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New toy: Automatic toggle to display mode PA30, PA40, PA61

Ah this one is for those of us who deals with user’s on endless coffee breaks while updating employee info in the database (actually locking one or more employees).

Were you ever confronted with users locking employees data for just too long that it felt no one is actually modifing entries but rather at something else?

Yes, there is a new functionality that will automatically toggle to view mode if the session idle time is too long. It is classified under “Idee 6378

SAP released this new functionality under note 2110196 – PA30; PA40; PA61: Automatic toggle to display mode after specified time period late April that came with SP 87 for EHP 4-7 and 15 for EHP 8.

Very little customizing is involved to activate this functionality;

– “The time period in minutes after which the system warns the user about the pending toggle from change mode to display mode.–

– The time period in minutes after which the system toggles from change mode to display mode in transactions PA30, PA40, and PA61. The time period begins with the time at which the user receives the warning about the pending toggle from change mode to display mode. The time period is displayed within that warning message.

Actually it can all be configured with view T77PAD_TIMER on two level: per country (MOLGA) and per company (BUKRS).


So this enables this toggle view mode to deal with cultural differences 🙂 🙂


So after the first 4 minutes of idle time, system will automatic display the following warning message:


If the user take no action to prevent toggling to view mode, after one more minute system will toggle to view mode and display the following error message:


Ah! there is a BADi if somehow you think this idea is cool but you would like to deactivate it under specifics circumstances… HRPAD_GET_TIMER

Cool toy anywayz 😉


***** EDIT ****

New sap note 2214203 – PA30: Automatic toggle to display mode correcting timer issue released.

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  • Hi Antoine,

    This is really cool one. we are having a plan to implement this in our system ECC6.0,

    i have few questions on it. is it okay can i ask here just for my clarification? Can you help me here?



    • Sure, just shout. However in all honesty SAP could not dumb it down for us any further 🙂 One customizing table; per country and per company settings et voilà.

      • Hi Antoine,

        Thanks a lot for your time. first we are going to implement in our system ECC6.0, i hope system accepts it?

        incase if we have decided not to import the support package , only to use the manual implementations.  will we get the view T77PAD_TIMER ? or do we need to create a customized view.. can you throw some light on this? apologize for asking some basic questions as i couldn't understand what note says.. since you have implemented it. hope you can help me out ?



        • Sriram:

          Did not really applied the note, we leveled up SP so actually it was just available.

          As per note validty it looks you need EHP4 at least; but I guess it is just a common thing now day.... ECC 6.0 what EHP? MENU -> SYSTEM -> STATUS -> windows SAP SYSTEM DATA -> pushbutton COMPONENT you will have a list of installed software; look for SAP_HR

          SAP_HR 60x 00xx SAPKE60Xxx Human Resources

          Value should at least be 604 & SAPKE604xx

          anyway if you use snote tcode it will tell you wheather or not you can apply it.

          Only thing to do when you have it in your system SM30 ->  T77PAD_TIMER -> Maintain.



          • Hi Antoine,

            Its really kind of you explaining the things.. thanks a lot.. i have just checked in the same path you have mentioned i could see this for SAP_HR SAPKE60480 - which means i am ready to go ? Am i right?

            my questions are : Note 2110196 says you need to implement the manual instructions , so i just do the manual instructions right? or should i implement the note 2108957 or 2110196?,

            If i follow the manual instructions, will i get the standard view T77PAD_TIMER or how? this actually confusing because note says you will not get it if you do manual instructions.



          • Hey Sririam:

            Those manual instructions always an hassle... ... got a read

            I think you should proced this way:

            1 - SNOTE apply 2108957

            2 - manual pre-impl. of note 2110106

            3 - snote apply 2110106

            4 - snote 2180562 (if not already proposed while applying 2110106)

            5 - snote 2175680 (if not.... )

            Or simply wait you guys apply package 87 to save you this work. - I would wait not to go through with manual pre-impl. 😉

            Good luck; let me know if you go for it.



          • Hi Antoine,

            Thanks a lot for your help once gain.. it would be big for me.. I will definitely let you know if i have face any issues wit it and i update in the same blog itself.



          • Hi Antoine.

            But how about the view T77PAD_TIMER, will i get this if i dont apply support package?? i also try explaining to business about implementing a support package simply to avoid another note implementations.



  • if you're manually applying the note, the view for the table 'T77PAD_TIMER' is not generated automatically as specified in the note.

    You have to do the 'table maint. generation' manually.

    Recently applied it for a ECC 6.0 EhP6, SAP_BASIS 7.31, SP-Level - 0009, SAP_HRRXX - 604