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Before posting a question…

Consider investing a little time performing the following steps before posting a question to save time for yourself and others:

1. First search for an answer to your question. This may seem obvious, but some questions that are posted have been answered before, and a reasonably easy web search would turn up information that would at least be helpful, and possibly answer your question outright. It’s tempting to quickly throw a question out on the forum when you’re under pressure to get an issue resolved, but you’re likely to solve it more quickly by searching and finding an answer yourself than by waiting for someone else to search and find it for you.

2. Determine the best forum in which to post your question. Just give it a second of thought and make sure the question is suited to the forum to which you plan to post the question. The question may be better suited for posting to a subspace or to a completely different space. If you’re undecided between two, post to both.

3. Write up your post, but DON’T SUBMIT IT. Ask the question, include any needed context and/or screenshots for others to understand the question, briefly include what you’ve already done, express gratitude for help, and make sure your subject is brief but descriptive, but don’t click “Post Message” yet.

4. Search again for an answer to your question. Writing down the question and information surrounding the question may have stimulated ideas for different ways you could search for an answer to your question.

5. Re-read and adjust what you wrote to clarify for your audience. Imagine that you’re writing to a wise person who wants to help you, but has limited time available. Make your question as clear, thorough, and concise as you can for that person before you post.

These steps don’t have to take a lot of time, and more often than not, they’ll save you time in the end.

Please comment below about these steps or suggest any that I missed.

Thanks for reading! 😀


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  • Glenn,

    Thanks! Useful points.

    Success in SAP is so much about searching and helping oneself...The more we think about something (functionality, requirement, design) the better we become. Just by asking and reading the reply once, does not (really) help. By repeating (the theory), practicing in test system (the configurations, issues posted in forums etc.), questioning, paraphrasing, disagreeing and so on...; we can grow and become better analysts.

    Jürgen L

    can you please post this in a forum, so that it is visible to all. This information is useful, cutting across SD or any specific module.


    • It is in a forum. Probably in the wrong space since I do not see any relation to SD in particular. I am not a global moderator, just omnipresent, Jyoti and Lakshmipathi can move it to About SCN where it fits better, after it is adjusted to comply with the forum rules. Recommendation 2 is certainly violating the rules as the question must not be posted in several spaces.

  • Good suggestions, if only people were reading this. 🙂 On p. 1 just want to point out that all SCN members should encourage others to search and instead of replying with a link alert the moderators of the 'did not search' posts.

    Here is another good blog on the same subject. Like I said, if only people were reading, sigh...