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Formula Definitions in production order using equiment PRTs – additional information

We use Equipment PRTs in the production orders and we generate measuring documents in the equipment master.

Depending on the Operation quantity we want to create a measuring documents. It works fine, except the calculation was wrong.

We use formulas now, however it took a couple of hours to analyze how the Standard formulas are (not) working.

Here a short overview about the formula parameters:


Plant Maintenance and Customer Service –>Maintenance Plans, Work Centers, Task Lists and PRTs –>Production Resources/Tools –>

Production Resource/Tool Assignments –>Formulas

Standard formulas for PM (PRT) (see Configure Formula Definition)

SAPF01 PRT: Quantity

SAPF02 PRT: Usage value

SAP_12 and SAP_13: Parameters from the “old” PRT master (see CF03 –>Details –> Extras–> Formula Constants) In the equipment master you cannot maintain it. So when you use Equipments as PRT SAP_12 and SAP_13 are always blank and the Standard formulas does not work.

SAP_03: Labor time

SAP_08: Base quantity

SAP_09: Operation quantity

SAP_11: Operation splits

In our case: We only use SAP_09 (Operation quantity)

Moreover you have to maintain the Standard values “usage value” and “usage value UOM” in the order, because if the usage value UOM is empty no calculation is done. (Best place to maintain it is in the Routing)

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  • Thank for your post.
    I did the same in my case.

    but i didn't know in which scenario I can use this standard formula SAPF02. because in this formula we are using SAP_03 : Labor

    SAPF02: SAP_13 * SAP_03 * SAP_09 / SAP_08 / SAP_11

    PRT Labor Op. Qty Base Qty. Op. Split
    SAP_13 SAP_03 SAP_09 SAP_08 SAP_11
    1000 2 500 1 1 250000

    plz guide.