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SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.1 – GA Last Week

Last week SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office 2.1 was generally available.  Some key links follow:

One key item to feature from the Product Availability Matrix is the add-on to the BI platform – you need to be in BI4.1 SP5 or higher:


Source: SAP

Also changed is what was previously called “free-form” calculation is now called “advanced calculation” – see below:


From here you are taken to a formula editor:


You can access the Formula Editor from the Context Menu, the Display panel, or the Ribbon


The above shows accessing the advanced calculation / formula editor from the Display Panel


The above shows accessing the advanced calculation / formula editor from the Ribbon.

dynamic calc3.jpg

The % Contribution Balance column shows the result of a “dynamic” calculation for percentage share of budget.  The last column shows a ratio/result of the “advanced calculation” of actuals divided by budget.

There are many more features of the advanced calculation editor; it will be interesting to see more use.


What I also noticed is the context menu shows an entry for Live Office;


One issue I experienced during ramp-up was I kept getting launcher errors when trying to launch Analysis Office inside ECC.  This was quickly fixed by upgrading to the latest SAP Gui 7.40 patch.

Somewhat related to Analysis Office, I just watched the Wayne Eckerson visualization webcast and now I will also be paying more attention to how I put together Analysis Office workbooks.  Below are some examples:

time series chart.jpg

The above shows number of tickets over time; Mr. Eckerson’s webcast mentioned following the IBCS standards and in starting to read those I should be using a column chart showing time on the horizontal axis.  I also show data labels.


SAP Help:

Product Availability Matrix:

What’s New:

Subhash has an overview of the key features here Whats New In Analysis Office 2.1

I wrote about an early version from ramp-up SAP BusinessObjects Analysis Office 2.1 – a First Look

Coming up at SAP TechEd Las Vegas, there are hands-on sessions for Analysis Office.  ASUG has a webcast on October 8th to re-launch the ASUG Analysis Influence Council; this is easily one of the best benefits of ASUG.

I also hope you will consider joining ASUG at TechEd on October 19th for an all-day hands-on session for Design Studio – register here.

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  • Hi Tammy,

    do you have some information on what has been changed with regard to scheduling and publishing with the BI Platform AddOn of Analysis for Office 2.1?

    Thanks and regards,


  • Hi Tammy,

    It seems to me that AO2.1 support for BW data source is better than HANA.

    Using HANA data source, I cannot find Dynamic Calculation.

    Percentage Difference and Percentage Share of Calculation are grayed out.

    And there are less available functions in Advanced Calculation.

    However, I didn't see relevant information in the product guide.

    Do you have more information on this?



  • Hello Tammy,

    i have installed AO 2.1 and want to use it to open workbooks from CPM (Commercial project management) which used to work with AO 1.4. Now i get the AO error "SNC_PARTNERNAME missing". Have you seen this before ? thanks,


      • Tammy- I tried to apply the SP2 32 bit installation: AOFFICE21SP02_0-80000953.EXE

        but the installation aborts and nothing happens.

        the 64 bit installation works fine, but unfortunately we need the 32 bit installation.

        This is the first time for me when SAP releases a version to the marketplace, that is not even possible to install......

        I have even the previous one installed:


        and that one works fine without any issues, as has been the case with all the previous 20 versions I have installed.

        • Iiro - it needs to match your Office version; for example my Office version is 32 bit so I need to download the 32 bit software for Analysis Office.

          • Yes I understand completely that it has to match my office version.

            I have several laptops where I have tested this and in none of the laptops the 32 bit installation is working (where office is 32 bit version), but the 64 bit installation works with the office 64 bit laptops.

  • Hi,

    I installed the AA 2.1 SP02. As per the user guide the the Worksheet Type option is no longer in Sheet Options but in the EPM Pane. But I do not see the Sheet Options in the EPM Pane.