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Design Studio SDK – Progress Bar Set Makeover

This is one of a few face lifts I’ll be giving to some old components.  A while back I created a quick and dirty component called ‘Progress Bar Set’ that I blogged on here:

Design Studio SDK (1.3) – D3 fun making a Progress Bar Set/Bar Chart

That component was OK however it was not data bound and only allowed for ‘manual entry’ of data in the APS and in BI Action Language.  I’ve revamped this component and included it in the ‘Databound’ category for those who would like a more straightforward way to bind the data to this component.  Below is a quick video showing the data binding as well as the new unified Additional Properties sheet on display:

The old ‘Prototype’ will still be available for manual use cases, but this version will make for a nice data bound use case.

Available shortly for install via SCN Design Studio SDK Development Community

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  • As always, your work for the community is greatly appreciated. I thank you for that! One quibble that I do have is that I wish your videos had audio. Your actions are relatively fast paced and a narrative while you execute them would be helpful.

    • Hey Kirk,

      Thanks for the feedback!  Regarding the video, yes I've been given similar feedback before and I completely agree that a video without a narrative makes getting context quite difficult 🙂

      The main reason I do like to put (amateur) videos out there are to put on display the transition movement of some of the components, and show some of the property sheet properties that would otherwise make for very boring still screenshots.

      Also until recently, I would capture the videos fast-paced because I used to just convert them to animated GIFs (as YouTube is not reachable from my office).  Animated GIFs grow very large very quickly so I don't do those a lot any more and relented to posting on YouTube from home but old habits die hard while recording, but I'll make a note to slow down.

      In terms of adding audio, I'll work on that, too 🙂   Or at least adding some text annotations if I can find some good (free) video editing software.

      • Hey Mike,

        Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. You're a gentleman and scholar and probably severely underpaid. 🙂 . Thanks for the insight into the whole process. Keep up the great work that benefits people like myself. Cheers.

  • Hi Mike,

    It is a very useful component. However, we were unable to make it interactive selection on the Progress Bar chart. Can you please add the property as well.