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Since SAP TM 9.2, the Gantt chart is part of the transportation cockpit and can be used as any other cockpit area. This post will explain and guide you through the most frequent issues in the Gantt chart setup.

The Gantt chart is using a new HTML5 based technology. For this reason you will have to activate some services using transaction SICF in order to use it. These services are:

  • sap/public/bc/ui5_ui5
  • sap/bc/bsp/gntlb
  • sap/bc/bsp/scmtms

Please make sure that these services (including sub-services) are activated. If no Gantt chart is displayed at all but only an empty grey area shows up most likely one of these services is deactivated.

27-08-2015 14-48-15.jpg

As the Gantt chart is a normal area of the transportation cockpit you can use it in all of your transportation cockpit layouts. Therefore you will just have to assign the new Gantt chart area to any screen position and define a layout you would like to use. This layout defines the whole look of the Gantt chart, so for example the colors of different objects but also, which objects and hierarchies you can see and use. How to set up the customizing will be explained in a later blog post but there is also a set standard customizing you can choose of.


After these steps the Gantt chart will appear when you enter the cockpit with the transportation cockpit layout you just have created.

If the Gantt chart does not show up please also check out my post SAP TM Gantt chart – Common issues.

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  1. Former Member

    Tobias, thank you for the info. Do we need to install Visual Business to get the GANTT chart working? I guess not because it is based on HTML5, but we want to be sure.

    SAP VB is needed for map integration and the load builder, will future releases of SAP TM also rely on active X technology?

    I’m asking this because MS dropped active X support in their latest Edge browser.

    Best regards,

    Nico Kortenoeven (MOD NL)

  2. Hariharan Subramanian

    Hello Tobias,

    Even after activating the three services listed in the blog, I still see a blank (Grey) screen for Gantt chart. Am I missing something. I am on TM 9.3.



    1. Tobias Berger Post author

      Hi Hari,

      You are right, in the meanwhile we found some other common issues which can occur. I will try to add some information to this post (or open a new one) end of this or beginning of next week.

      Best regards,



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