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SAP NS2 and SGI; Multi-Int Knowledge Exploration and Discovery

SAP Co-Innovation Lab: Silicon Valley

Co-Innovation-in-Action Series

SAP NS2 and SGI; Multi-Int Knowledge Exploration and Discovery

Date/Time- Sept 2, 2015 11 a.m. – Noon

Location- COIL Studio

As part of its Co-Innovation in Action series, COIL will play host next week to SAP NS2 and SGI to share some insights into their recent project work here in the lab. This will be an informative session demonstrating an exceptionally well-orchestrated use of the entire SAP HANA platform and what SAP NS2 has crafted in its engineered solution is widely applicable to many commercial uses. Additionally you will get an up close view of how the solution takes full advantage of SGI’s UV-300 purpose built scale up Hana server.


Come spend 60 minutes at the COIL Studio to learn everything you ever wanted to know about The Multi-INT Knowledge Exploration and Discovery Engineered Solution from SAP National Security Services Inc. (SAP NS2™). This compelling solution provides an activity-based intelligence (ABI) environment for knowledge and intelligence curation through “smart” process–driven methods.

These methods include acquiring and analyzing multiple data types from multiple sources to derive actionable insight for situational awareness, strategic foresight, and anticipatory analytics. The solution enables temporal and geospatial analysis by associating structured and unstructured data to geo-spatially oriented event data, thus allowing analysts to detect, visualize, and identify changes in trends over time.

This  engineered solution provides an information intelligence platform that can synchronously process information to be commensurate with the synchronous analysis process in use today. The problems don’t lie with the intelligence analysis process; it’s that current information technology enablers have difficulty implementing the process. Solutions based on the SAP HANA® platform can solve this problem.

The application area for the multi-INT capability bring prototype at COIL requires significant performance in multiple dimensions, which is why SAP NS2 chose to work with SGI Inc., and its SGI UV 300 platform.

The SAP HANA platform is more than just an in-memory database. It is surrounded by five processing engines (natural language processor for text analysis, geospatial processing engine, predictive analytics processing engine, property graph processing engine, and an internal application/Web engine) that operate on the same data set, which are memory and compute intensive.

SGI provides a single-node platform that provides up to 480 cores and 32 TB of main memory in a single-rack configuration. The patented SGI NUMAlink 7 architecture is proven technology that makes it possible for a single computer to provide the capacity required without having to partition tables across a clustered server environment of at least 3 to 6 servers with multiple-rack configurations. With the data compression and dictionary encoding used by SAP HANA, users can expect a 4 to 7 compression ratio. This translates into a single node that can support 128 TB to 224 TB of usable memory space. 

Through the use of the multi-tiered storage capability of SAP HANA, larger single-node configurations are possible with storage options from SGI (SSD, traditional magnetic disk), enabling solution providers to create high-performance Big Data analytics applications. The combination of SAP HANA and the SGI UV 300 provides cost-effective high-performance computing at the petabyte scale.

The SGI UV 300 architecture coupled with SAP HANA technology allows for a high-performance computing platform (HPC) capability that can be deployed throughout an organization versus traditional HPC computing, which is usually limited to a select group within an organization.

This interactive session will be led by SAP NS2 CTO David Korn and SGI SVP Brian Freed for In Memory Data Analytics and will include some brief demonstrations of Multi-Int capability on SAP Hana and the SGI UV 300.


David Korn, CTO SAP NS2

Brian Freed, SVP, Data Analytics Platform, SGI

More Info:

Seating in the COIL Studio is limited so please send me an email to reserve a space to attend the session.
(No promises,… but I’m pushing SGI to bring some of its “More Headroom” t-shirts and if they do you’d have to be here for a chance to get one.)

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      Author's profile photo David Cruickshank
      David Cruickshank
      Blog Post Author

      Be sure to send me a note and iweill hold a seat for you- 9/2/2015 at 11am in the COIL Studio.

      From all of the great content and insight come see how what SAP NS2 has done with SGI for 3 letter agencies that can be readily applied to solving business problems for scores of industries. 6o mins of time well spent.