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Author's profile photo Balaji Vivekanandan

Installation/Deployment of BusinessObjects Enterprise 4.x on JBoss Application server in Windows Platform

Hi All,

Recently I tried to install BO 4.1 SP06 on JBoss Application server in Windows 2008,

I like to share my experience through this post,

Operating System: Windows 2008 R2 Standard Ed

JBoss                   : Enterprise Application Platform(EAP) 6.1.0 [Includes JBoss AS 7.2.0]

BO Version          : BO 4.1 SP06 Full Build

Installation Steps:

Note: some of the screen shots I am not shared here, just included the details in the steps itself.

Step1: Extract the files from the Installation pack and run the setup file,


Step2: Refer the below Pre-requisition for BO 4.1 SP06


Step 3: Now, you will get License Agreement screen, next screen is the Product Key Registration Screen and then you will get a Language selection screen

             After entered all the details you can able to view the below mentioned installation type screen,

     3.a –   If you are selecting Custom/Expand install option then just un-check the Tomcat 7.0,here I am selected the Full Install option,


Step 4: Once you selected the Install type as “Full” then you will get the installation path screen, select the Designation Folder and click next

Step 5: Select the Database option in the next screen, here I am selecting default Sybase SQL Anywhere DB


Step 6: we are not going to install the Tomcat, so I am selected the second option which is mentioned in the below screen-shot


Step 7: Next screen is the Version management, select the required option.

Step 8: Next is SIA configuration screen, In the SIA Configuration, Enter the Node Name


Step 9: After Entered the SIA configuration, you will get the next screen as CMS Account Password Setup which is mentioned below.

Note: Be very careful while entering the password, if you entered the simple password,

it will not though any error but at the end of the installation you will not able to find SIA in the CCM, (if you are not able to find the SIA then try to check the In the Event view log warning messages will show like “Your password is too  simple. Your password should be a combination of upper case, lower case…etc )

       So try to install with the very complex password to avoid issues


Step 10: Enter the DB Password details


Step 11: Configuring the HTTP Listening Port

Step 12: Next screen is configuration of subversion setails

Step 13: Select theSMD Agent Option

Step 14: Select the Introscope Enterprise Manager option

Step 15: Finally you can able to view the installation start screen,click next to run the setup files


Step 16: At the end of the installation you can able to view the below mentioned screen


Step 17: This below screen shot of GUI just for your reference, as of now there is no option visible to deploy JBoss App Server using Wdeploy GUI Interface

               so just cancel it in the Wdeploy screen



Step 18: kindly refer the below steps, here I used the command line Wdeploy tool option

              (For Any Additional Details, kindly refer the Web Application Deployment guide for Windows)

Step 19:Assumed,already JBoss Installation done.

Step 20: Configuration in Wdeploy conf file

               Default Path:<BIP_INSTALL_DIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\conf

               File name: config.jboss7 (In this file add your Jboss installation path)

Step 21: In the command prompt goto your installation path and run the wdeploy.bat file

            Ref Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy>wdeploy.bat jboss7 predeployall


           Note: kindly refer the Web Application Deployment guide for Windows to use different/custom deployment options.

Step 22: if the above command completed successfully then folder called “workdir” will be created under wdeploy and

               extracted all the required war files within the same directory structure

            Ref Path:C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\workdir\jboss7\application


Step 23: kindly copy this war file and add it in your JBoss installation path, [Ref Path: <INSTALL PATH>\standalone\deployments\ ]

Step 24: War files will be processed and created a deployed file in the same directory of JBoss App server.


Step 25: Now you can able open and view your BI Launchpad and CMC

Issues occurred during Deployment

After end of installation I can able to view the CMC login page and BI Launchpad, but not able to view AdminTools Page and also not able to connect the BO from Dashboard

Error while opening AdminTools Page:

AdminTool error.png

Error while connecting from Dashboard

Dashboard addqueryerror.jpg

The below Solution is helped to fix these issues

Tried with different SAP Notes related to similar error but no luck, finally the below solution worked for this issue.

Ref Source: Web Application Deployment guide for Windows (4.1 SP06 – section 6.10 JBoss)

Just I shared the content of the mentioned section for your easy reference.

Security exception when deploying AdminTools, dswsbobje, or BusinessProcessBI to JBoss 7.1

When deploying the AdminTools, dswsbobje, or BusinessProcessBI web applications to JBoss 7.1, you may encounter the following error:

java.lang.SecurityException: Toolkit not encapsulated by a jar.(Actually this similar error occurred only when trying to connect the Dashboard to BO Enterprise Logon, this error captured and displayed in the JBoss Server log).


This error is thrown by an RSA library. To resolve the issue, you must make changes to the web application source files and to your JBoss application server before predeploying and deploying the web application. The following example uses the AdminTools application.

Follow the same steps for the dswsbobje and BusinessProcessBI applications

Solution steps from the Ref Source

1. Copy all files from the following WDeploy RSA module directory:<BIP_INSTALL_DIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\wdeploy\rsa_module

2. On your JBoss application server, create an rsa\main directory under modules\com and paste all files copied in Step 1:


3. Move the jboss-deployment-structure.xml file from:


   and place the file in the following AdminTools source file directory:

   <BIP_INSTALL_DIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\warfiles\webapps\AdminTools\WEB-INF

4. Remove the RSA JAR files certjFIPS.jar, cryptojFIPS.jar, and ssljFIPS.jar from the AdminTools source files:

    <BIP_INSTALL_DIR>\SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 4.0\warfiles\webapps\AdminTools\WEB-INF\lib

5. Predeploy the modified AdminTools web application using the WDeploy tool. For example:

   wdeploy jboss7 predeploy -DAPP=AdminTools

6. Deploy the modified AdminTools WAR file using the JBoss Command Line Interface (CLI).

After re-deployed I can able to view the AdminTools page and also able to connect between Dashboard and BO.

Hope this document may be useful for the person who is trying to do a custom installation on JBoss.

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      Author's profile photo Marven Amomonpon
      Marven Amomonpon

      Hi Balaji,

      We are not able to get the webapps working on Jboss6.1 on BO4.1SP7.

      Changed the As_dir and As_instance in the config.jboss7 file and used wdeploy to Predeployall the webapps.

      The webapps are created under wordir/jboss7/application.

      I copied these war files and placed them in Standalone/Deployments folder in Jboss.

      The Jboss has deployed all the war files without any issues.

      But when i open CMC URL, its giving 404 page not found.

      The BI LaunchPad works , but the preferences,help pages are throwing 404 error.

      Am i missing anything?


      Author's profile photo Marven Amomonpon
      Marven Amomonpon


      SAP support has confirmed that this is a bug in BO4.1SP7. Webapps dont work on Jboss.

      We have instead installed 4.1sp6 and got the webapps working.

      I wonder how SAP can release the Service pack without even testing the basic supported platforms which they mention in PAM


      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi Balaji - can I change the default installation drive? i.e. BIP_INSTALL_DIR

      As part of the bi server install, it appears by default it goes to C:\Program ..\ etc...

      What if I want to install it to my D: or another drive? Is that a possibility?


      Author's profile photo Balaji Vivekanandan
      Balaji Vivekanandan
      Blog Post Author

      Yes Alp Kaya, you can install in different Drive

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member


      This was  useful for me to help a customer deploying a custom Java SDK application on JBOSS



      Author's profile photo Baibhow Srivastava
      Baibhow Srivastava


      I am getting same error message "java.lang.SecurityException: Toolkit not encapsulated by a jar"  when running a JAR file.

      A java SDK program has been developed using the BI4.2 SP4 libraries and which is running perfectly fine from eclipse. But when exporting a executable JAR and running, it throws above error while getting BO connection.

      Seems this issue is related with new security enhancement and introduction of jcmFIPS and cryptojce jars, but not sure how to resolve it. Checked the file and can see the entry of these 2 additional jars as well.