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Value Mapping using NWDS for Mass Upload

Hi All,

As we all know there are many ways for creating Value Mapping in SAP PI like creating table directly in ID or by making use of Value Mapping Replication.. In some cases we may have requirement to maintain Value Mapping tables with huge data for e.g. 1000 records. To perform mass upload of records we can make use of NWDS. By using this method we can maintain the table at runtime cache.

Below are the steps for the same –

1. Get the required records in CSV file format –



2. I assume the reader of this document is aware how to configure PI system in NWDS. Open the NWDS –> Connect to ID –> From Menu select option              Process Integration –> Value Mapping –> Import Value Mapping. This will lead to below pop up window –


           Browse the required .CSV file and select Next.

3. It will show the status if import successful –


      Make sure the file is in correct format else importing file will be trouble.

4. After file is imported successfully, we can see the imported value in cache mapping. Below is the path to be followed –

     http://<host>:<port>/rwb –> Cache Monitoring


       Select Cache Instance and Cache Object, it will pop up new window.Here provide the required agency and schema. It will show the table in which               we have passed our records –



5. Lets try to test it end to end. I have used SOAP UI for testing purpose. Below is source payload –


6. File at target side –


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