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Assign few BUSINESS ROLES to the user id in SAP CRM

Assign few(Two or more not for ‘*’ or single) BUSINESS ROLES to the user id.

  • We have articles about how to assign single business role and all(‘*’) business roles to particular user id so far.
  • We have have not yet how to assign 2 or more business roles to particular user id.


It is very clear that all employees of organisation need to handle different activities.

For example : Say there is one organisation called ‘X’. It has number of departments likes sales, service, marketing….etc.

So employees in sales departments will have to do different activities when compared the employees in marketing department.

So what we do is we assign each employee a role(in indirect way) and they log into the CRM WEB CLIENT with this role.

So this is a key and like a container which can almost control everything that sees on the WEB CLIENT screen.

A user, who logged into the WEB UI with the role CRM CHANNEL MANAGER, can do all of his channel manager activities at the same time, another user who logged with another role can complete his won job related things.

If user is having more than business role, then he will be prompted to select any one role after user authentication is completed.

Kindly see the below screen shot of the user who has different roles. We can select one of them.


In SAP CRM, business role is little complex thing. SAP provides number of standard business roles and it’s our responsibility to change or

enhance those roles according to our requirements.

Requirement  : How to assign two or more(not for ‘*’ or Single) Business roles to one user id.

Step 1 : Go to transaction CRMC_UI_PROFILE or SAP reference IMG path :

            Customer Relationship Management >Business Roles > Define Business Roles.


Step 2 :  Select a suitable business roles which you want to displays in WEB UI and note the PFCG Role IDs.

            We can select any standard business roles and custom business roles.

                Here i want to display 2 business roles in WEB UI or more business roles to particular user id,

            if you want to…


Step 3 :  Go to transaction SU01 and provide user ID.


               Initial screen will be displayed with user details, shown below screen shot.


Step 4 :  Go to parameters tab.

                Observe here displaying all business roles to user id. So need to delete CRM_UI_PROFILE Set/Get

                parameter ID.


Step 5 :  Go to Roles tab for add our selected roles.

                Paste here earlier we noted  PFCG Role IDs for selected business roles and save the changes.


            We have successfully assigned the business roles to the user. Now its time test the roles.

            Logon to the web ui and give the user name and password and see our selected roles will be in

            the list and if it is only roles assigned to the user, roles will be directly loaded.

Step 6 : To go transaction WUI for access WEB UI.


          Enter user credentials over there and click on log on button.



          Successfully assigned selected business to particular user id, shown below screen shot.


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      Helpful info...

      Thanks for the sharing.. 🙂



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      Also if the user is assigned to multiple positions in the org model ppoma_crm & running report CRMD_UI_ROLE_ASSIGN will assign the security for each user and when the access WUI they should get the pop-up asking which role they are logging in as.

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      Hi Shiv

      It's a pleasure thing.

      Successfully assigned what I want the few roles by me.

      Its a simple but not simple.

      Keep go ahead best you level 😎