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SAP BW Reporting For Credit Limit and Credit Exposure.

In SAP R3/ECC, Credit Limit is stored as part of credit limit master data table KNKK and Credit Exposure is getting populated in different tables using Function Module.

This document illustrates, How to fetch the data for Credit Limit and Credit Exposure for a particular customer for its respective credit control area.  

What is Customer Credit Limit?

A credit limit defines the maximum amount of credit that you are willing to grant a customer without the necessity of completing the approval process on a continual basis.

Options to Bring Credit Limit in SAP BW,

1> Install “0FI_AR_9 – Customer Credit Managmt. Cntrl Area Data via Delta Extractn” data source and activate the dataflow for the same.

2> Enhance the customer master data to bring the credit limit data from KNKK.

Note: Customer Info-object must have Credit Control Area as a Compounding Object.

What is Customer Credit Exposure?

As per Investopedia, Customer Credit Exposure is – The total amount of credit extended to a borrower by a lender. The magnitude of credit exposure indicates the extent to which the lender is exposed to the risk of loss in the event of the borrower’s default.

Customer Credit Exposure is a summation of Total receivables, Open sales order credit value, Open delivery credit value, Open Invoice Value and Special Liabilities i.e. down payments etc.

How Customer Credit Exposure Calculated?

– Go to FD33 T-code.

– Enter Customer and Customer Credit Control Area.



– Enhance “0FI_AR_9” Data source to apply following Logic for Customer Credit Exposure,

– Go to SE37 and Execute Function Module “SD_CREDIT_EXPOSURE”.

– Enter Customer and Credit Control Area Value.


– Total Amount Field is getting populated from KNKK Table in “0FI_AR_9” Data source.




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