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Do you use SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for Microsoft Office and EPM Add-in?

Both products allow you to connect to SAP BW InfoProviders and other datasources, each one with its own functionalities and characteristics. This has led many users to use both tools together.

Now the new version of Analysis Office, the version 2.1, brings with it the EPM Add-in integrated with it.

Analysis Office and EPM Add-in are still separated in two different tabs (BPC DataManager functionalities are still delivered in a third separate tab), but all three tabs are more compatible than ever.

There is one important point to call attention to, this version of EPM Add-in (EPM plugin) which comes together with Analysis Office 2.1 does not support the EVDRE function.

Please review this great blog and note for further information:

The Official SAP Help guides are located here (See User Guides – Analysis Plug-in / EPM Plug-in)

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  • SAP has not provided one feature that was available with regular EPM addin. If you are working simultaneously on DP Excel Addin, then you will have problem. The installation guide do state that DP Excel addin should not be there. However, if your connections.xml has old connection for DP Excel addin, then EPM logon will not give logon screen. You need to comment those.

    This is kind of disappointing as I still need to have regular EPM addin which allows me to switch to Demand Planning.

  • So does this mean that even if you are not building / changing EVDRE's, old EVDRE's that used to be runnable with EPM add in, will not be runnable with Analysis Office?

    This is a big loss of functionality!

  • Do you know if the EPM Connection Manager for BI Platform is compatible with AO 2.1?  From my testing, this does not appear to be the case.  (When creating New EPM Workbook from BI LaunchPad, it says I am not running EPM and prompts me to install an old version)