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How To Copy Query With Different Infoproviders or Different Infoobjects

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Hi guyz,

We use the TCODE RSZC to copy queries, filter, structures, restricted key figures (RKF), and calculated key figures (CKF)..However, if the infoproviders we will be using have different objects we will encounter an error by using the said tcode..

I know that we already have so many ways to copy queries from infoproviders having different structures..I have compiled some of these below:

Force Copy Queries from One Info Provider to Another with Different Structure

How to copy a BEx query with different Cube in SAP BW 7.3+

SAP BW – Copy Query Between Mismatch Info Providers and Queries

I would just like to add one (1) more method which I think is one of the simpliest ways to do this copying of queries from different infoproviders..

1. Go to tcode SE37..

3. Place a soft breakpoint in LINE 32 (just click the SPACE beside the number 32)..

4. Type tcode /NRSZC and press ENTER key..

5. Enter the SOURCE (infoprovider of query you wanted to copy) and TARGET (infoprovider where you wanted to copy the query) providers..Choose also the type of components you wanted to copy (query, filter, etc.)..Then press F8 or click the EXECUTE button..

6. The transaction will stop at the line where we placed the soft breakpoint..

7. Place your cursor in LINE 63 and press SHIFT+F12..

8. Press F8 or click the Continue (the button on the left side of the STOP) button..

9. Select the query (or queries) you wanted to copy and click the Transfer Selections button..

10. Rename the technical name of your copied query then press F8 or click the Continue (CHECK mark) button..

11. You will get this message if you successfully copied your query..

That’s it!

Using any of the methods above will arrive at THE SAME RESULT..Just use the method which you think is easier for you..



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