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Billing Plan (Periodic)-SAP SD-Part1

During your project you may need to implement SAP SD billing plan functionality .I am publishing part I of SAP Billing plan documentation .This part of documentation mostly covers Periodic billing plan used in SAP SD.I will cover Milestone billing plan in my part II section of documentation .

Billing plan

In SAP SD a billing plan is a schedule of individual billing dates for a single item in a sales document. You can define a billing plan at header level, which is then valid for all items assigned to it.Depending on the kind of business process you are carrying out, the system can automatically propose the billing plan.

Types of billing plan

SAP SD has two billing plans

a. Periodic billing Plan

b. Milestone billing Plan

When To Use Periodic billing plan :-

Periodic billing plans are used for service products such as rentals or maintenance mostly. You should have a service product with a time-dependent price (i.e. calculation type M, N, O or P) which need to be billed regularly, e.g. monthly, quarterly, etc.Client can raise the rental or maintenance/service invoices based on

monthly , quarterly ,yearly etc. basis to their customers.

NOTE:- The sum of every line item added to the Net the value of the contract .

Example– One service contract being billed on monthly basis .

Start date -27.08.2015

End Date – 26.10.2015

Settlement From   Settlement To    Billing date    Billing Value

27.08.2015              26.09.2015          27.08.2015      100 MYR

27.09.2015              26.10.2015          27.09.2015      100 MYR

From the above example value of the contract will be 200 MYR.

When To Use Milestone billing plan :-

Milestone billing is used for sales products in big projects when the product is paid in various installments.Milestone billing plans are used in sales quotations and sales orders or Items in service orders .You have a sales product with a known net value.

NOTE:- You distribute the net value over several milestones.

Example- One sales order created having value 200 MYR.

Value of 200 MYR will be distributed among various dates( % or amount ) as per the configuration.

Billing Date      Description                    Billing Value

27.08.2015      Phase -I Completion       50 MYR

27.09.2015      Phase -II Completion      100 MYR

27.11.2015      Phase- III Completion      50 MYR

From the above example value of the sales order will be 200 MYR.

Configuration steps for Periodic billing plan

1. Define Billing Plan Types

    Spro> S&D >Billing >Billing Plan

    Maintain billing plan types for periodic billing

A. Start date :- Date from which billing plan will start .Start date is compared with next billing date(5) and gives first date of “Settlement To” and “Billing date” in periodic plan. ie. If your start date is the 24rd of a month and you are billing monthly, all billing date will start on the 23rd” (if there are no further conditions discussed in  the later part of the document ).

B. End Date :- Date on which billing plan ends .

    Screen shot from rental contract header.

C.Horizon :- This is optional field .If there is no End date entered or Contract end date is far in the future . Not all billing dates can be accomodated in the billing date screen.The horizon calculates the last billing date in the

billing plan, based on the current date plus a specified time period.


If the rental /service contract which is valid from 24.08.2015 until 23.12.2098 .

Before : Rental contract with no Horizon

Screen 1 – End date far in future

Screen 2 – No Horizon period

Screen 3 – Billing dates created up to 2098 .

After : Rental contract with Horizon

Screen 1 – End date far in future

Screen 2 – Horizon period

Screen 3 – Billing dates created only up to Horizon period.(Only for current quarter ).

Note : – Schedule a back ground job for RVFPLAN01(T-code V.07) to create the future billing date for the given horizon period.

D. Dates From To : – These date has meaning when item level has certain validity . Billing plan will be deactivated after validly expired on item level.

Example- Rental contract has two line Items.

Item 10- Header plan- validity from 27.08.2015 Until 26.08.2016 . (Billing dates created up to 26.08.2016)

Item 20 Item level Dates from – 27.08.2015 to Dates Until 26.09.2015 .So Item second has validly only until 26.09.2015.(Billing dates created up to 26.09.2015)

E. Rule for Origin of Next Billing/Invoice Date :- This is copied from customization , The rule assigned here is compared with start date and billing dates are proposed in the contract.Please refer to point number A.

F. Rules for determining deviation in Billing/Invoice date :-

This field determines if there is exception or deviation in billing dates proposed by billing rule .The customer is to be billed retrospectively for the rental of a photocopier at the end of every month. The customer, however,wants to be billed two days before the end of each month. You enter a date determination rule, which subtracts two days from the billing date determined by the system.

Example :- Your client is billing the customer at the end of every month. Client wants to bill the customer 2 days before end of the month. With deviation rule you can force system to calculate billing date before or after deviation days .

Before : No data maintained for deviation rule

After : Maintained billing deviation rule ( 2 days before month end )

Billing date is 2 days before compared to other screen above .

G. Days in year/Days in Month :- Give number of days in year or months if rental contract has to be billed for given number of days in month or days in year.

H. Autom. Date Creation in Billing/Invoicing Plan Maintenance:-Mark this (X) if you want system to propose billing /invoice dates automatically . Leave it blank if you want to enter the billing date manually .

Before : If you do not check (X)

After : If you do check (X)

I. Billing/Invoice Creation in Advance :- Check (X) this field if you want to system to propose advance billing date (rental on 1st date of the months ).

Example – Client has retroactive rental contract with customer

Before Check- Rental contract 1 yr.

01-01-2015 to 31-01-2015 .System proposing billing date on 31-01-2015 .

After check (X)- Rental contract 1 yr.

01-01-2015 to 31-01-2015 .System will propose billing date on 01-01-2015.

J. Automatic creation of correction dates in Billing Plan :- If this field is checked (X) , system can determines if correction date has to be proposed .

Logic – if End date of or To date changed and it falls before the last billed date , System propose a correction date and correction amount automatically

Example – In the below screen customer was billed for the period of billing Plan dated 01.07.2015 until

31.07.2015 for 100 Euro . But later contract was foreclosed dated 25.07.2015.Credit issued to the customer for the period of 26.07.2015 to 31.07.2015

2. Define Date Description:-

Date descriptions are defined to describe the various purposes for which billing Plans can be used.This is only for description only. It has no effect in transaction.

Path – Spro> S&D >Billing >Define Date Description

3. Define and assign Date Category:-

Path – Spro> S&D >Billing >Define and assign Date Category

Date category has following information.

i. Billing Plan type- Periodic billing

ii. Date category – Its free text

iii. Date description – Date description proposed as maintained in previous step.

iv. Billing Rule – assign the billing rule to period billing .

v. Pricing – If you want to carry out new pricing at the time of billing.

vi. Billing Type- This is the default billing type proposed at the time of contract creation in billing Plan.

4. Allocate date category :- Assign the date category to billing plan

5. Assigning Billing Plan Types to Sales Document Type :- This assignment will tie sales document type with header periodic billing plan.

This is the last section of the documentation for periodic billing plan.Please proceed with T-code va41 and test on different scenarios .

Related Sap Notes :-

1112798 – FAQ note billing plans

499688 – FAQ: Ending an invoicing plan / restricting date period

537779 – Date generation for Periodic Invoicing Plans Related user exits for billing plan

Related Exits :-





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      3. I am using Periodic Bill plan and charging Quarterly to customer. (Standard Quarter system as per Indian financial year. 1) 1st Quarter April - Jun   2) 2nd Quarter Jul- Sept 3) 3rd Quarter Oct - Dec  4) 4th Quarter Jan - Mar
      4. My Bill plan Dates start from 31-05-2023 and my monthly bill amount is 3750/-



      Contract Bill Plan Details


      5. Whenever our Bill date start from 31st May31st Jul and 31st Aug that time system does not

          calculate charge for one day. As you can see in the above screen shot net value is 44879.03.

      6. As per bill plan 1st quarter starts from 31st May to 30th Jun. (1 day from May month and 30 days

      from Jun month. Ideally system gives amount 1 day (120.96) from May month and 30 days.

      amount (3750/-) for Jun month.


      7. Interesting part is that, if we change the bill plan 30-05-2023 to 29-05-2024 then system.

      calculates exact amount and this you can see in the below screen shot,


      Contract Bill Plan Details

      I don't understand why the system is not calculating the value when bill plan starts from 31st May, 31St Jul and 31st Aug.


      Note: We also ask SAP for this issue. but their solution is not feasible. SAP suggest fix

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