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How Do You Work?

At SAP, we work with colleagues all over the world. With 74,000 SAP employees in 130 countries, you most likely have interactions with coworkers who live time zones away. But have you ever wondered what type of space they work in? We do.

Whether due to distance, opportunity, or convenience, not every member in our SAP team even works in one of our office buildings. In fact, thousands of employees have turned their homes into their office and working from home has become so widespread in our Company, that for the second year, SAP won the #9 spot among best companies for remote and flexible working options.

Do you work in one of our beautiful AppHaus locations, in a small office in the heart of a city, or work from your home office with your pet curled up next to you? We want to see it!

So we want you to share your workspace!

We know that whether you work at home or in an office, every person exhibits their personal interests by revealing how they have personalized their work spaces.

What’s special about your workspace and how have you personalized it? Are you surrounded by a special collection? Is your office located in an amazing neighborhood in your city? Do you have a really great view from your window? Do you have an awesome relaxation room or interior design? However you work, we want to see it and know what personal touch you’ve added to help you get through your day!

This week, we sat down with recruiter Sonia Thakkar, in our SAP office in Mumbai, India.

Sonia Thakkar (2).jpg

1. So Sonia, how have you personalized your workspace?

I have a lovely workspace – my desk is situated in a small cabin that I share with my colleague, and I am lucky enough to grab the “window desk”. The outer view from here is excellent, especially during rains! I have kept my desk pretty meek – neat and simple. I have kept the basic stuff – a pen stand, a calendar, a note pad, a coffee mug (btw all of these have an SAP logo on them). I also have an idol of the supreme power – my God! Being a self-obsessed person, I also keep my picture on my work station.

My workspace also has a hanging watch, a love teddy, Santa, a holiday calendar (and you know why), and a fragrance cube.

2. What music do you listen to while you’re at work?

The choice of music changes when I manage different kinds of work: Pop music when I am working on strict deadlines, dance music when I am working on trackers (excels), and ambient music when I am working on numbers!

3. What thing(s) on your desk could you not live without?

All of that I have arranged on my desk.

4. What’s the coolest thing about your office?

Situated in one of Mumbai’s top commercial areas, SAP India, Mumbai office is on the 5th floor of one of the best structures that this place has! It is a largely open workspace concept. The office space has been spread-out in a manner that inculcates an open work culture where members of different teams can coordinate and collaborate freely, enabling a better ‘innovative’ work environment.

We work under the open skies! The space is open with fresh light flooding in throughout the day and that is the unique feature of this office is the use of ‘natural lighting’

When you work hard, you’re bound to get hungry!  And the pretty trifling, yet open, cafeteria is all that helps here. So if you work hard, you also need some time-out! That’s where the cafeteria gets converted to a table tennis and a carom board play area in the evenings!

5. What’s special about the city you’re working in?

It’s the city and lifestyle of Mumbai that make it one of the “kewl” places in the world. It is a crowded city. It is a 24×7 lively and energetic city. The luxurious shopping centers and big businesses also rule Mumbai. For food lovers, Mumbai offers each and every cuisine in the world from the local road stalls to world-class international cuisines in big 5 star hotels. Also, Mumbai is the largest metropolitan city in the world and is the wealthiest city in India. That makes Mumbai very special!

6. What’s your work/life balance like? Describe some hobbies you have.

SAP offers its employees an opportunity to balance their work/life. We have pretty flexible working hours; also a work-from-home policy (as and when required). This helps me in managing my personal life as well as my work life. I ensure I give my 100% while I am at work and be with my family as much as I can.

My hobbies include the following: I am a fitness freak – I love running and I enjoy exercising. Without music, life would be a mistake. Music energizes me! As does sleeping like a student – I love sleeping!

7. What do you and your colleagues do for fun?

While we are a small Recruiting team based this office, we ensure we have a regular fun element added to our daily lives. We believe in keeping “happiness-boosting traditions” on! We go out for lunch, have coffee together, we celebrate birthdays, work anniversaries, and hiring closures too!

Sonia Thakkar My workstation! (2).jpg

Sonia Thakkar The view! (2).jpg

Sonia Thakkar My desk! (2).jpg

Are you an SAP employee and want to share how you have personalized your workspace? with your answers to the above questions + some photos of yourself and workspace and get featured on Life at SAP.

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