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My #SAPtd (aka SAP TechED) wishlist

Dear Santa (SAPtd Staff) :

Last year I tried to be a good person and a good SAP mentor, I’ve running CodeJams, I did evangelize the community by visiting Startups Incubators and show to them the power of SAP HANA HCP, I bring customers to the wonderful world of SAP HANA and even bring them to the fantastic SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg for great projects.

So, now that the Christmas for any SAP person (SAP TechEd) is coming, I would like to ask you for the following things:

Just 5, I’m not than demanding :

  • A good WiFi: Seriously, we’re almost in 2016, everybody (around 4k people) will bring at least two devices (smartphone and tablet/laptop), and we are somehow connected and consuming resources, who needs an USB drive if you can use SAP Mobile Docs ? but for that IT need to bring a WiFi for 10k devices.
  • A good Mobile App, what about a Fiori App ?
  • Please bring this bottle also to Barcelona (or at least one for me)  Maria Squicciarini please 🙂


  • More SAP Mentors interaction, people see us around with our blue shirts, sometimes in the stage, but who are those people, can we really talk with them, can they make a short interaction both ?
  • A PPT Free zone, ok is quite late for this in all the sessions, but we need to see Craig Cmehil showing real IoT examples, some drones flying around, some place where we can see HANA eating data like burritos

Extra one : we would love to see Martin Gillet and Thorsten Franz talking about the Tesla Experience and some ideas about how to use HANA to improve the experience

I really hope you can bring the Xmas presents to Barcelona

As this is a democratic community, you can Like to support the ideas

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  • Hi Luis,

    Nice list! I should would like to see more Mentor interactions with conference attendees as well. Tom Cenens also raised this to me, and shared some nice ideas on how to make SAP Mentors more approachable. Actually, Mentors are very approachable already! 🙂 They're hosting informal Networking Lounge sessions, giving lecture sessions and can be found all over the showfloor. We're still collecting ideas and always looking for ways to increase Mentor-engagement, so please feel free to share here or DM me.

    SAP Mentors are a super-busy bunch at TechEd. However, I would encourage Mentors to set aside some time during the conference to just 'hang out' on the showfloor, interact with other attendees, and trust their natural host-mindset will do the rest to make others around them feel comfortable. 😉  

    For all the folks attending the conference, I challenge/invite you to take the initiative to meet at least 5 SAP Mentors at SAP TechEd this year - introduce yourself to those in "blue shirts," ask them what their area of expertise is. Then ask them the toughest question you can think of, and maybe take a selfie to capture the start of a new relationship (remember, tweet #saptd 😆 ).


    • I agree that the Mentors are very approachable. On my only (to date) TechEd experience I spent quite some time on the showfloor (and at the piano bar 😉 ) talking to Mentors I've followed on SCN/Twitter but didn't know IRL. And as I couldn't find the super-busy Tammy Powlas on the showfloor, I went to one of her sessions just to say hi. It was worth it 🙂

    • Awesome .. , but is not fair a selfie contest, i.e: What about Julia Dorbic ? she won't have time for anything else with a queue of people asking for a Selfie (just kidding)

      Jason, another question, will you bring me a bottle from Vegas ? 😉

      • Waitaminute...won't bottles in Barcelona will be same as those in Las Vegas? I think they might be same. If they're different, then you can have mine. 😛

      • Haha! How come I only see this now? And what is this all about Luis? 😉

        Making the Mentors more visible, showing what interesting, fun, including and also amazing experts in their fields they are would be indeed a good idea! 'Get a selfie with a Mentor' could be a challenge on the (twitter)-showfloor, this way we could engage people in conversations and they could get points or smth for each selfie with a Mentor. Not to forget a hashtag with their expert field, to show the diversity of the mentor program!! Or lets present a 'Typical Mentor Story' at an Expert Networking Session or the like, or invite interested participants to a Q&A with the Mentors! There are so many options! How about a new video showing the value of the program around the globe? What do you think?

        Jason Cao

        Looking forward to seeing everyone in Barcelona!

        • Great suggestions Julia!

          A lot of these are in the works, including a new value of SAP Mentor Program video, topic meetings & Q&A with SAP leads, and more in an upcoming call (including SAP Mentor Mondays webinar).

  • My additional wishes:
    - better breakfast (most important meal of the day, as we know 🙂 );

    - better management of hands-on sessions - at least in 2013 there was a lot of time simply wasted because of some technical issues or incorrect handouts.

  • +100 on the WiFi. I really want to do live demos in my session but I've never had WiFi good enough (at TechEd or Sapphire) to do that. Watching video just isn't the same. And I need to use my own laptop for the demos, but I've never been able to connect it to the wired network, which I assume is restricted to SAP-only devices?