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SAP Screen Personas roadmap update September 2015

Much has happened since our last SAP Screen Personas roadmap update in February 2015.

Since the first release SAP Screen Personas every service pack includes new functionality to improve performance, functionality, and/or usability. The SAP Screen Personas product team continues to work closely with our colleagues in Unified Rendering, SAP Internet Transaction Server, SAP GUI, Web GUI, Java GUI, Web Dynpro ABAP, S/4HANA development, and Fiori product management to innovate and bring new functionality to SAP Screen Personas. There are several ongoing development initiatives that we can share:

In summary, we are working on making continuous improvements to SAP Screen Personas based on your feedback. Please keep the ideas flowing. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to personalize your Dynpro or Web Dynpro ABAP (coming soon) screens.

team effort.png

Contrary to many rumors that customers, partners, and colleagues have relayed to me, SAP Screen Personas is not heading towards end of maintenance. The current version (SAP Screen Personas 3.0) is built into the foundation of SAP – integrated into the Web GUI and able to render through the SAP GUI. The published maintenance timelines are based on an internal formula based on the latest product release. Generally SAP Screen Personas timelines are calculated based on the year of a Service Pack release plus a support window of up to 3 years, rounded up to the end of the year. So, when we have an update next year, the date will shift out by a year.

You can see the latest roadmap in the SAP User Interface Technologies presentation.


The future is very bright for SAP Screen Personas.

Next Steps:

Disclaimer: In this blog, I have made forward looking statements and predictions of when SAP will bring certain products or services to market. This represents our current state of planning. These plans might change for a variety of reasons. So, none of the content in this blog reflects a commitment from SAP to provide specific functionality or deliverables on any set schedule.

For the SAP Screen Personas product team, Peter Spielvogel.

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  • Hi Peter,

    I read that Personas 3.0 is also accessible via SAP GUI for Windows(i.e., flavors created can be accessed and rendered via SAP GUI for Windows instead of WebGUI).  If so, is it available in SP1 and is the only other thing I need is SAP GUI 7.40 in order for me to render the flavors created in WebGui in SAP GUI?

    I have personas 3.0 SP1 installed and able to access and create and use flavors using Web Gui but cant seem to find how I can access them via Gui for windows.

    I have SAP GUI 7.30.

    Kind regards,


      • Hi Peter,

        Is there any documentation link you can share in terms of any set up to be done in
        order to render Flavors via SAP GUI for Windows?  

        I have SAP GUI 7.40 Patch level 4.0 and Screen Personas 3.0 SP1 which are the 2 requirements to be able to render the flavor in SAP GUI for Windows but I could not seem to render the flavors created in WebGui using transaction /personas/launch in SAP GUI for Windows.  When I select the flavor, it just gives me the original screen of the tcode I simplified.  When you say flavors can be rendered in SAP GUI for Windows, you are not referring to rendering in in NWBC for desktop, right?


        Hoping to get some documentation or guidelines so I can see the rendering of a flavor in SAP GUI for Windows.

        Thanks in advance

        Kind Regards,


          • Thank Peter.

            I have opened an incident with SAP and have also attached the exported flavors and also a file of the side by side comparison of the screens rendered  between WEBGUI(personalized flavors as default are rendered) versus GUI for WINDOWS where the personalized flavors (SMEN, COR2, COR3) are not getting rendered at all as all I get are the original screens of SAP.

            Kind regards,


  • Hi Peter,

    thanks for keeping us updated. I heard that with version 3 we could also use Personas for WebDynpro. And I heard something like "coming soon". Is there any information on that?

    Best regards


  • Hello,

    as far as I can understand what I read, Personas screens can be installed as a HUB to one or several SAP backends, Am I right ?

    I mean can I have a Personas HUB ( ie Running on a sap GW together with FIORI frontend ) accessing SAP backends and how ( ie RFC ? ).

    Thanks for your answers.

    Kind regards.


    • The hub-type (main system - connected systems) scenario is only supported by SAP Screen Personas 2.0.

      In version 3.0 the add-on must be installed separately in each system where personalized screens are used. There are technical reasons why this is so.