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Basics of Consulting

In my opinion the Basis of Consulting and using of an ERP Tool like SAP is to understand the Business process in todays world.

I would like to dedicate this blog post to all new consultants and aspiring ones also irrespective of their module:

1. Always remember that the Business process is what drives an ERP Software, so you Need to know why a Transaction code in SAP matters a lot in any industry than just entering the data

2. Define a flowchart of the existing process in the industry and then analyze how the same can be mapped into SAP

3. Always ask yourself what happens next in the Business process, where does it start and where does it end.

4. Try to relate the Business process into your every day living,it can be silly sometimes but it does help when you are trying to explain the process in SAP to the customer

     I can give a small example with respect to SAP 🙂 ( everything mentioned below in brackets are SAP terminologies)

          Imagine you have seen a brand new pair of shoe at a store

          Since you have already seen what you want to buy and if you dont know the Price, then you go to the store and ask for the Price (Inquiry)

          Once you are OK with the Price you go back home and ask your parents for the Money

          You also want to have extra Money in case you want to buy socks (planned cost) . So your parents give you some Money (Budget)

          You are happy to go now, you rush to the store only to find out the shoe is already sold out 🙁

          But the shopkeeper promises to give you the shoe the next day since he will get it from another store.

          This lightens you up and then he asks you to pay a part of the amount as advance, ( advance payment)

          You then have a Little amount left which you have to give to the shopkeeper the next day so you cannot use it for other expenses(commitment)

          Its next day and you get ready to go to the shop and reach with excitement. There you see your shoe but then the shopkeeper asks for the remaining           amount and you clear it off (Actual costs)

          You collect the shoe (Goods receipt)

          Now you have some Money left for the sock purchase( remaining Budget)

          You buy the sock at a discounted Price and still have some Money left

          Being a grateful kid you return back the remaining Money to parents (Unused funds)


So with this example we could map a procurement process from daily life to SAP although it is simplest of all

5. You gain knowledge in SAP and Business only when you are in it. Make the best use of the resources available in this website

6. I would again like to Point out ,try to make a flowchart whether it is handwritten or in MSOFFICE make sure you know what is Happening today only then you can put in fruitful effort to make a better tomorrow for the customer

PS: Please feel free to comment and add Points. I have just mentioned what i feel about the Consulting world.

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