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Display Item table of every Header Table record in a New Page using Conditional Breaks

This article explains how to Display Item table in a New page for every Header Record in the Header table .

          Here is an Example.

          Go to Transaction code SFP(Form Builder).

          Enter the Name of the Interface as shown below and click on Create button.


           A pop up will be displayed. Enter the description and Interface Type .Click on Save.

       2015-08-27 11_07_07-SAP.png

          Interface will be created as shown below. Create Invoice Number as Import Parameter.

          Click on Save and Activate.

      2015-08-27 11_08_34-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png


      2015-08-27 11_09_50-Form Builder_ Entry Point.png

         Assign Interface and Click on Save.

     2015-08-27 11_10_42-SAP.png

        Get all the layout attributes(Fields.Tables…) into Context level from Interface level..

        To display the Item table  of each header record,

        Create a loop between Header data table and Item data table as shown below.

     2015-08-27 12_49_52-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png

       Specify the Item table as shown below.

    2015-08-27 12_51_39-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png


        Under Conditions, enter the prerequisites that need to be met before the table is processed at run time

        and displayed in the form.

    2015-08-27 12_54_21-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png

       Based on given where condition a loop will be triggered between Header data Item data  at Run time.

    2015-08-27 11_22_05-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png

      Create the layout as shown below.

   2015-08-27 11_26_11-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png

      Set the Properties of Header and Item table Sub forms to act as a Table as shown below.

      2015-08-27 11_25_32-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png

        Material_Table(VBRP) Sub form Properties: 

    2015-08-27 14_39_10-Greenshot image editor.png


       2015-08-27 14_44_09-.png

       Material Number Sub form Properties:

    2015-08-27 14_51_10-Greenshot image editor.png

      Item table Sub form Properties:

     2015-08-27 14_59_21-Greenshot image editor.png

        Item Data Sub form Properties:

    2015-08-27 15_10_14-Greenshot image editor.png

        Click on Save , Activate and Execute.

       Enter the Invoice Number and Execute.

    2015-08-27 15_18_30-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png

       Output will be displayed as shown below ..

    2015-08-27 15_22_46-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png

         To display the Second Header Record and its item table data on Next Page we need to add conditional breaks


         Click on Material Number Sub form Which act as a Header Table.

          2015-08-27 17_20_14-Form Builder_ Change Form ZAF_BILLING_ITEM_DETAILS.png

             Click on Add Icon. Select MATNR

         2015-08-27 17_22_29-Edit Conditional Breaks.png

          Condition will be added as shown below. Select the Top of Next page as shown below.

      2015-08-27 17_24_36-.png


      2015-08-27 17_26_03-.png

          Save ,Activate and Execute the Form Now each Item table will be displayed in a New Page.


         Material Number 1 and its item table displayed in First page.

  2015-08-27 17_49_39-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png

    Material Number 2 and corresponding item table to started in Second Page.

   2015-08-27 17_50_05-TSO Developer Desktop - Citrix Receiver.png











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      Author's profile photo Sap abap
      Sap abap

      I need a help from you,  I haev nested table and based on the index change of first table there is a page break now the requirement is if there is page break then page number shoulf reset say for first iteration it has 2 pages then it will print as 1 of 2 2 of 2, after page break say there are 3 pages then 1 of 3 2 of 3 3of 3 like,,,i m not able to find solution for this..could you pls hel me

      Author's profile photo Sunitha Muralidharan
      Sunitha Muralidharan

      Hi All,

      Please help me in achieving my requirement.

      I have header data in which if there is a change in one of the field's data of the header, i need to populate corresponding item data, i.e a conditional page break. The example that is shown above is not helping me great, as my header data is not in a table, wherein if i give the sub form as flowed and western text, the position of the text fields is getting changed ( which shouldn't be the case ). In the above, the Sub forms are in flowed and western text. This is not working for me 🙁 . Kindly do suggest me the needful.