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Configuring Funds Management: New E-Bite by SAP Press

Fellow SCN users,

I’d like to share with you a new electronic book (E-Bite), which was published by SAP Press (Rheinwerk Publishing)

Configuring Funds Management for SAP Public Sector. of Eli Klovski – by SAP PRESS

A budget is only as powerful as it is customized. Given your organization’s unique business structure and requirements, set up Funds Management in SAP PSM to keep your costs and expenses on track. First set up your master data and define a budgetary structure; then integrate budgetary management, actuals and commitments updates, and AVC processes.

  • Configure SAP PSM-FM for your budget needs
  • Set up a budget structure that reflects your organization
  • Customize budgetary management, actuals and commitment updates, and availability controls

I hope you will find this guide helpful and I’ll be glad to receive your feedbacks. It will be very a great contribution both to myself, in my new role as SAP guides author, and, which is more important, to SCN in its mission to support and evolve SAP products.

Thanks in advance,


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  • Hello Eli,

    We are currently implementing SAP in our organization with PS, FM, FICO and other modules but facing difficulty in managing CAPEX and OPEX.

    In CAPEX, we maintain long term projects as well as short term projects;

    Long Term 'New Plant - Short Term 'SAP Implementation' etc.

    Our budget is also approved by project in BOD and also we track and control each project separately. As per my knowledge in FM 1 to 1 relationship will be maintained for cost center and fund center so it's not practically possible to maintain CAPEX.

    Second option suggested by team is IO in CO module but if we are implementing PS module for long terms projects why we partially use IO-CO for short term projects. Is it really more complicated in maintaining short term project in PS?

    You are requested to please suggest best suitable solution.

    Thanks & Regards,

    M.A. Siddiqui.

  • Hi Eli,

    Below message is not related to your blog post.
    I just want to thank you for providing a solution after you found it.
    It is about the mismatch between FAGLL03 and FAGLB03 - by using TFC_ADJUST_VZ.
    This saved me tons tons tons of time before month-end... thank you very much!

  • Hi Eli or any GM experts here

    This is the first time I'm working in Grants management and to start with trying to implement budget AVC. Unfortunately I couldnt find much help in this area from any of the sources. Could you please let me know the right approach in excluding fund from the AVC ledger.

    I also have a requirement of mnanaging the AVC messages both at sponsor class and Grant separately. Appreciate if you can guide me in right direction. Thanks in advance....Srikanth




  • Hi, I bought your e-bite from SAP Press.

    But I encountered a problem while doing Activate Multi-Year Budget Execution on page 13.

    Because the FM area that I have created is not listed in the list.

    What am I missing? Thanks...