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[abap2xlsx] Namespace Exchanger for SAPlink at the Exemplary Example of abap2xlsx

Hello community,

it is without any question that any ABAP project from the kind like abap2xlsx must be designed for the standard SAP user namespace Z or Y. But what do you do if you work in another SAP registered namespace and if you have transport restriction? In my case all developing objects of the user namespace Z or Y are generally excluded from transports. From this perspective it seems useful to exchange the namespace of the developing objects.

The download format from abap2xlsx is SAPlink nugget and all developing objects are in the user namespace Z. So I created different scripts which offers the possibility to exchange the namespace from Z to another one. You can use this scripts generally for all SAPlink nuggets and slinkees, but at the moment they are primarily designed for and only tested with abap2xlsx.

The first steps I made with version 7.0.3 two month ago. Two days ago Stefan Schm√∂cker releases a new build of the version 7.0.5 from abap2xlsx here. This was my test balloon to check the functionality of the namespace exchanging. It works as expected. In a few minutes I got the “new” nugget and after some manually changes I can import it without any errors in another namespace.

You can find the scripts and a detailed wiki on GitHub here.

2015/09/07: The scripts are now also available in PowerShell.

Enjoy it.


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