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Reversal of all payment documents of payment run (F110)

How many times the question “How to cancel payment run F110?” (reverse F110, mass change F110, you name it) has been raised here on SCN?

The answer has always been: do it manually by FBRA  + F.80. Manual. Painful. Long. Frustrating.

Well it was till now. Because believe it or not, SAP has actually improved F110 🙂 .


Improvement request

The department can reverse the payment documents of a payment run (F110) only individually using transactions FBRA and FB08. In case of error, it should be possible to reverse all payment documents of a payment run.


If an error occurs (for example, caused by incorrect Customizing settings or incorrect parameter entries), the reversal of all payment documents of a payment run is time-critical because late payments may have negative financial effects. Currently, reversals must be made individually by a user or with the help of a customer program or a consulting program. In the standard SAP system, there is no solution for this exceptional situation.


With the new program RFF110S_REVERSE, the department can reverse all payment documents of a payment run (F110) if there are incorrect clearing postings in the payment run due to an error. Application examples:

  • There is an incorrect grouping of cleared items due to incorrect Customizing settings.
  • There is an incorrect posting date or value date due to incorrect parameter entries.

Subsequently, the payment run can be repeated under a new identification after the correction of the Customizing or the parameters.


With the new program RFF110S_REVERSE, the department can reset and repeat the payment run timely and without support from IT, the support department, or consulting. As a result, the risk of financial damage caused by late payments due to user errors is reduced.


The improvement is delivered as of SAP ERP 6.0 via a correction, and it is also delivered in a Support Package as of SAP ERP 6.0 Enhancement Package 7. For additional information, see SAP Note 2125220.

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  • Hi Anton,

    Good to know and thanks for sharing!

    It was not always to explain users that mass reversal was possible but that SAP has not foreseen mass re set clearing.



    • Hello Anton - Thanks a lot. It looks informative and so useful. I always think if such sort of functionality available to reverse all the Payment document created by F110. Our hundreds of Users say that it is very painful doing it manually and ask us for alternative.

      Thanks again.

      • Hello Anton - The issue I see here that as per our Business process, Our Consultants can not post/reverse any document in Production system and Users do not have access to SE38. So, they can not use. Then, what we should do to give this functionality to Users.


        • Hi Hoysala,

          Thank you for comments. This program should be used in exceptional cases. You may run it with SA38 which is a safer comparing to SE38 . Please note that besides SA38 you need authorization object S_PROGRAM with auth.field P_GROUP containing F_005. There also some prerequisites for processing business-wise, for more information please check documentation of program RFF110S_REVERSE.

          If you have frequent errors and want to give your business users possibility to run the program without S*38, then my suggestion would be to create a custom transaction code (via SE93) for RFF110S_REVERSE. When adding such a t-code to your user roles do not forget about object & value above.

          Alternatively, if erroneous runs are not so frequent you may consider using in PRD some kind of special user having SAP_ALL profile i.e. firefighter.

          Firefighter IDs - Access Control - SAP Library at:

          Best regards,


  • Anton,

    there are controls on existing payment media. why is that necessary?

    Entries in table REGUT can easily be deleted, but DFPAYG is a different story. How can endusers delete the entries here?

    it seems like a good program, but too many restrictions.



    • Hi Nico,

      Good point.

      Without trying to be devil’s advocate, I would say those restrictions make sense to me because i.e. if your file is already sent to the bank and may already be processed or could not be stopped, then you need to stop and think  - why do I need to reverse at all? Yet if you decide you need to reverse regardless, then take care of paym.medium first. On the other hand, IMHO for erroneous run of printed cheques this reversal program will be quite straightforward and useful.

      To answer your question, after deletion of payment medium via FDTA, the entries from DFPAYG could be deleted by program RFPAYM_RESET

      Number of deleted table entries in table DFPAYG :         1

      Message no. BL001

      You might want to create a custom transaction for RFPAYM_RESET in order to give it to endusers.

      Best regards,


      • Anton,

        a reminder isn't bad, but having to delete entries in 3 tables in an uneasy way isn't exactly userfriendly ....

        THanks for the info.


  • Hi Anton,

    This is really very helpful as the all the payment documents cannot be reversed manually due to high volume of payment documents.

    Nice Documentation,


  • Anton,


    I get error "Payment media have already been created for payment run 05/17/2017 TG"

    Message No. FZ153" when running program RFF110S_REVERSE.  How do I get pass this?  We generated file for the bank but did not send it.  We just want to reverse the payment run and associated clearings?

  • You will first need to delete the payment medium in F110.  Then you will need to run RFPAYM_RESET to reset the payment medium flag.  From here you can run the RFF110S_REVERSE program.

  • Hi, it should be able to reverse the payment even though the payment medium is created.

    See note  2127698

    This was a requirement that brought in during the last customer influence program.





      Hi, it should be able to reverse the payment even though the payment medium is created.

      See note  2127698

      This was a requirement that brought in during the last customer influence program.

  • Hi,

    We are trying to reverse the payment  run and getting an error "Payment media have already been created for payment run 05/21/2019"  while executing the program RFF110S_REVERSE. Please note that we followed all the 3 steps mentioned above but still in the 3rd step we are getting this issue. When we debugged the code RFF110S_REVERSE we found that the entries still exists in PAYR due to which standard issuing the above message. Please help us to understand how to fix this problem.