more flexibly than the v12 Employee Profile.

      Side note 2: the PP3 does support deep linking to specific blocks and sections, but it does not allow deep liking from within a Performance Manager form. This is on the road map, no ETA yet.

      Best regards

      Erik Ebert    

  • Hi Erik,

    you indicate that pp3 supports deep linking to specific blocks - can you give an example of the url for this?

    Thanks in advance,


  • Hi Erik,

    I see there are Custom Blocks that can be added. Do you perhaps have quick guidelines on how to add a block for a UI already created?

    Thanks in advance.


  • Hi,
    I am SF LMS administrator.
    I want to know which LMS information contain in people profile?
    I could not find people profile material for SF LMS.


  •  Hi Ram,

    I am looking for a large scale company already upgraded to PP3.

    I posted in the community but could not find any (nor in the Peer to Peer).

    Are you able to connect me with customers?

    We are live with EC (60 countries, 50+K employees) and would like to plan and go through the upgrade process.

    Any inputs you have from your experience would be great!





  • Hello All,


    At the Field: Country, I can see the Country Flags for one country but other countries are missing the Flags.

    Can you help me where can we enable or disable the Country Flag visibility in the People Profile Page.





  • Hi All,

    I want to pull Position of the employee on the header section of Employee profile. I am not finding this option over there in Header Fields settings. Could you please guide me how to do that.

    Thanks in advance.



  • Hi All,

    I got a warning few months back that People Profile PP3 will be activated as part of Q4-2017 release. Does someone know if this is mandatory and when the current Employee Profile will be not supported?



  • Hello together,

    could somebody please help me with the following Issue:

    "Configure Header Fields : Administrator can configure the fields to be displayed on header section. Now it is possible to choose up to 3 additional custom fields to be displayed"

    => I was able to add 2 custom fields as header fields. But they are displayed only in English, even if the user selects German or English as his system language. (The standard fields of the header are displayed correct in different languages - the issue only shows up for custom fields)

    For the other sections in the people profile, there are options for multilingualism but I cannot find such an option for the custom fields in the header.

    Is there a function for multiligualism in the Profile Header avaiable? If yes, can somebody please give me a hint on how to apply this function?

    Best regards and thanks in advance



  • Hi there,

    The photos I upload to profile become soo grainy even if they're between 1.5 & 1.8MB, 3:4, jpg. Please is there some compression algorithm that I can adhere to for uploading in perfect quality?




  • Hi Dodda,


    Thanks for sharing a great article, I have upgraded a new home page and new people profile but I am facing few challenges after upgrade. We have many custom MDFs and now we can see that permission either gone or changed.

    Two custom MDFS Exit Interview and Exit clearance both permissions are missing.

    Exit clearance have 5 different objects and all related to different roles. Suppose "Network and systems" section only open for Networks people group but currently when HR initiate all fields are showing mandatory to them also. DOES it happening because of upgrade ????

    Please explain




    9619839808 (India)


    • There are few custom fields available to be used in People Profile Header.  These fields can be used to map the Preferred Name field.

  • Hi Dodda,

    Thanks for the article!!

    Could you please tell me how to add the map in the Org Information(It's in the screenshot you provided for the employee profile).

    And how to activate the local weather update(like Temperature and etc.) in the Profile header.

    Please check the screenshots I'm providing.

    Thanks in anticipation 🙂