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SAP Inside Track Walldorf 2015



After much inspiration from other SAP Inside Track Events I want to go for an SAP Inside Track Walldorf at the end of the year.
Grab the opportunity and connect with your peers, learn from each other by sharing experiences and thoughts.
Use hash tag #sitWDF on Twitter to share ideas and spread the news! Use as a shortcut.

The conference language will be English.

In addition to the regular SIT program, we also collect topics, where you would value a presentation from an SAP Employee. Input is collected in the registration form, and we’ll try to get hold of a speaker for the topic, once sufficient interest is there.


Saturday, 12th of December.
Registration open at 9:00. Sessions start at 10:00 and end at 17:30.


Walldorf near Heidelberg (“Mothership”), Building ISZ/WDF05, rooms C2.05, C2.07, C2.08
We will provide you with a QR Code that you have to bring with you, to enter the building.

Hotel information can be found below. Please don’t forget to make your booking in time.


For SCN/BPX community members (both consultants and customers) who want to share their knowledge.


Coffee, Water, Soda and Snacks during the event as well as Lunch in Kalipeh and Saturday Networking Reception with beer are included! (Thanks to our Sponsors / See Below)
Evening Events, Travel, Hotel and other expenses are not included.

Sessions / Agenda

  • Kick-off the experience with SAP CodeJam on Friday December 11th. More info and Registration here: SAP CodeJam Walldorf Registration
  • Please plan to come on Saturday December 12th, at 9:00 am for a casual warm-up and to get to know each other.
  • We will have lecture sessions and after Lunch Marketplace Sessions
  • After the sessions we plan a short networking reception with beer in the building (17:30-18:00 h) that is sponsored by “espresso tutorials”
  • In the evening we have planned a nice event (see below in “Networking Details” / Please enter in the registration list below if you are planning to join)


** Agenda as of 2015/12/11

Session Details

Time Format Title Abstract Speaker More Info
10:00 – 10:30 Keynote Future of Community at SAP Malin Lidén
10:45 – 11:30 Session ITM227 SysOps IMPROVED: Take the Best from DevOps and Data Visualization Christian Braukmüller SysOps IMPROVED: Take the Best from DevOps and Data Visualization(TechEd presentation)
10:45 – 11:30 Session Hackers versus Developers: The GAME is ON Hackers are continuing breaking the applications around every part of the world, almost in all every Business line. With awareness and change in thought Developer can really stop the Hackers.
Let’s find out!
Soumyasanto Sen Slides are here
10:45 – 11:30 Session Highlights of HTML5DevConf2015 My selection of conference sessions included topics relating to Performance+Design, HTTP/2, WebSockets (in the context of IoT/WoT, Microservices and Cloud connectivity), Frontend Services and a bit of UX. So I will try to summarize all these topics in 45 minutes Tsovinar Chugaszyan HTML5DevConf is one of the largest gatherings of technical software developers, designers and decision makers in the world focused on Internet software technologies such as JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, node.js and other cross platform web, mobile and server technologies.
11:30 – 12:00 Session Core Data Service (CDS) and Open SQL: What’s new in NW 7.50? Uwe Fetzer
11:30 – 12:00 Session SAPUI5 – using, extending and creating own controls (on example of SCN Design Studio SDK community) SAP UI5 is a library created on open source basis, therefore adding new controls and extending existing controls is allowed and wished. The session will show example of extending one of the controls by making a copy in own namespace, this will include information on the content – what is an UI5 control (technically) what needs to be created to make own control. Small example will be provided. Karol Kalisz

What you learn out of this talk?

– You are not lost in user interface development

– SAP UI5 is opens source and it is good so

– All you need about controls

– Get started on technical level

– Create your own personal copy of an control

11:30 – 12:00 Session Mind the Gap! What do you definitely to know to implement latest SAP technology? I discuss problems, pitfalls and best practices for latest SAP technologies: analytical Fiori apps, Personas, BRFplus, ABAP Core Data Services… Tobias Trapp
13:30 – 15:30 Marketplace SAP Gateway for Microsoft Demo – Easy to use integration scenarios Martin Fischer Talk was based on the slides of my sitHH presentation
13:30 – 15:30 Marketplace IT Infrastructure Monitoring @ SAP Short overview, where SAP IT Infrastructure Monitoring is heading Daniel Koller
13:30 – 15:30 Marketplace Administration and monitoring in SAP Mobile Platform Jitendra Kansal Slides are here
13:30 – 15:30 Marketplace Intro to Functional Programming

The functional style of programming is on the rise, and for good reasons. We’ll discuss these reasons, what you can learn from the functional style, and several examples of what programming functionally looks like, such as:

  • Functions (pure, higher-order, etc)
  • Recursion
  • Immutability
  • Type inference
  • Algebraic data types & pattern matching
  • Expressions vs statements

Fred Verheul
13:30 – 15:30 Marketplace Infotable Espresso Tutorials
13:30- 15:30 Marketplace Elastic SAP Horizontally Scaling SAP Netweaver Applicarions Servers on Amazon Web Services with AWS Autoscaling service. Ricardo Casanovas & Chabier Sanvicente
15:30 – 16:00 Session UI Mock ups with SAP Splash and BUILD SAP announced at TechEd SAP Splash and BUILD as UI Mock Up tools. I will demonstrate how easy it is to work with those tools. The demo will be based on the beta test version of the tools! Martin Fischer

Slides are on Slideshare

I added some useful links!

15:30 – 16:00 Session Fun with Mazes

Fun with Mazes. Mazes can be a beautiful thing. How to create them and how to solve them and what’s their relationship to real problems we face in our daily work.. but mostly mazes are fun

Hendrik Neumann
15:30 – 16:00 Session HANAXS and SAPUI5 Denise will show and talk about her Todo-App which is built with SAPUI5, hosted inside HANA Trial and has HANAXS (OData) as backend. Get insights from her what she learned throughout implementing it. Denise Nepraunig


App repository

16:00 – 16:45 Session Building SAP Fiori-like Apps in the Internet of Things Era (Web Sockets and D3.js) This session provides an overview for using web sockets and d3.js in your custom SAP Fiori-like apps to build Internet of Things solutions. I’m sharing some of our code best practices for working with these technologies and how to integrate them with the SAPUI5 runtime. You will see them in action in a demo example of a 3d-ish Sim City-like port that is built into an SAP Fiori app. This session was held at TechEd 2015 as UX200 Maximilian Lenkeit Custom Controls in SAPUI5 with D3.js – like UX200 at TechEd Barcelona
16:00 – 16:45 Session Intro to Apache Spark (with some links to HANA Vora)

What is it? – Important Concepts (RDDs, Spark Jobs, APIs, Drivers, Executors) – Getting data in & out – Relation with Hadoop & HANA Vora – Built-in libraries – Demo-Time! – How to get started

Daniel Koller Intro to Apache Spark by Daniel Koller on Prezi
16:00 – 16:45 Session SAP Co-Innovation Making innovative ideas around SAP real for partners & partners-to-be HaJo Odlozinski
17:00 – 17:30 Keynote What’s New for Developers In this keynote we will provide an update on the SAP developer programs and what are all the goodies available for developers. It will be an interactive session so bring your developer questions! Thomas Grassl

SAP CodeJam Walldorf      Friday, December 11, 2015 from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm (CET)

Looking to network with fellow developers while exploring something new and exciting? Well look no further, as SAP CodeJam presents the latest in SAP HANA with IoT!

As a participant, you will get access to tools, sandboxes, interactive time with experts and much more. These physical face to face, in-person events have been going on since 2012 and have become a hit amongst all the attendees!

Don’t know much about SAP HANA with IoT? Not to worry, we will be sending out an email checklist with links to help you prepare for the event.

To attend our events, we ask of three simple things: DESIRE, your own laptop and of course for you to show up ready to learn!

The event is free but the space is limited, so SIGN UP NOW!

Marketplace Sessions (maximum 20 minutes)

We provide tables and the audience can just drop by listen, discuss and go to the next one. It allows more interaction and talks about topics which do not fit to a lecture for bigger audience. The marketplace has its own slot after lunch and will not run in parallel to the lectures. The 20 minute sessions will be repeated by the hosts, so that the attendees can rotate around and catch up on every topic.

Registration and Attendee List

  • Please use our Google Form (#SITWDF Registration list) to register for the event AND add your name to the list hereunder to have visibility of peers attending.
  • You are only registered, if you have used the #SITWDF Registration list and it is also the order in the google form which decides regarding the waiting list.
  • For SAP CodeJam please register here: SAP CodeJam Walldorf Registration
  • If you are not able to attend the SITWDF, please strike out your name in the list below.
  • Please do not use “maybe” – just a “yes” or “no” Thanks

Reg Date FirstLast Bio Twitter handle Interested in CodeJam (Friday) Friday Evening Event Saturday Evening Event Menü
Host Daniel Koller Daniel Koller @dakoller yes yes 2
Host Kati Fischer Katarina Fischer @Katarinafischer no yes yes 1
Frank Köhntopp SAP @koehntopp no no 2
Speaker Denise Nepraunig SAP, Linkedin @denisenepraunig yes no 1
HP Seitz HP Seitz @hpseitz Registered no no 1
Sponsor Martin Fischer XING, SCN, LinkedIn @cyclingfisch yes no 1
11.08.2015 Christian Günter XING no no yes 3
Speaker Hendrik Neumann @h_neumann no no yes 2
11.08.2015 Pius Kirrmann linkedin Registered no no 1
12.08.2015 Martin Kuhlmann yes no 1
12.08.2015 Jens Knappik @Jens.Knappik yes no 3
Speaker Uwe Fetzer Uwe Fetzer @se38 yes yes 1
Speaker Christian Braukmüller Christian Braukmueller @CBasis Registered yes no 1
13.08.2015 Suhas Saha Suhas Saha Registered no no 1
Speaker Soumyasanto Sen Soumyasanto Sen @soumyasanto no no 3
14.08.2015 Alexander Salnikov @stuggiboy Registered no no 3
Speaker Jitendra Kansal Jitendra Kansal @jkkansal1987 Registered no yes 1
20.08.2015 Mohammed Kadiri Yamani no no 1
22.08.2015 Michael Sopunov @danzalux Registered no no 1
24.08.2015 Jakob Flaman @jakobflaman Registered yes yes 1
28.08.2015 Jatin Garg
04.09.2015 Torsten Schubert Torsten Schubert @weltspion Registered yes no 1
05.09.2015 Remi Kaimal @MeAnuKaimal
07.09.2015 Dmitrijs Dikanskis no no yes 3
07.09.2015 Dmitrijs Pozdnakovs
11.09.2015 Kunal Jauhari no maybe yes no lunch
12.09.2015 Frank Nawrath Frank Nawrath @frankae Registered yes yes 1
Speaker Malin Lidén no no no lunch
24.09.2015 Dennis Duivenbode Dennis @dduivenbode no yes 1
25.09.2015 Jan Willem Molenaar Jan Willem @jwmolenaar no yes 3
10.10.2015 Pascal Möller XING / SCN @pascalmoe no no 1
11.10.2015 Florian Pfeffer SCN @pfefferf no no 1
12.10.2015 Vitaliy Rudnytskiy Witalij Rudnicki @Sygyzmundovych yes yes 2
Speaker Karol Kalisz Karol Kalisz @kaliszkarol Registered no no 1
19.10.2015 Mansour Farghaly @mansourfarghaly Registered yes yes 1
19.10.2015 Jörg Brandeis no no 1
20.10.2015 Steffen Fröhlich @citoki no no 1
21.10.2015 Rainer Winkler @RainerWinkler no no 1
26.10.2015 Peter Inotai Peter Inotai | LinkedIn no no 1
26.10.2015 Imre Hajnal no no 3
26.10.2015 Timo Traub no no 3
27.10.2015 Alexander Maetzing no no 3
30.10.2015 Ulli Hoffmann @_UlliHoffmann yes no 3
Speaker Tsovinar Chugaszyan @tsovinar_ no no no 3
15.11.2015 Marcel Schmiechen @schmiechinho Registered no no 3
16.11.2015 Helmut Fischer @PalzFisch no no yes 2
18.11.2015 Renald Wittwer @RenaldWittwer no yes 1
18.11.2015 Christian Brunner XING Registered yes no 1
Sponsor Thomas Kinkartz no no 2
Sponsor Andreas Frary no no no lunch
18.11.2015 Christopher Dlugosch Xing @KriGosSa no no no 2
18.11.2015 Panay Sarkar Registered maybe no 3
Sponsor Jörg Siebert no no no 1
Speaker Thomas Grassl Registered yes no 1
24.11.2015 Alejandro Sierra Serna @asierraserna No no no 2
27.11.2015 Carsten Horlacher @CarstenAround Registered no no 2
Speaker Fred Verheul @fredverheul No no no 2
01.12.2015 Yanko Stoychev @yankost no no no 2
Speaker Maximilian Lenkeit no no yes no lunch
Speaker HaJo Odlozinski No No No no lunch
02.12.2015 Achim Toeper @elomimans no no yes 1
02.12.2015 Oliver Jägle @ojaegle no no no 1
04.12.2015 Michael Albrecht Registered yes yes 1
04.12.2015 Narek Danoyan no no no no lunch
06.12.2015 Davit Danoyan Registered no no no lunch
Staff Svea Becker no no no no lunch
Sponsor Eva Siebert no no no 1
09.12.2015 Ricardo Casanovas @CasanovasR no yes yes 2
09.12.2015 Chabier Sanvicente @ChabiSanvicente no yes yes 2
10.12.2015 Tobias Trapp @ttrapp no no no 1

Sign up for Tesla Test Drive

bridgingIT offers sustainability and e-mobility consulting. But they are not just consulting our customers; they do also practice what they preach: bridgingIT has currently the biggest long distance enabled electric company fleet in Germany. They want to make it possible for all SITWDF attendees to experience driving an electric car. Therefore there will be two Tesla Models available for test runs. Each test run will be scheduled for about 30 minutes. The test runs will be in parallel to the sessions. In order to keep the disturbance of SITWDF as low as possible, please sign up in advance in the list below

First come first serve!

Time Name 1 Name 2 Name 3 Name 4
10:30 Karol Kalisz Narek Danoyan Davit Danoyan Imre Hajnal
11:00 Ricardo Casanovas Chabier Sanvicente
13:30 Christian Braukmüller Christian Günter

Steffen Fröhlich

Ulli Hoffmann
14:00 Alejandro Sierra Serna Peter Inotai Renald Wittwer Frank Nawrath
14:30 Torsten Schubert Hendrik Neumann Alexander Salnikov Michael Sopunov
15:00 Florian Pfeffer HP Seitz
15:30 Helmut Fischer
16:00 Soumyasanto Sen Jitendra Kansal Yanko Stoychev
16:30 Jörg Brandeis Christian Brunner Oliver Jägle

Networking Details

Friday night
5:30 Bar/Dinner (at own costs) Schmidts Schlachthof, Ringstraße 6, 69168 Wiesloch,

Saturday Lunch

For Lunch we will take the 5 mins Walk to “Kalipeh”

Please make your choice by using the vote buttons in the “Get-Ready” email and or enter in the attendee list above. 

Salad & Soup Buffet

Großes saisonales Salatbuffet mit dreierlei Dressing und Cerealien

Large seasonal salad buffet with three types of dressing and cereals

Kartoffelsuppe mit geröstetem Speck, Schnittlauch und Croutons

Potato soup with roasted bacon, chive and croutons

Main Dishes, served

Option 1) Thaicurry vom Wokgemüse mit Chili, Koriander und Ingwer

auf Jasmin-Duftreis im Brickteigblatt

Thai curry of wok roasted vegetables

with chili, coriander and ginger on Jasmine rice

Option 2) Linsen und Spätzle mit Saitenwürstle

Lentils and spaetzle (pasta) with sausage

Option 3) Fish & Chip mit Tatarensoße, Essiggemüse und Pommes Frites

Fish & Chip with tartar sauce, pickled vegetables and French fries

Saturday Night

5:30-6:00 pm: Networking with Beer and nibbles – sponsored by
After the SIT we will drive to Schwetzingen (lets do Carpooling) near Walldorf.

6-8 pm
We will visit the beautiful Christmas Market

Stadt Schwetzingen: Weihnachtsmarkt 2015
Flyer Christmas Market 
We can drink “Glühwein”, check out Booths with traditional Arts&Crafts, and warm up in the “Almhütte” (a hut).
For the ones that like to have more action: There is also an ice-ring for skating!

8pm-Open End
After this we will walk to the Weldebräu Stammhaus-Restaurant a traditional Brewery.
We can have Dinner or just have some beer while networking.


Espresso Tutorials ( is a sponsor of this event. They will have a info-desk where you can get information about their SAP eBook Library and the books that you can purchase though a flatrate. Each attendee will receive a 3 Months access to the Library!

Espresso Tutorials is also looking for authors for HANA & BW, SAP UI5/Open UI5, BRF+ etc. – that might be interesting for you.


bridgingIT ( ) is an innovative IT consulting company. We bridge the gap between business and IT and offer service along the whole IT value chain: Business, sustainability and e-mobility consulting, project services, IT management, enterprise solutions and last but not least SAP. bridgingIT has offices in Cologne, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Karlsruhe, Stuttgart, Munich and Zug (Switzerland). As we know the importance of the community we are proud to be sponsor of #sitWDF.


Feel free to reach out to @dakoller and for sponsoring opportunities.


Any tips to take into account? Please list them and help making it a day to remember.

Further Questions

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have further questions:

Staying overnight / Hotel

We arranged for staying overnight with the Leonardo Hotel nearby: Heidelberg Hotels | Leonardo Hotel Heidelberg-Walldorf

You can use the attached Booking Form (in the attached files below)

Google Maps-Link: Google Maps

Address: Leonardo Hotel, Roter Straße, 69190 Walldorf

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      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      I have added information around Location (Building and Room), Lunch and Evening Event. Please define asap if you are going to Join the Saturday evening. Thanks, Kati

      Author's profile photo Uwe Fetzer
      Uwe Fetzer

      Hi Katarina, Daniel: Where can we add our session proposals? Here in this document?

      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      Hi Uwe, please send your Proposals to Uwe! We are open to collect now!

      Thanks, Kati

      Author's profile photo Christian Braukmueller
      Christian Braukmueller

      I guess Uwe is wondering where the table for session proposals is.

      It was there shortly inside the document with version 67 and faded away shortly after.

      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      Ok, I am sorry - you are right! ๐Ÿ™‚ I brought it back!!

      Go ahead with SUBMISSIONS!!! Thanks, Kati

      Author's profile photo Peter Inotai
      Peter Inotai


      Is there any parking possibility around Building ISZ/WDF05?



      Author's profile photo Jรผrgen L
      Jรผrgen L
      Author's profile photo Peter Inotai
      Peter Inotai

      That was fast. Thanks! ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Author's profile photo Peter Inotai
      Peter Inotai


      Some more questions:

      • What is the deadline for registration?
      • When will be the final session agenda available?



      Author's profile photo Daniel Koller
      Daniel Koller
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Peter,

      as we can grow up to 80-90 people in this location, we'll accept registrations until this limit is reached. (Afterwards I guess we'll introduce a waiting list)

      Agenda will be fixed in the first days of December. we are currently also checking whether we takeover the marketplace concept from SITMUC)

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Peter Inotai
      Peter Inotai

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks a lot for the quick reply.

      Best regards


      Author's profile photo Christian Guenter
      Christian Guenter

      Hi Katarina and Daniel,

      is also a CodeJam planned?

      Regards Christian

      Author's profile photo Daniel Koller
      Daniel Koller
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Christian,

      we'll have a CodeJam.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      I have updated the page with new info!

      • PLEASE Register ASAP for CodeJam
      • PLEASE fill in for SITWDF the Google Form. You are only registered, if you have used the #SITWDF Registration list and it is also the order in the google form which decides regarding the waiting list.
      • PLEASE Update your data in the Registration Overview Table (this helps us to plan the networking events) / If you are not able to make it, please strike-out your name instead of deleting
      • PLEASE enter your Session and Marketplace proposals ASAP

      Let us know in case of questions - Thanks, Kati

      Author's profile photo Tsovinar Chugaszyan
      Tsovinar Chugaszyan

      FYI: Most probably this year's Christmas Party will be on 11th. So I guess SAP employees won't be joining the Friday evening event.

      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      Thank you - we are aware of that. If an SAP Employee wants to participate both, I think we can join the evening event as it starts early and then go a little later to the xmas party.

      ๐Ÿ™‚ I dont know why SAP was not aware that we have our codejam the same day! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer


      • Read carefully the website
      • Check out the NEW agenda
      • Check your name and credentials in registration list
      • If you are not able to attend the SITWDF, please strike out your name in the attendee list.
      • Let us know in registration list if you are going to attend the evening events
      • Sign up for Tesla Test Drives (first come –first serve)
      • SAP CodeJam:SIGN UP NOW!
      • Take advantage of call for content and propose a session

      Questions? Email me:

      Author's profile photo Peter Inotai
      Peter Inotai

      Hi Katarina,

      Do I have to indicate somewhere which session I prefer from the parallel sessions? Or how it will be organized?



      Author's profile photo Daniel Koller
      Daniel Koller
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Peter,

      you can select on the fly during the day, which parallel session you'd like to attend.

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Peter Inotai
      Peter Inotai

      Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for the info.

      Best regards,


      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      Correct - please it is first come first serve. If the room is full you might not get a seat and would need to stand.. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      Updated Agenda!

      Author's profile photo Vladimirs Semikins
      Vladimirs Semikins

      Hi Katarina Fischer

      Sorry for the short notice - I can't make it this year. ๐Ÿ™ Would you mind to remove me from attendee list ?

      Thank you!


      Author's profile photo Carsten Horlacher
      Carsten Horlacher

      Hi, I added my self to the list on last Friday, but am not listed yet. So is this normal or was my registration not accepted?



      Author's profile photo Fred Verheul
      Fred Verheul

      If you entered your details in the Google form you're good to go. If you didn't, I suggest you do it now ๐Ÿ™‚ !

      The list in this document is just for information purposes, so that everyone can see who else is attending. You should be able to edit the document yourself.

      Noticing that I did update the document on Sat, I might have erased/overwritten your entry. If I did, my apologies. Maybe you can add yourself again?

      See you on Dec 12th!

      Author's profile photo Daniel Koller
      Daniel Koller
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Carsten,

      you can add yourself in the wiki list here. (Everything is fine as you already entered data in the google form)

      Kind regards,


      Author's profile photo Carsten Horlacher
      Carsten Horlacher

      Thank you, then everything seems to be OK!

      Author's profile photo Jorge Weiss
      Jorge Weiss

      Hello Daniel Koller

      Sorry for the short notice, but I have to cancel my presence.

      Would you mind to remove me from attendee list ?

      Thank you!

      Jorge Weiss

      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      Sorry to hear that! ๐Ÿ™

      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      I am just adding a more detailed Agenda. More info will be added as soon as available. Stay tuned - we have really cool sessions!
      Make sure you sign up for a tesla testdrive

      Please add if you are going to stay for the evening events!


      Author's profile photo Lukas Weigelt
      Lukas Weigelt

      Had to cancel my attendence unfortunately :-((

      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      I was looking forward to meeting you, Schade!

      Author's profile photo Lukas Weigelt
      Lukas Weigelt

      Schade indeed, but I'm sure there will be another chance for a meetup at some point ๐Ÿ™‚

      Author's profile photo Katarina Fischer
      Katarina Fischer

      Updated with Final Agenda and Lunch Option.

      You have received now your "Get-ready" email with further information. Please let me know in case it is not in your inbox.

      Action Items

      • Print your access QR code
      • Select your Lunch (Voting-Buttons in email or above in List)
      • Read carefully the website and final agenda
      • Check your name and credentials in registration list
      • If you are not able to attend the SITWDF, please strike out your name in the attendee list.
      • Let us know in registration list if you are going to attend the evening events
      • Sign up for Tesla Test Drives (first come –first serve)
      • SAP CodeJam: SIGN UP NOW!
      • Spread the word #sitwdf
      Author's profile photo Former Member
      Former Member

      Hi, unfortunately I have to cancel my attendence , sorry.Robert Rembelski

      Author's profile photo Urvashi Tibrewal
      Urvashi Tibrewal