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Step by Step Guide for Multiple Counter Plans

In this document we will be going through various steps involved to develop Multiple counter plan.

A multiple counter plan is used in counter based maintenance. This type of maintenance planning is not based on a maintenance strategy. This means that you can create a multiple counter plan without maintenance strategy.

Master data requirement

     Below are the list of basic Master data required to process Multiple Counter Plan.

      • Equipment
      • Characteristics for measuring point / counter
      • Measuring Point/Counter assigned to Equipment
      • Cycle sets as per requirement

Equipment – IE01 / IE02

     I have created PUMP as Equipment for explaining this scenario.

Test 1.jpg

Measuring Point / Counter – IK01

     We are going to record the running hours of the Pump. To record the running hours we need to create measuring point / counter.

Test 3.jpg

     Create the Measuring point for Equipment, enter the object type IEQ

     To make the measurement point as a Counter, you need to check “MeasPoint is counter”

     Ensure characteristics you want to assign to measuring point / counter were created

          Test 4.jpg

In the measuring counter, you need to maintain below fields                                                       


Header 1
Meas Position
Counter Overflow reading

Annual Estimate

MeasPosition                     – This describes the position of the measuring point / counter with respect to the Technical Object.

Counter Overflow reading – The first counter reading that the counter cannot display. Enter a logical value for the first counter reading.

Annual Estimate                – Estimated hours the equipment can run in a year. This needs to be filled, maintenance intervals are calculated based on this data.

On save, measuring point / counter is created.

Record the current running hours reading of the Pump using measuring documents (IK11), this is required to schedule the plan.

Test 5.jpg

On save, first measurement document created for measuring point / counter. Two documents are posted for this measuring point / counter.

Cycle Sets – IP11Z

     Cycle sets are used as a copy model for the creation of multiple counter plan. It defines the period of time between two maintenance tasks. Also cycle sets can be complied directly in multiple counter plan itself.

     Cycle sets needs to be created based on business requirement.

Test 6.jpg

Maintenance plan – IP01 / IP43

     Select the Maintenance plan category and Cycle set (Cycle set not mandatory)

Test 7.jpg

     Press Enter

     Cycle sets will be copied to the maintenance plan

     Cycle set sequence needs to be filled and same has to be linked to maintenance item. Here the scenario has only one cycle set sequence.

     Cycle set sequence, Scheduling period, Start date will be populated in the multiple counter maintenance plan (IP43) after activating the “Configure Special Functions for Maintenance Planning” in SPRO.

     Kindly update the maintenance plan with relevant details like Maintenance Plan Description, Maintenance Item Description, Order Type, Planner Group, Work Center, Task list and Priority.

test 8.jpg

   Select the Maintenance plan scheduling parameters tab.


Kindly maintain the Sched Period and Start Date.

The important factor of Multiple Counter Plan is the Operation Type.

Kindly refer the scheduling column for the Operation type and difference on scheduling the maintenance plan.

On Save Maintenance Plan will be saved.

Scheduling – IP10 / IP30

On scheduling the plan, we need to consider the Operation Type and the behavior of scheduling will be different based on the type.

OR Operation Type:

For an OR Operation, a maintenance order is generated for the earliest possible planned date.

In our case, if the maintenance is due every 250 hrs or 3 months, the decisive factor is which occurs first.

Test 10.jpg

On scheduling the Maintenance plan

Test 11.jpg

Since the measuring counter reading is already reached 250, a maintenance is already due, on save, work order will be generated.

AND Operation type:

For an AND Operation, a maintenance order is generated for the last planned date.

In our case, if the maintenance is due every 250 hrs or 3 months, the decisive factor is which occurs last.

Test 12.jpg

On scheduling the maintenance plan

Test 13.jpg

Measuring counter is reached, but the 3 months is not reached so the maintenance is planned for the future date based on the start date.

Here I have covered the basic scenario of Multiple Counter Plan, there are lot of options available to explore in this area.

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  • Thank you for this post Maria. This subject really needs a document in the forum. I know it takes lot of time and efforts to attempt step by step guides on such topics. Expect you'll try to further perfect this as per best of your knowledge by covering things forgotten, if any.



    • Thank you Sir for your valuable comments. This document is prepared after seeing the discussion between you and Gaurav in a thread. 🙂

      I will try to give my best and explore more on this.

      • Hi Maria,

        Thanks for sharing this document and your valuable efforts..It will be very helpful for all.

        Great document.But I have a query about cycle defined cycle set ZMCP with different dimension one is hour and another is month.there is two cycle with different dimensions and use this cycle set in plan.But I studied some where that if we are using different dimension like 1 year and 1000 km then we can define two cycle set for this and assign a maintenance item to each cycle set for example cycle set 1 for year and cycle set 2 for km and there can be more than two counter also and one plan have more then one cycle sets.

        So the query is which process is best.we can use one cycle set with different dimension or should create multiple cycle set according to dimensions and assign with plan..

        Also why do we create measuring document and the importance of fields like counter using difference,total counter reading and how we define it.



        Gaurav Solanki

        • Hi Gaurav,

          Thanks for your comments.

          Cycle set is used to assign maintenance cycles like Time based or performance based (1 year and 1000 hours). They can be in different combination. The concept which you are talking about is the Cycle Set Sequence, which will decide the maintenance cycle combination.

          I create Cycle set as 250 hrs / 500 hrs / 1000 hrs / 3 months / 6 months / 1 year.

          I want to create multiple counter plan for 2 equipments, where the maintenance is due when it reaches 250 hrs / 3 months and 1000 hrs / 1 year.

          I will assign the cycle set to maintenance plan and set the cycle set sequence as

          1 250 hrs

          1 3 months

          2 500 hrs

          2 6 months

          This sequence i will assign to maintenance item.

          Maintenance Item 1 - 250 hrs /3 months

          Maintenance item 2 - 500 hrs /6 months

          *I am trying to identify, how this functionality works...

          Best way is to have all maintenance cycles in the cycle set and choose the cycle set sequence based on the business requirement.

          I request you to refer the Cycle Set / Cycle set sequence / Measurement document / counter below links

          Measurement Documents - Measuring Points and Counters (CS-IB-MC / PM-EQM-SF-MPC) - SAP Library

          Cycle Set - Plant Maintenance (PM) - SAP Library

          Hope this helps



          • Hi Maria,

            Thanks for your valuable reply.

            Can we assign multiple cycle set with a maintenance plan.

            also what is use of following fields in measuring documents can you give a example please.

            Counter reading



            Valuation code



            Gaurav Solanki

          • Hi Gaurav,

            I appreciate if you can open threads for these discussion. This will be helpful for other experts to provide answers.



          • Hi Maria,

            I have a query when I am scheduling the maintenance plan the system is taking 45 day for next scheduling while it should be taken 30 days.I attached image also,Please suggest..





          • Hi Gaurav,

            What is your annual estimate ?

            Calculation depends on the annual estimate you have mentioned.

            For Example : If annual estimate is 5000, then per day is 13.7hr. So the next call date will be calculated based on this reading.



          • Hi Maria,

            Thanks for reply. But how you got it and if in cycle set we defined 3 months then I think plan date should be generated for next 3 month like first plan date is 30.09.2015 then next plan date should be  30.12.2015.

          • Hi Gaurav,

            If you have set the Operation Type is AND, then only it will schedule based on 3 months, which is due last.

            If you set as OR, it will schedule which is early.



  • The document is very good, thank you!

    But I have a question, can I schedulle a Multiple counter Plan with the basic start of the maintenance order in the past??

    The situation is:

    The last maintenance was 08.14.2014, and the cycle is 1 year or 20.000 quilometers.

    My equipment worked 10.000 km since them, and today is 10.26.2015.

    So I'm trying to schedule my maintenance plan since it has expired due time, but SAP is considering the Plan Date as today, however, I think it should be 08.14.2015.

    The next Planned date should be 08.14.2015?

    • Hi Hamilton,

      In standard system, you cannot schedule performance based plans with past plan date. It will default to system date.

      Since your plan is already due for one year, if you try to executing the plan with the start of cycle date as 08.14.2014, system will generate one call with today's date.

      After the order is created, i changed the Basis start date to past.

      Refer Note: 606474



  • Hi Terence.

    Thanks so much for this useful document.

    One small correction for your screen shot of the measuring point: your entry for the "Counter Overflow Reading" is incorrect. As per SAP's description of this field (also in your document), it should be "the first reading that the counter cannot display." If, in this case, your counter has six digits, the entry should be "1000000" rather than "999999". This is common mistake, so not to worry. 🙂

    Thanks again!


  • Hi Maria Terence,

    Just now, I have gone through the document and it is very useful . Thanks a lot and expect similar document on conditioned based maintenance business process & also on calibration inspection test equipment business process if possible.

    With Warm Regards,

    PS R

  • Hi Maria,

    Good Day!!

    Thanks for the document . Just had one query, I wanted know in which table is the Cycle set value stored against the maintenance Plan. i.e ZMCP against Plan 188 .

    This is required for Reporting purpose.


    • Hi Lohit,

      It should be available in MMPT, you need to do conversion from Internal number.

      Also MPOS for assignment towards maintenance item.



      • Hi Maria,

        Thanks for the reply.

        We checked the MPOS table, but the field Strategy is coming blank against the Plan.

        Is there some customizing to be done so that the Cycle set gets updated in the Field Strategy in the table. Or is it saved in some other field.


        • Hi Lohit,

          Ya, we have a challenge here, this is not similar to Strategy, which can not be changed in the maintenance plan. SAP has given a chance to edit the cycle set into the maintenance plan, so thats the reason the linkage between Maintenance plan and cycle set is missing.

          I appreciate if you can raise a new discussion, we can check others opinion also. Meanwhile i am also trying to check for any alternate links.



  • Hi Maria,

    That's a very resourceful document. Thanks for it.

    I have a query and I guess you have also thought about it too.

    Query is - I have already followed the process and its working fine for one cycle set but problem lies for multiple cycle sets for single a equipment.

    E.g - DG B, C, D Checks. I have configured separate cycle sets for each check and respectively for every cycle sets a plan is created, therefore, for every equipment 3 plans would be there. Now I am thinking of how to start all these 3 plans of a single equipment on live system because client would be having current reading of the DG only. On the basis of current reading only how the system will calculate all the check next due readings.

    Do I need all previous reading of these checks and if yes, then I guess I do need to maintain each check reading and then schedule the plan simultaneously.

    Hope, I am able to explain my issue.

    thanks for response.

    With regards
    Kaushik Ghosh

  • Hi Experts,

    I have mixed types of equipments, i.e. On-line (contionuously running) and Stand-by (as needed).
    In using Counters, the concept of Annual Estimate is applicable for On-line equipments. However, for Stand-by, orders must only be generated when the counter reaches the required cycle (e.g. 13 weeks), that is, without considering Annual Estimate (also without recording daily measuring documents of "0").

    In multiple counters, if I use only one counter (e.g. running hours), even the equipment is not running (therefore, not recording measuring documents), orders shall be generated based on the Annual Estimates. We don't need this.

    In case I use your above example of Running Hours + Time (e.g. 13 weeks) and "AND - Link" Operation Type, shall it still consider the Annual Estimate?

    Or simply, for my case on Stand-by equipments, is there a way to bypass Annual Estimate such that order generation is purely based on the counter reading (similar concept with Measuring Points, e.g. Temperature)?

    End User

    • Hi,

      Your Annual Estimate plays the role only for Counter based plans like measuring Running Hours / Energy meter reading etc. With Annual estimate only, system can predict the next call date.

      To note the temperature / pressure, you just need a Measurement Point, Annual estimate will not be a part of it. Difference between Measurement Point and Measurement Counter is only a Check Box.



  • Hi Mr. Maria & Mr. Rao, How do we test it if the maintenance plan is going to work or not?

    Example: I created a maintenance plan with cycle set 1000 kms or 2 Days (whichever triggers first).

    Annual estimate – 6000kms

    Initial odometer reading – 200 kms

    I maintained “next planned counter reading” as 1000 kms. – This is the first time, Order will be generated.

    Now, I scheduled Maint plan using IP10, which has created an object on hold.

    Then I entered the odo reading 800 kms,  now odo reached 1000kms.

    Now I ran IP30 and the order was created successfully because the Odo reached 1000kms.

    Now, I expect my next order to create when Odo reaches 2000 kms.

    so, firstly, I entered diff reading 500, now Odo reached 1500.

    I executed IP30, I know order will not be created.

    then, I entered diff reading 500, So new odo reading is now 2000.

    This time order should get created, because the last order was generated in 1000 kms and based on cycle of 1000, order should create..

    But when I executed IP30, order was not generated. Can you tell me the reason or any steps or calculation I am missing to understand?

    Note: I have not activated “Enhancement for Multiple counter plan” because I am using single cycle set.

    • Hi Shirish,

      First Cycle set field will not exist if you didn't activate the enhancement.

      Since the Enhancement is not active you get only one call in the maintenance plan, so try to activate it if required. Since once activated, it cannot be reversed.

      Strange is the behavior of your scheduling.

      Your Annual Estimate = 6000, which is approximately 6000/365 = 16.4 KM per day. Since you are using scheduling parameter 'OR" (which ever comes first), system should have generated the order when you have scheduled. This looks like system is not considering the second cycle 2 days.

      I request you to open a new thread and post your query.






    good theme and explanation, same as what i am reading in in sap-press books, more clear.


    however, I have some questions about how to achieve business requirement as below:There are several important parts in a machine which have difference counter (we have not make the important part as sub-equipment below the equipment,  we prefer to take it same as other maintenance,and system auto send out order with only necessary operation). example, Equipment 1 , part A: need to be replaced every 3000 km production. part B need to have a inspection every 2000 working hours. we hope system can auto create maintenance order when it reached.

    1. IP43 and IP11Z is not enough because they one maintenance item only can have one task, while two maintenance items will release two orders which is not good for us at this point: when this two orders have same beginning data, they can not auto combine to 1 order
    2. are there any way to let me achieve our business requirement?

    Note: I have not activated “Enhancement for Multiple counter plan” because I am not sure should we use it or not.

    • Hi Sherry,

      I strongly suggest you to raise a new thread.

      In your scenario, I don't think you need a Multiple Cycle Plan, we can use Strategy Plans.

      Create a Strategy with 3000Km and 2000KM

      Create the Task List and assign the Packages to each operation.

      Create the Plan and assign the Task List

      When you do scheduling you will be able to get the orders accordingly.



  • Hi Maria,


    It's a nice document.


    Further i need one clarification.

    i.e. I have created one task list which is having total 5 tasks to perform.

    e.g. Task-1, Task-2, Task-3, Task-4, Task-5

    Now as per multi counter plan, when vehicle reached odometer 200 KM / 1 month (which ever comes first) at that time Order should get created for Task-1 & Task-2.

    when vehicle reached odometer 400 KM / 2 month (which ever comes first) at that time Order should get created for Task-3, Task-4 & Task-5.


    So can you please suggest me that how to fulfil this requirement, as i tried to assign task list to the multi counter maintenance plan but everytime is creating order for all tasks.

    • Hi,

      I have not tested the solution at this perspective yet, but i give you different suggestion, check whether it works for you.

      1. Multiple Counter Plans wont run based on Strategy, so you need to split your plan based on the Task List, say 200KM/1 and 400KM/2.

      2. Explore options of using Cycle Set or Maintenance Item.

      If i can simulate, will let you know.



  • Hello Maria Terence,


    Thanks for the wonderful document.


    And I am facing issue in multi counter plan.

    Steps I followed.

    1. Created Measuring counter
    2. Created measuring document.
    3. Maintenance Plan
    4. Scheduling
    5. And again I entered Measuring document

    But the dates are not changing in scheduling, the dates are same as old.


    • respected

      same problem i am getting here


      I created

      1. equipment
      2. measuring point/counter
      3. measuring document
      4. maintenance plan
      5. scheduling
      6. then entered measuring document again
      7. again did scheduling ip30.
      8. but not getting the order as i created cycle set for 300 hrs and counter reading reached to 400 hrs so according to cycle set there should be order or maintenance call but not there.

      Then what should i do to get an order.


      Vishal Chhipa

  • I had the same issue as "Vishal Chhipa" and after activating "Configure Special Functions for Maintenance Planning” in SPRO", I did mass update for Maintenance plans (with multiple counters) with date in "Start date" field and then IP30 generates WO similar with IP10.

  • Hi Maria,


    Thanks Good Document and nicely explained have one query on this

    Here my question is when the counter reached as above our Cycle is 250 Hr and then our plan “NEW START SAVE TO CALL” and then order will generate automatically or we have scheduled this by IP 10 and IP30 every time counter reached.?

    As per above i tried for "OR" Operation type In measuring document i have enter measuring reading as 251 Hr now counter has reached order should generate but in my case order was not generated when i check in IP24 need some clarification on this.



    • Hi Shrinivas,

      Unless the Maintenance plan is executed either in IP10 or IP30, order will not be created.

      Entering only the measurement reading doesn't do anything.

      In this case, you can start a batch job and run every day.



  • Hello,

    I am very new to this area and am working with a group of maintenance engineers on some "plans".  We are dealing with generators that have what I will call mixed interval and run-hours.


    Annually or at 250 hrs - Engine Lube/Oil service

    Bi-Annually or at 1500 hrs - Cooling system service

    Annually or at 1500 hrs - Remove, inspect, and clean magnetic pickup

    All of the hrs are in lots of 250 hrs but these do not directly align with time periods.

    We are being asked to standardize the values like make 250 hrs align with a quarter BUT this would mean a non-used generator would have 4 oil/lubes when only one is actually required.

    Trying to understand how mixed times and events can be established and built.

    Thank you,