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Printing Crystal Reports with Powershell

Hi all,

I was working on a way to export a report to pdf and then print it out on a printer. Since searching for articles didn’t return any results, I figured it out myself and decided to post it myself. The following script makes use of the .net assemblies, so it requires you to have Crystal Reports for Visual Studio installed.

#load the assemblies




$ReportLocation = “C:\YourReportPath\report.rpt”

$ReportDestination = “C:\DestinationPath\report.pdf”

$PrinterName = “printer0001”

#setup Crystal Document object

$Report = New-Object CrystalDecisions.CrystalReports.Engine.ReportDocument

#load the Crystal Report


#if your report requires a database connection. Otherwise you can delete this line.


#run report and export to pdf


#create the required printer and page settings

$PrintOptions = New-Object System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings

$PageOptions = New-Object System.Drawing.Printing.PageSettings

#add the desired printer or it will print to the default printer

$PrintOptions.PrinterName = $PrinterName

$PrintOptions.Copies = 1


$Report.PrintToPrinter($PrintOptions, $PageOptions, $false)


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  • Hi Zach,

    That seems cool!

    Can you explain better how to activate this function at SAP Business One level?

    Or we need to call the powershell script from the "Launch Application" SBO menu option?