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Hi Everyone,

I would like to share with everyone an installation user with Integration Framework hoping helping all of the users with this issue.

I’ve installed SAP Business One 9.0, previously I was in 9.1 pl05, so i need to go back, so I start with the uninstall of every package you know clean the register, clear the folders, etc, etc, etc. Well, when I try to install SAP Business One again in the Integration Component appears the next error:

Installer has detected an existing tomcat on the target machine. Installation is cancelled.


But I dont have any tomcat installed, so I go to my folders check the register but anything let me continue with my installation, the trick is to close the message window only clicking in the on the right top corner /wp-content/uploads/2015/08/2_775528.jpg, not on the OK button. Doing this the Installation with continue normally.

This will continue sending you the next error during the installation.

Initialization failed to finish within 600 seconds.
Please check the details from Integration Framework Admin Page -> Maintenance -> Cfg B1 Setup
(1618978 – B1ic_Troubleshooting Guide for B1ic Installation)
1.2 During the installation, Initialization fails to finish, and in the Services panel, the SAP Business One Integration Service is not listed
Root Cause: The SAP Business One Integration service did not get created correctly.
During the installation, the Initialization fails with the message below, and the service is created as Apache Tomcat 6. Initialization failed to finish within 600 seconds. please check the details from Integration Framework Admin Page -> Maintenance -> Cfg B1 SetupSolution
1. Delete tomcat6: Open Command Prompt->run ‘sc delete tomcat6’ (Run Command Prompt as Administrator).
2. Check the System Environment variables, if CATALINA_HOME exists rename it (for example CATALINA_HOME1).
3. Via Command Prompt, set current directory to tomcat bin directory -> run ‘service install’ (Default tomcat bin directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP\SAP Business One Integration\B1iServer\Tomcat\bin)
4. The Services.msc should now contain SAP Business One Integration Service. Change this service startup property from Manual to Automatic.

Note: This is in case you really dont have another Tomcat installed on the server.

Hope this thread help anyone.


David Almazán

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