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Best Institute for SAP Training

This Blog is also not meant to criticize a particular trainer or Institute.


I am a SAP ABAP BW Consultant with 10 years of Experience.

In 2014, I have gone for SAP training at a Reputed Training Center (which is a SAP PARTNER) in India for CRM Course.

So 2 months before the training I have gone through many CRM Documents and gained a Good Amount of Knowledge on CRM.

So when I attended the actual training, it was like a piece of Cake.

After the classes, I used to go to my hotel and used to study for another 6 hours daily.


We were three People for CRM Training.

The Trainer was never punctual on time and after every 1 or 1.5 hours of lecture, he would tell us to do exercise and he will go out for either Breakfast or to chat with Marketing Team.

There was no one to assist us during Exercise.

We all went and told this to the Head of that Institute but it fell into Deaf Ears and it was of no use.

I used to finish my exercises (assignments) and used to help others two (Both of them were new to SAP Environment).

75% of the time I helped them but sometimes I could not help them as I had to finish my exercise (assignments).

We know Exercises should be done by individuals but at some points if a person is stuck, he can not proceed with out a help or assistance.

During the class, most of the times the trainer used to deviate from CRM to some non-related topics which is no way related to CRM / SAP / IT.

We had three books for CRM. He completed only first 2 Books. When we asked him, he said 90% of the questions would come from first 2 books. But the motive of the training was not entirely getting certified. Motive of the training was knowledge and we could not get the knowledge of third book.

Then we came to know that previous batch was taken by him and all of them have failed. It was another disappointment. In our batch except me, all got failed and I felt bad.

During the end of our Training, we met students of another trainer who were taking SD Training in the same institute. They all gave Best feedback about their Trainer and we even saw the trainer used to assist them during Exercise (assignments) and he used to stay back late to help them in the Exercises. He used to utilize maximum time in Training and used to give real life examples.

So in short its not the INSTITUTE but its the TRAINER who plays the Biggest Role.

How INSTITUTE is Important

Few Reputed Institutes have a tie up with few companies. So after the training if you clear the Certification then you would get a chance for the interview to these companies through the institute.

But for Experienced SAP Consultants, Institute does not play a Major role but the Trainer does.


  • Never Believe the Marketing people blindly. Their Aim is to achieve their Targets (Most of them). So always get a second opinion from others or SAP SCN Career Center. 

  • Never Leave your current job, instead apply for a Leave and go for training. After the Training and Certification there is no Job guarantee. However they add value in getting a job.

  • Every institute says they have got placements. But we need to verify if its truth.

  • This is most important. Enquire about the Tutor and get contacts of the people who got trained by Tutor. If they are in the same city then try to meet them in person to know about the trainer and his training. You can also meet the current batch students individually and get their feedback on Tutor. This is difficult task but needs to be done because we are investing huge amount on our Training.

All the Best.

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  • Hello, thanks for the awareness sir.But I would like to know few things from you.I have completed my MCA and has 1.5 yrs exp.I was keen in learning SAP not relevant to specific module.Company I worked with had few modules implemented but I did not get a chance to learn or to see even the login screen of SAP.I was on contract period so had to leave the job. 🙁   Now I am studying SAP course online from un authorised instite for which I have paid 25k. It is a daily 1 hr class for which they have provided study material and SAP server access.

    I do not know whether I will get a job or not as I dont have exp in it. Also I did not have money to spend on Authorised training inst. So what should I do ? other than keep applying for the jobs. So should I stop learning SAP and switch to other tech ?

    thanks in advance.

    • Dear Shaan,

      Knowledge never goes waste....At some point in your life it would be useful to you.

      As of now you have very less experience, so try to get a job in either SAP or any other Area and then in your free time revise the SAP Course which you have studied and then try to get into some company.

      Getting a chance initially to work in SAP is very difficult. So do not see for salary, see for knowledge and later on once you get good experience then your salary will increase automatically.

      You should practice well on Demo system and study as much as possible to gain knowledge....

      All the Best.



  • Hi Sajid,

    Thank you very much for sharing your experience.

    You are true that the trainer plays important role than the Institute. If the trainer is good, then institute really does not matter. if the trainer is useless, then no institute is able to save us.

    Most of the students once their class is over, then happily go home and take rest. This is also one wrong things students does. They may need to read at least 5-6 hours in the night whatever the tutor has taught in the class during the day.

    Thanks again for sharing your experience.

    Kind Regards,


  • Hi Sajid / Ravi,

    I am working in an IT Distribution Firm, looking forward to take SAP BI/BO Online training, if you have any good contacts of instructor, can you please share, it would really be helpful for me.


    Abdul Qadeer.

    • Dear Abdul,

      I am sorry I do not have contacts of Instructors as I never met BW Instructor.

      But you can speak to some sap consultant working in India and they can give you contacts of their friends who are intrested in teaching.

      All the Best.



  • In India, the combined fee for training and certification is very high! Don't know what to say if a trainer is not giving "good" (quantity and quality) service in an SAP authorized institute. This slack by the trainer does harm to the reputation of SAP.

    On a different note, similar to Ravi's point, learning SAP is something which will take 15 to 20 years. The mindset should be of persistent learning...and definitely success will come!


  • Hi Sajid,

    Thanks a lot. frankly you said 'TRAINER who plays the Biggest Role'.

    But one should be commitment towards learning and doing exercise is vital important and

    also with proper understanding will led them to the top.



  • Well said Sajid, we should choose trainer than institute because at the end what matter is knowledge and that can be only acquired from a good trainer who poses right skills to impart training