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Issues regarding CFOP determination are usually easy to determine.


Here there is a quick guide that will solve 99% of CFOP cases.



You will need to add a breakpoint on the Function Modules below:


  • J_1B_NF_CFOP_1_DETERMINATION – incoming
  • J_1B_NF_CFOP_2_DETERMINATION – outgoing


After that, run your scenario normally until one of these FM is called.


When you are in debug mode you will need to check the variables below:

    • cfop_parameters-direct
    • cfop_parameters-dstcat
    • cfop_parameters-indus3
    • cfop_parameters-itmtyp
    • cfop_parameters-spcsto
    • cfop_parameters-matuse
    • cfop_parameters-indus2
    • lv_version


    •   direct = cfop_parameters-direct
    •   dstcat = cfop_parameters-dstcat
    •   indus3 = cfop_parameters-indus3
    •   itmtyp = cfop_parameters-itmtyp
    •   spcsto = cfop_parameters-spcsto
    •   ownpro = cfop_parameters-ownpro
    •   matuse = cfop_parameters-matuse


Check to see what the system is looking for.


Then go to SE16 and check if the parameters found are correctly set on the tables below:


  • J_1BAPNV for (outgoing and returns/SD) or J1BTAX>>Entities>>CFOP>>CFOP Determination SD
  • J_1BAONV for (incoming and returns/MM) or J1BTAX>>Entities>>CFOP>>CFOP Determination MM


For ST scenarios the system adds ’01’ to field special case.

This is done after the points mentioned above.

So the CFOP is overwritten for the entry from the CFOP tables that has special case.




More information please check:


WIKICFOP Determination – Localization Latin America – SCN Wiki


KBA  2172518 – CFOP determination empty


Portuguese LinkCFOP em branco





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