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Simulation Workbench: Part 1 – Transformation Rules

Simulation Workbench – Introduction

Data loaded to BW might go through complex transformations. In many case it is required to debug these transformations. BW provides standard simulation functionality that can be improved providing better interface. This is what Simulation Workbench is for. Major benefits of Simulation Workbench are:

  • Simplified data selection;
  • Improved data presentation;
  • One stop shop for all simulations;
  • Simple navigation to transformations and targets;
  • Variants creation.

First part on the blog explains how to use of Simulation Workbench with Transformation Rules (BW 7.x data staging type) and second part with Transfer Rules and Update Rules (BW 3.x data staging type).



Simulation Workbench – Installation

Download Z_SIMULATION_WORKBENCH_BW_3X and Z_SIMULATION_WORKBENCH_BW_7X programs and create them in you system. Create ZSWB report transaction pointing to Z_SIMULATION_WORKBENCH_BW_7X program



Transactional Data Transfer Rule Simulation

Launch Simulation Workbech using trx. ZSWB. It will take you to following screen.

Simulation Workbench BW 7.x.jpg

Keep defaults and select Target, Source and DTP. Simulation Workbench assists you all steps of the way.

Transformation Target - F4.jpg

Transformation Target - Value Help.jpg

Transformation Source - F4.jpg

Transformation Source - Value Help.jpg

Transformation DTP - F4.jpg

Transformation DTP - Value Help.jpg

To limit simulation to specific PSA requst select it from drop-down.

Request - F4.jpg

Select request from popup

Transformation DTP - Value Help.jpg

Press F8 (Execute) on next screen

Simulation - F8.jpg

On next screen request selection can be refined providing additional selection.

Debug Request - F8.jpg

Lets skip additional selection for now and just press F8 (Execute and Display of Log) to execute simulation.

Transformation rules get simulated and both After Extraction and After Transformation Temporary Storages are displayed one underneath another

Temporary Storage - Descriptions.jpg

Temporary Storage fields headers can be switched between Descriptions and Technical Names (in contrast with SAP standard functionality) to help you identify required field

Temporary Storage - Technical Names.jpg

Navigation to Transformation

From initial screen you can navigate to Transformation, for example, to set break point on specific Transformation Rule

Navigation - Transformation.jpg

Select Create on Transformation Rule

Transformation Rule - Created on (EPM Demo).jpg

Copy ABAP code line

Transformation Rule - Created on (EPM Demo) Display Rule ABAP code.jpg

Open Transformation Rules Generated Program.

Transformation Rule - Generated Program.jpg

Lookup for copied ABAP code and set break-point.

Transformation Rule - Created on (EPM Demo) Display Rule Breakpoint.jpg

Navigate all way to Simulation Workbench selection screen, press F8 (Execute) and then press F8 (Execute and Display of Log) on Debug Request popup.

Voilà simulation stopped at desired Transformation Rule

Transformation - Debugger Session.jpg



Navigation to Data Target

From Simulation Workbench selection screen you can also navigate to simulation target, for example, to find some request for simulation.

Navigation - Target.jpg

Manage InfoProvider - Monitor.jpg

Copy Request Id.

Monitor - DTP.jpg



Simulation Across All PSA Requests

If Request field is left empty on Simulation Workbench selection screen then all requests are selected for simulation. Use this option with caution because even well maintained PSA tables can have lots of records.

Debug Request - Multiple Request Selection.jpg

Debug Request - Multiple Request Selection Popup.jpg


Simulation with Performance Optimized Request Selection

Optimize Request Selection option on Simulation Workbench selection screen can improve simulation performance. Check Optimize Request Selection check-box and press F8 (Execute)

Simulation Workbench BW 7.x - Optimize Request Selection.jpg

Provide additional selection on Debug Request screen and press F8 (Execute and Display Log).

Debug Request - Optimize Request Selection.jpg

Press F8 (Execute and Display Log). What Simulation Workbench will do it will limit request selection based on additional selection provided.



Master Data Simulation

Transformation Rules for Master Data can also be simulated. Select Target, Source, DTP, Request and uncheck Expert Mode check box to skip Debug Request popup

Simulation Workbench BW 7.x - Master Data Selection.jpg

Press F8 (Execute) button to simulate

Simulation Workbench BW 7.x - Master Data Temporary Storage.jpg


Texts Transformation Rules Simulation

Transformation Rules for Texts can also be simulated. Select Target, Source, DTP, Request and uncheck Expert Mode check box to skip Debug Request popup

Simulation Workbench BW 7.x - Texts Selection.jpg

Press F8 (Execute) button to simulate

Simulation Workbench BW 7.x - Texts Temporary Storage.jpg


SAP Standard Output Format

Simulation Workbench also support SAP Standard Output Format for simulation result comparison (if in doubt)



Second part of the blog Simulation Workbench: Part 2 – Transfer Rules and Update Rules

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