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Redefining SAP Cloud for Customer User Experience with SAP Fiori

SAP Cloud for Customer user experience (UX) goal is to deliver usable, extensible, and beautiful designs. To evolve our product design, we listen to our customers.  The C4C UX team listened to over a hundred users in order to design the next-generation Fiori UX for Cloud for Customer (C4C) products – Cloud for Sales and Cloud for Service.

SAP UX strategy is SAP Fiori. C4C UX team collaborated with SAP’s Central UX team to define the evolution of Fiori, align C4C patterns with Fiori design patterns and controls, and culminated with defining our C4C Fiori – Responsive User Experience Strategy.

The team did an excellent job of creating offline demos across Sales, Service and Industries showcasing our next-generation C4C Fiori UX with new product innovations which were shown to customers at various SAP events including Sapphire and customer meetings. The first round of feedback from customers and analysts was very positive.

“I can see how you are killing people on the UI”

“…very strong offering, I am surprised, I didn’t expect to see this”
“I am significantly impressed”  –
IDC Briefing



We created all the design patterns needed to replace our current UX3 UI with the new C4C Fiori Responsive UI, from identifying scenarios/flows to UI patterns to nitty-gritty control-level details including visual design and validated theses designs with customers from around the world.


The journey continued with additional cycles of design validation and testing with C4C users.  We were fortunate to get candid feedback and suggestions from our very own SAP GCO team – sales, pre-sales, and account executives who took time to share their best practices and suggestions on how to our product could help them be more productive.  We also had strong support from our customers; one customer in particular had more than 20 users supporting our design validation activities. We listened to the customers and deviated from standard Fiori in some areas to meet the customers needs.

Overall, we conducted 14 research and usability studies, engaged 120+ global participating users in 12 different companies. One such study, the C4C Fiori Concept Validation – VIP Experience, showcased the full design concepts of our C4C Fiori UX to a few select customers representing C4C Sales & Service “super admin” and “end users*. Here are some quotes from our customers:

“I really like it, great enhancement!”  C4C Customer

The overall design concept was well perceived by customers – they appreciated the opportunity to be part of our exciting journey in shaping the future user experience for C4C.

“Thank you very much for the sharing! We remain at your disposal to
shape the future and make of C4C Future Concept a great success.”
C4C Customer

At SAP we drink our own champagne.  We are fortunate to have a sales team using our Cloud for Sales solution, and giving us feedback on the quality and capability of our product. SAP’s Global Customer Organization (GCO) has been instrumental in providing ongoing feedback regarding new requirements and usability improvements.

“Definitely we are taking steps in the right direction.

All the enhancements are making it easier for the sales people to use the app.”SAP GCO

Finally we are ready to have entire C4C product suite – Cloud for Sales and Cloud for Service with Industries to be redesigned in the new Fiori RUI (Responsive UI). Version 1 of responsive mobile experience was released to select customers in March 2015 and version 3 will be out in November 2015. 100% of our product is planned for and scheduled for conversion to Fiori RUI by mid 2016! We are now getting feedback from early adopters as well.

Also, at Sapphire in May, SAP Cloud For Customer launched a digitally native app – SAP Cloud for Customer Engagement. This application makes SAP software available to individuals to set up within minutes – a first of kind experience for enterprise applications. D4C runs across all devices, from desktops to tablets, to smartphones to smart-watches. You get mobility at its best, and customers are constantly telling me that our User Interface (UI) design is the best in the industry. See for yourself, you’ll find it at!

Recently, Gartner published the 2015 Magic Quadrant for Sales Automation and SAP improved its position as a strong “Visionary” for our Cloud for Sales solution, advancing in both dimensions “Ability to Execute” & “Completeness of Vision”. In this report, SAP Cloud for Customer received praises across many areas including User Experience:

“SAP has improved its user interface by leveraging Fiori responsive design principles for salespeople and sales managers for Web browsers and multiple mobile devices. It is also one of the few vendors that supports offline mobile data

Gartner analyst Rob Desisto

SAP Cloud for Customer team is very excited to see the great momentum the product have achieved recently and continuing this innovation and user experience transformation journey to provide the best customer experience.

Prerna Makanawala
Senior Director, SAP Cloud for Customer User Experience

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      Author's profile photo Pushkar Ranjan
      Pushkar Ranjan

      Awesome stuff Prerna Makanawala

      Author's profile photo Karthik S J
      Karthik S J

      Best User experience in the Industry indeed!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Keep up the good work Prerna!

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Thank you Sam, Pushkar & Karthik!

      Author's profile photo Rob Johnson
      Rob Johnson

      Thank your for the information. I've seen the current responsive UI for things like accounts and creating tickets and they don't currently resemble the pictures above. They more closely resemble the current SAP CRM UI with forms, assignment blocks, etc. When will the responsive UI be made to look like these renderings?

      The features of the HTML5 UI is a big selling point for C4C, and from what I've seen so far of the Responsive UI transaction screens, it's a step back from the HTML5 UI.

      Please give me hope that this will be updated soon to take advantage of what Fiori has to offer.

      I'm a big fan of Fiori but I've been less than impressed with the current responsive UI screens and flow as compared to the current HTML5 UI.

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Rob,

      Thank you for your feedback.

      Development is still in progress and there are many more UI features and data visualizations still to be implemented over time with each release to improve the experience. All the innovation concept topics will also be available in RUI in the future releases.

      So far, RUI scope has been more Sales and Retail Execution industry. Service UIs in RUI were out of scope until now. They have been prioritized them for 1602 release. We will be working on optimizing Service user experience in RUI in the upcoming releases.

      It will be good to include you in the Service RUI design customer validation when they are ready if you are interested.


      Author's profile photo Rob Johnson
      Rob Johnson

      Thank you Prerna. My review included sales and service related items. I've provided more detailed feedback to internally channels within the C4C team, and I hope you are able to review this.

      We are about to start a large C4C service implementation and would be very happy to participate in the Service RUI design effort.



      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hello Prerna, Thanks for this article. It is reassuring to know that there can be one consistent rendering mechanism for all SAP products.  Quick question : How does one migrate FIORI with on premise back end to C4C. what are the key changes to address? and how does it changes the security design ?