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Q&A for What’s New in BI4.1 SP06 ASUG Webcast

SAP’s Maheshwar Singh and Frank Praebl provided this webcast yesterday to ASUG members.  We had a busy question & answer, and I thank them for taking the time to answer the questions along with our ASUG Volunteer Shawn Cooper.

Question Response
Can we execute stored procedures using free hand sql and build reports on top of it? Yes; you can launch FHSQL; will fetch data to Web Intelligence and build report as usual
If your source is a BEx Query, will that variant be available in WebI as it is with Analysis ? No
are temporary tables supported in freehand sql? See second to last answer below
How does this variant interact with mandatory variant prompts from some BEx queries if used as source? BI Variants work w/ Bex variables
What is the difference between keep last values and BI Variant BI Variants have a name so you can refer to them by name. Can define multiple BI variants…can’t do that with Last Values – when you refresh you can access BI variants
Can an End user create BI Variants while running the report via Launchpad? Or Is it limited to the developer via Rich client? BI variants can be created both with Java client and HTML client.
Is free hand sql supported by both Java and HTML clients? FHSQL is only supported by Java client – a topic will be addressed by BI4.2 and BI4.2 SP’S after BI4.2 – invest in HTML client to catch up
We have heard that Live Office is going to be retired as Microsoft was going to be providing an add-in for Business Objects. Is this still true? No, this is not true; Live Office is still part of the BI4 product line; when cover BI4.2 next month – Live Office is part of BI4.2 – no plan to retire; however, recommendation is to use Analysis Office – depends on scenario if using BW or third party data sources (Live Office is a better fit). BW or HANA Analysis Office is a better solution
Is oracle 12 c completly supported with Crystal reports for enterprise Please check the PAM at
Any audit enhancements for Analysis Workbook objects (Analysis for Office)? For instance, I currently get 4 “Retreived Successfully” hits in the audit database when I view an Analysis for Office report. Not in SP6 – planned for BI4.2 – Analysis Office uses Web Services and will be enhanced
Is there any other enhancement in RCT other than FHSQL ? Every time release a new feature in Web Intelligence – in SP6 – FHSQL is the only enhancement in RCT
Whats the difference between the dynamic date prompt values verses Custom LOVs? There are a couple of differences:
–          Custom LOVs  feed the list of values for a prompt, they do not feed the default value for a prompt
–          Custom LOVs can be dynamic when they are built with a SQL statement or a query. Dynamic default values are returned by a formula defined in IDT, using the WebI formula language
We have a Xcelcius dashboard with components that are not supported by the mobile version. Can a dashboard be exported to HTLM5, instead of Flash, so it can be attached to an email and opened on an iPad? The Xcelsius dashboard can only save a subset of the components to html5 format.
does all these features available/working in SP6 or do we need apply any patch ? All the features are available in BI4.1 SP6
Has BOBI SP6 been enhanced to include Solution Manager Technical Monitoring of Design Studio, AO and AddOns in general. This AddOn performance metrics data is mssing from the Wily and SOLMAN dashboards. There are no new enhancements in SP6.
How to define the input control as Global? There is a new option in 4.1 SP6 when creating an input control: You have a choice between “Whole document” and “Current report”. Select “Whole document” to build a global input control.
How do you link an existing BI Variant in a Webi report with another Webi report? That cannot be done with 4.1 SP6. When you create a new WebI document, you need to recreate BI variants in it, you cannot leverage the BI variants that were defined for another WebI document.
Similar to the temporary tables question, can you also confirm if Table variables can be used in free hand sql? Free-hand SQL supports temporary tables as long as they are created by the free-hand SQL data provider itself (INSERT statement), i.e. if those temp tables are part of the same session. For example a second free-hand SQL data provider would not be able to use a temp table that was defined by another free-hand SQL data provider, because that temp table would have disappeared in the mean time.
Also, table variables are not supported by free-hand SQL. It’s best to rely on stored procedures for variables (you can launch the execution of stored procedures with free-hand SQL).
Will the new BO BI 4.1 work in the new MS Edge browser or on Spartan? The new MS edge browser is not yet supported.


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